World of Warships- Submarines Are Here & The Seven Provinces Dockyard Has Begun

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Hey guys! Today we go over the patch notes for 10.7, enjoy!

News Article:

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  1. I’m not sure if u realize that the new DD in the armory cost 27k Steel, not coal. I just want to point that out in case some people might have any misunderstanding.

  2. The only thing I’m feeling that will happen, with some degree of certainty, is that there’s going to be a lot of in-game chat bans issued in Ranked, from some certain players expressing their displeasure with anyone that brings in a submarine.

  3. I recommend spamming DDs in ranked to break subs

  4. Interesting, they’re randomising the location of the premium time code now, mine was in a different place

  5. Wish they’d of just gone with the Halloween event they had for subs back when this game wasn’t a complete shyte show.

  6. Does the Friesland replacment carry the Nerf Bat warning? anyway we get the patch a day later, it always gives us time to let you guys find the bugs and scams 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I am actually pretty keen to try subs in coop. Really curious about the seven provinces too.

  8. The logic behind the testing subs in ranked makes sense…

    It is the WG’s track record when it comes to (not)listening to feedback that worries me.

    • They say it’s testing, but it’s simply getting people used to them before shoving it down our throats in randoms.

    • there testing in ranked as nobody is interested enough to play them that should give them some info on if its worth adding subs at all

  9. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: Ragnar is 27K steel, not coal

  10. Thats weird, for all this time I tought that Zeven Provincien was a battlecruiser project, most like a Gouden Leeuw here. Off course there was more Zeven Provincien’s in Dutch Navy 🙂

  11. Post battle stats screen is finally being fixed

  12. So the reason peaple didn’t play the submarine game mode was because it wasnt rewarding, right? So why not just AD rewards to The submarine game mode instead of putting them on ranked?

  13. Add steel as rewards to test then I am sure player participation would uptick. rewards are shit so WG’s solution is to force participation down your throat.

  14. guess i wont be playing ranked anymore and soon after that the game itself. easy fix, have a subs game mode and keep them out of other modes.

  15. I guess I am a masochist or something, but I’m kinda’ looking forward to this Season of Clan Battles… No Pain, No Gain? O.ō

    Edit: “Missouri is coming. Don’t get her.” 2-second summary of that section cracked me up so bad.

  16. 3:40 Or they could just re introduce the sub mode and make it reward steel, instead of 9v9 ranked where they take up a DD slot.

  17. I played against subs this afternoon. I could kill them just a good as destroyers. Not all cruisers have depth charges and not all battleships can call in airstrikes. I had one bot sub that we couldn’t detect at the end of the game.

  18. I logged on to youtube this morn and watched a vid on the subs. lot of screaming and crying. I went in and checked it out 14 hours ago and just stopped playing. no shouting from people wanting you to die for them. just playing for fun and loved it!
    real good time!

  19. I remember the fights in the forums about people wanting subs. Money evidently won out.

  20. I remember making bank in separate mode testing with my t-61 collecting bot heads for full economic rewards. One people stopped playing it was a more lucrative coop.

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