World of Warships- Submarines Are Here! Update 11.9 What You Need To Know!

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Hello guys, today we go over the major highlights of Update 11.9 arriving tomorrow on the NA server, enjoy!

Update Article:


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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:15 Submarines Full Release
9:16 Operation Wolfpack
9:32 Halloween Operations/Modes
9:48 PR Dockyard End
10:43 Cross Server Matchmaking
11:47 Vallejo In Armory
12:24 Unique Commander Changes
13:02 Patrie & Edgar Released
13:59 Closing Thoughts


  1. This is a dark dawn on WOWS boys, their very well tested and totally not annoying to go up against shit child of a class has been unleashed upon us fully.

  2. Oh joy, the class that nobody asked for, the class that everyone hates, but was nevertheless rammed down our throat.

    • @Paradat WG also said that they wouldn’t be able to integrate them into the game, but here we are. Poorly conceived abominations that have little to no counter at present unless the player is a dumb dumb, while WG are already pumping out the premium subs which will be I’m sure a pleasure to deal with.

    • @RJ Colombe depends. If you absolutely love euro truck simulator gameplay and also a borderline psycho, yeah they are fun i guess. If you are even slightly normal, you will find them horribly boring and unrewarding. They are broken in the right hands, but you can do significantly more with any other class.

    • The greatest pig in the world

      As a warthunder player…….I pray gaijin would add subs

    • Same with adding carriers to the game, next will be nukes.

  3. Honestly I still love the idea of this game but WG seems determined to ruin what it was. Next there will be homing missiles and such.

  4. Having a ship whose position you cannot predict and is able to pop up next to you and deal ~40k damage, while having no viable counter-play or ability to punish is truly the pinnacle of game design.

    • Of course you are talking about destroyers. Yeah I agree.

    • @regular sapiens And the fact that thay are fast like motorboats doesn’t make things easier, even if u got hydro, the 2km pitifull range at lower tiers is almost useless cause the sub probably managed relocate 10 years ago

    • @nefnef your response is oversimplified, vague, and unclear. It’s obvious you’re trolling. Just keep playing your subs. You should be happy more will be coming soon.

    • @Szymon Kania exact ! a real pain to hunt, a real waste of time running after…

  5. I can’t believe subs still remain. WG is trying to be the Swiss Army knife of sea games. When the focus is all over the place the core game suffers, along with the player base.

  6. Feels like they’ve already been here forever. I don’t think this update changes much with regards to non-sub players.

  7. “We extensively tweaked and updated subs based on feedback”……Yeah no they didn’t. All WG has done throughout Sub testing is:
    1. REWORKED how SUBS worked like 3 times.
    2. Given them more HP.
    3. Gave them a second torpedo type that most people probably never even use.
    4. Nutered any way for surface ships to DETECT SUBS by themselves (radar only spots them when fully surfaced, hydro only spots them 2kms away when fully submerged). The only way a sub is getting spotted is if they Ping (which you don’t need to do) or they have to come up for air.
    5. Changed parameters for depth charge planes 3 times.

    • KaiserWilhelmShatner

      And gave the subs homing torps so your going to get hit.

    • @KaiserWilhelmShatner they are dodge able. They stop homing a short distance before impact so just turn about 3 or 4 seconds before impact and they should miss.

    • @Jay Werner Good luck doing that with a heavy ship 😀 looool.. DD maybe and crusier that had fast turn.. otherwise.. u eat torps constatly from the Alpha class subs at T10

    • @Eino Saari That i am well aware of. DDs certainly can, some but not all cruisers can as well, Battleships… take em on the belt.

      I forget the exact distances the torps stop Homing, probably on WGs website somewhere. I want to say its 1km-2kms but would have to check, cus it different for each ship type.

  8. As a closed beta tester I’ve seen it all. I’ve adapted over the years to all the new nonsense WG shoehorns into the game and in that time I’ve spent a fair amount of money. If I start getting double sub games regularly it will test my patience, which is already at a low ebb to be honest. I doubt I’ll stop playing completely but I’ll be thinking about it a lot.

  9. You know this means subs are going to show up in ranked now. The only safe haven before this. Greeeaaat.

    • @Ringmaster Models It’s going to be so fucking sad. Every single competent player in this game thinks subs are not ready and they still shove it through.

  10. I cannot wait for the survey.
    WG’s developers are an amazing example of arrogance. They create not one, but two of the most despised mechanics in history of gaming, and they still believe to be right.
    The game gets increasingly boring and frustrating the more you find these abominations in battle. Double CV + double submarines are getting more common. It is a disaster, but those complete and utter idiots think this is good and what people need.

  11. Cross-Server Matchmaking; an obvious indication that player numbers are down across the boards and combining servers is the only way to insure that there are enough players available to keep wait times low and matches being started regularly enough to keep the remaining player base happy.

    • They said they are doing this mostly for low tier players and I’m inclined to believe them in this scenario.
      On mid and higher tiers, Matchmaker seems stable – but try grinding any line that starts at tier 3 without spending free XP. This is a bot galore with monster queue times.

      World of Warships has pretty abysmal new player retention. Early ships are god awful, and slow matchmaker doesn’t help either. Early game is a mess.
      Very early on, you also get introduced to carriers – and low tier carriers are a scourge, if they get good MM, because plenty of early ships have LITERAL zero AA. You don’t even have an illusion of counter-play AA gives on plenty of ships.
      And the second you reach relatively decent ships at tier V, you are greeted with getting dumped against tier 7 all the damn time.
      If I was a new player, this would be the exact moment I would say “fuck this”.

  12. I have never looked forward to a warships update less.

    • I remember one time when my ship got sunk by a submarine. I was in a running gun fight and ran into an island right in front of the sub. It got me at point blank range. Of course that was my fault. Normally their torpedoes don’t do that much damage and that’s IF they can hit me. I’ve damaged subs and sunk two or three but only received minor damage and got sunk once.

      Now Destroyers, on the other hand, they sneak up closer than subs without being seen, no announcement of “A DESTROYER HAS BEEN SPOTTED”, and when you get hit by the wave of torpedoes that come out of nowhere your full health Montana is toast.

      If there was ever a complaint that is much ado about nothing it’s the anti sub crusade. By the way my experiences with CVs are about the same.

    • Well… at least now people will have to spend cash to unlock the T10’s, on day 1.

    • Naw the carrier update was worse I think but subs are up there too.

  13. You expect a company whose whole identity is being shit to become good

  14. They sure are here. I was thinking about this setup last night. I really think wargaming would benefit from getting subs on the same queue with CVs. I have quite enjoyed my submarine play, but its not really fair for surface players to have to contend with subs and cvs. I think both of those classes should be 1 of either but not both. This way its a little bit of a balance. Didn’t realize it yesterday when I posted my video, that wargaming rolled out the rental subs before giving ASW to all ships. I also think they should implement the foxy for surface ships so they don’t have to burn a DCP cooldown, let the foxy open the window for the ships to avoid the torpedo. Also in my thoughts, I noticed submarine surveillance starts off on cooldown. Food for thought but maybe CV’s planes should come with a cooldown at the start of the round, maybe give them a scout squadron that could give the ship captains a picture of the enemy fleet movements.

  15. I would bet tier IV to be in cross region too, outside of getting up tiered with V, it has similar limited player base as III outside of peak hours. Plus with missions encouraging play V or higher, there is pretty limited reason to be their unless grinding another line up without spending free xp or brawls at that tier, and even then it does not take many games to get a ship line past IV.

    • Tier 6 is not 8,9,10. That is the appeal to ALL lower tiers. I personally do not play 8,9,10 much anymore accept to help out my clan. (Agir is an exception) I run 4-7 primarily these days. More fun, less impact by Subs and CVs. Just run out there and battle while watching the bots charge full speed ahead. 😉 8,9,10 can have a huge impact from being up tiered. And lets not even get into Superships…

  16. Cant wait to see the player numbers tank drastically and for wargaming to still not learn their lesson.

  17. This is a company that immidately jumped ship and left Belarus leaving their belarussian and russian employees in shit, because of the Ukraine war. That should tell you all you need to know about WG.

  18. There are more than 25 ships that have been added or are being added. These range from premiums to a new tech tree lines. I hope you can make sense of where the game is headed. Many be more carriers will show with their auto ASW. In fact for the odd number CVs these should be all fighters and ASW planes that would makes games even more chaotic.

  19. Up front, thx for the great vids!
    I’d love an updated video on the certain builds concerning captain-skills and ship-modifications. Combined with the different ship-types/-classes, this should be great, especially also wether or not certain modifications are really worth buying, as long as you are not “swimming in coins”. Thx in advance and keep up the great work!! 🙂

  20. You know, historically speaking, submarines were not usually used to attack military vessels. Too much risk.
    They were, however, used very effectively to assault merchant fleets. Something worl of wahrships does NOT simulate.

  21. Im really interested if they make any change to the Arpeggio I-401 captain. Her line for start of the battle is something like” Prepare to submerge….., but this ship is not really made to submerge…”
    I expect them not to… but it would prove they really remember what they have in game and care about it.
    Also detailed ribbons were not ingame at the start, it was as frustrating as you described it (only citadels were, but you know when you hit citadel anyway, bounces and overpens are the important ones)

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