World of Warships – SUBMARINES are OFFICIALLY coming in WoWS

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Yes the title is correct and WG has finally decided after more then 3 years have passed since the release that SUBMARINES are coming into World of Warships.
I am excited about it because it will be a whole new class, it will drastically influence the game and bring a lot more tension, new tactics, new meta and new ways of playing the game. Both submarine warfare and ANTI-submarine warfare is exciting especially the 2nd one where I guess DDs and CL/CAs will get a whole new role.

I said it multiple time that Subs would probably break the game but WG has went through a significant work and they look promising.
If nothing else we are gonna have some fun at the next Halloween event.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. And why? Because WG fears “running out of content”.

  2. Fine for PVE but not for PVP, will ruin the game !

    • how on earth do you know this you’ve literally only seen some demo trailers. stop being pesamistic.

    • I used to play a game called “Navyfield” was a lot like this game .. and was very popular until they introduced subs and they broke the game completely and it went down hill from there…

    • Yes, just compare a completely different game that wasn’t even 3D. Steel Ocean is a better comparison, they had subs and it showed they can work in a game like WoW if the mechanics are done well. Subs there are no way OP and are actually underpowered but still fun to play.

    • THANK YOU finally a voice of reason.

  3. submarines are great only player cry about this are BB player sailing far away from action and cry when a submarine come this is a good idea and dds become more important so enjoy it

    • I think this might make bb players push up more. think about it subs are VERY stealthy they could probably sneak around and torp the bbs in the backline. if I were a bb I would want to stay close to a dd who can drop depth charges

    • they have limited O2 so they probably cant just dive under the enemy fleet and punish BB campers, instead they might end up camping Islands for O2 refill and fire mainly at DD and cruisers

      just like arty in wot was meant to counter campers but ended up punishing the frontline players

    • Fanatik > Saying that submarines will be great before having any idea of how its gonna be

    • +Va e yeah because i will play this class too and give a fuck of BB who are complaining

  4. As an event and maybe to explore it as PvE or standalone mode I think it’s a great idea. There is a market for it and makes a good change. However as a 5th class part of the core game I hate this idea. While WoWs is an arcade game just to get these things “competitive” in terms of speed they’d be going well above their normal level of exaggerating actual capabilities of the boats. If they don’t…well how many ppl want a unit topping out at 14knts on the surface down to 9knts submerged? Good luck with that.

    My other issue is while I accept sometimes history has to take a back seat in order to make the game fun/balanced, in my opinion this is going to far. It’s not just a little change. It’s a total misrepresentation of submarine warfare of the era.

    Trying to keep an open mind and cautiously optimistic though. Maybe they can pull it off and roll out that good ole tag line “fun & engaging” and not have us laugh at them this time 🙂

    • Maybe they could add a separate type of random match that doesn’t allow submarines, so that people who don’t like that version of the game don’t have to play it?

    • +Revampedharpy09 hell, they could even shove it into the new arms race mode. The problem they may run into is spreading the players to thinly in different game modes.

    • +MoA-Reload… Yeah, I think submarines are hard to balance. I mean steel oceans kinda proves that, I mean subs there are almost entirely reliant on their team. A submarine with a good team to support it is devastating, but without that they’re utterly useless.

  5. Feels kinda forced to be honest…
    WG really have to go out of their way to balance this. Obviously the prime targets are BBs. What about the other classes? I just don’t see how single torp launchers are going to work against cruisers and destroyers. Add hydro on top, and they might be completely useless. Or extremely overpowered. Not hyped, just kiiiiiiinda curious…

    • I think that subs will be a great counter to CVs their stealth will probably allow them to sneak past the main enemy force and go straight for the CVs

    • jawohl herr kaleun..
      but that’s kind of a niche role to play. i’m reluctant to say that there will be many more CVs after the rework. maybe a couple of months after but then it might be back to how it is right now or even less. i don’t know.. let’s just hope for the best, most awesomest sneaky explosion fishiest gameplay, eh?
      i can already see the ‘das boot’ memes coming

  6. Thank you @Flambass for sharing this video!

    The submarines look amazing!!! Though I look forward to playing this Halloween event; I really hope WOWS will separate subs into it’s own match type (co-op, random, ranked, subs, ect).
    I believe this will be the case since the last thing WOWS devs will want is to deal with players crying that their premium ships were killed by a tech tree submarine.

  7. Submarines are called ‘boats’, not ships, in the U.S. and GB.

  8. I like how they said that they would never introduce submarines

  9. DD players die in first 4 min of the game, so who will defend the fleet? most DD players cant do shit, so now you ask them to hunt Subs as well? no thank you. imo subs were the reason why Navy Field ( old ships game ) died.

    • Probably some cruisers will have depth charges for balance purpose and we will have mortar or rocket charges that existed in reality that are much better than normal dept charges. Theres radar and sonar in many ships so sneaking you way will not be as easy, and dont forget about aircraft probably the hunter of submarines.

  10. more cancer incoming

  11. the sub with the two front and back AA guns is a Type XXI Ubout ..this is clearly intended to go to Random …Type XXI was faster under water then on the surface because it was the first true Submarine that all modern subs a re based of and had 6 tubes fact most of early Russian Subs was really Type XXI subs with modern tech >K19 was a Type XXI with no AA but with a Nuclear Reactor and 3 Nuclear Missiles launcher in the tower

    • The similarities don’t end there. The “Gerfalcon” submarine is essentially just a Type XXVI W boat. A design that had been planned to replace the Type VII if I recall correctly. And there is another Haloween sub that looks an awful lot like an American Gato-class boat. I do really think that they are going for it and that they’ve been working on this for longer than we’re told.

  12. After a game gets a few years old, the developers start adding crazy stuff to attract new players. I would rather carriers were removed, no submarines. I love the team based competitive aspect of the game, however Wargaming seems hell bent on ruining this.

  13. now that ive seen this, I wonder if they’ll add the French submarine Surcouf

  14. I’m worried that this is something forced on the dev team by a combination of marketing and players. That’s not what should inform devs most of the time.

    • N1njaSnake uhhh, what else is there to develop content except your marketing team and your player base? That’s what a marketing team does: determine what people will buy. And if your player base suggests they’ll continue to spend money on your game if you add something, you develop it, test it (Halloween event), and add it.

  15. the deck guns are unusable or maybe serve as secondaries …. if you have a look at the controles, there are torp tubes, damacon, hydro. that’s all … no gun shell icon ….

    overall I am not excited for the games future …. the CV rework and now this seem to be the start of the decline … I mean they cannot properly balance even the current game and they are adding completely new mechanics ….

  16. Germans have to be the strongest ones otherwise it wouldnt be realistic

  17. Imagine, for a moment, that the time and effort put into this test of submarines was instead used to address game engine or balance problems. Which would you prefer? Personally, I would categorically NOT prefer the introduction of a completely new ship type.

  18. It is said to be never be added. But nothing said it can’t be done.

    Anyway, without submarine, Navy will be incomplete.

  19. My biggest question about this is how do submarines on different teams interact with one another. Like the odds of you torping one is pretty minimal and you have no guns so you can’t shoot them. Will there just be like 6 submarines with 3 on each team just zooming past each other in a cap with no ability to kill each other.

  20. I like this idea because it adds another dimension to the game; the 3D world under the sea surface. This will enhance the realism to our experience provided it’s incorporated in the right way.

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