World Of Warships – Submarines cinematic gameplay – Beta test 3

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  1. Bernardo Rodríguez Hernández

    Big Battleships: Oh Come on, first the CV’s, Destruyers and Now this.

  2. Please keep up the good work and also love the videos but what is the name of the intro music because it’s driving me nuts


  4. Skeith Aurelius-Mixer

    U-571 that is all I think about

  5. Дмитрий Ильязович

    WOWAS – World of Warships and Submarines!

  6. Cold waters….but with WW2 Subs

    Oh yeah the torps are basically Mk48 ADCAPs.

  7. Battle of Warships Naval Blitz

    With citadel hitting torpedoes, underwater Battleship

  8. I hope you enjoyed this new video in a more of a cinematic style. If you like the style I will do more!!!

  9. Would be nicer if all the in game UI is removed and its just pure ships…

    • i had that idea but i wanted it to be “gameplay” kind as well because without the UI the pings wouldnt have been seen as well as the damage dealt to the ships…

  10. Im hoping they add it players shipwrecks or a giant sea monster to fight

  11. Are submarines ever going to be added to the phone version

  12. Das Boot time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. other people: BOW style: gunnery
    daniel style: tokyo drift

  14. The First music is from Audiomachine – Access Point
    Thank me later

  15. When Daniele makes better sub trailer than wargaming

  16. Me as BB user : Jesus come on give us a break

  17. U-Boot Time!

    Alle Mann auf Gefechtsstation!

  18. This mod of Silent Hunter looks nice

  19. sooooooooooo epic i need more from this MOREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! so far…

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