World of Warships- Submarines First Impressions

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Hey guys, took a spin on the test server with subs, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I don’t know give me your thoughts on this it will be cool if some Destroyers deploy some underwater mines like people do friendly fire but it has a huge indicator like submarines when they are detected like imagine doing a denial line for the cap for submarines and surface ships and they could be easily detected with a hydro acoustics search will be maintained detected throughout all the match and people can destroy it with guns

  2. Das damnit should be phrase used when a sub ruins your run like a newb 🙂

  3. Thats kinda rough… Thats how Ive felt playing World of Naval Snipers since the Captain rework.

  4. Submarine note if WG put it in , reversing creates cavitation and makes you easier to detect

  5. Sub vs sub battles seem so awkward

  6. God only if CV fighter consumable would be like the BB airstrike one… Imagine not having to haul my slow ass planes above a friendly but instead if I am within 5-10 km I can send fighters to patrol above them… I would love that change

  7. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    why do some of the BBs have *rocket planes* tho?

  8. Mochamad Kurnia Zhafari

    I’d love to test them out, but my PC don’t have enough memory for another 40GB 🙁

  9. its not “nobody wants to play submarines”, its “nobody wants to play against submarines”

    • @Emeralds60601 cvs have auto dama cons with a 1 min active time so when subs ping the cv the damacon activates and removes the pings and since without pings subs cannot depend on the homing torp cannot citadel cvs does not get extra bonuses from pings, with very low torp alpha the subs can only hope to tickle the cv and when the cv is spotted it will actively try and find the subs to add on to that if the cv team is even remotely competent the sub won’t even get the cv in torp range

    • @Emeralds60601 so in short if the cv gets into subs torp range it will have a 1 min immunity and after that only has a 15 sec downtime before having a 1 min immunity again

    • @Whaly right, but what does that have to do with my original comment you responded to

    • @Emeralds60601 Nothing, he just added that randomly lmao. It’s 100% irrelevant to your comment.

    • @Emeralds60601 oh you said subs are really fragile so players may think that subs are glass cannon type of ships I’m just adding on to what your saying and showing that they are useless to an entire class of ship I guess

  10. So they are basically like CVs. It will be a specialist class, but the BB Mafia will hate them, even when the Subs in the game are not made to hunt BBs.

  11. tamas lapsanszki

    I see many people don’t like the hardcapped limit of the submersible resource (whatever it’s called). A possible good solution would be to recharge the batteries only while on surface based on an equivalency formula (example: for every 3 seconds on surface you get 2 seconds of battery). This would not only balance the battery issue, but it’s realistic too. Subs had to run the diesel powerplant while on surface to charge the batteries, and they were most vulnerable to attack in these moments.
    Also, running out of battery underwater should allow the sub to remain submerged, but with a damage drain like a fire or flooding. This way a skilled ship could damage the submarine even without dedicated ASW weapons simply by forcing the sub to remain underwater.

  12. Submarines have a higher detectability than some destroyers. What.

  13. that’s what i am worried about, t10 subs they are going to be scary

  14. John Francis Terne

    From what I can tell, the old dive depth system is better IMHO. And the old battery system as well (could use a rework tho)

  15. Definitely need the recharge back, and the continuous control of the depth is most important and most fun because you can do a lot of sick maneuver with that to dodge torps

  16. @Criss CLF FR, combined with how much faster you can dive? I fear depth charges are not getting better on par. A sub can just go flank out of water, quickly dive to get near BBs, launch pings and torps, use their dive plane consumable, and nope out of their with most of their HP

  17. Brandon Sheffield

    I believe they should remove underwater time and make diving/surfacing faster. Especially since HP is so low, subs too slow, and concealment is non existent compared to DD’s. It would be great to have the same concealment commander skill and ship skill that the bigger DD’s get yet have better concealment than subs. That one I don’t understand. Subs are so tiny on the surface compared to DD’s yet they get spotted before DD’s do.

  18. Brandon Sheffield

    Dive time isn’t 10mins though, it’s just over 3 to 4mins. Plus everything in game can out maneuver a sub, plus subs have to be surfaced to cap, plus subs have to be surfaced to use torpedoes or else u can’t see anything even if they are spotted by surface ships. They definitely need to bring back team spotting so subs can actually be effecting.
    1) game I dove within 5km from a BB that shot me good. Took about 30sec to get underwater slowly crept bow inwards the last place I saw it at for another 30 secs. It took 30 secs to resurface to find myself completely on the other side of the BB getting shot. I wad trying to get frontal point blank torps. Only I got killed cause I couldnt see where the BB was while underwater and diving/surface time was too long.

  19. 3:50 *Nobody WANTS IT! But EVERYBODY wants to see what the HELL it is going to do to this game many of us once upon a time loved!*

  20. Have you tried hunting CV’s in a sub?

    Its almost impossible because their bullshit damage control kills your pings, I know I tried

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