World of Warships Submarines Gameplay and Impressions

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Alright… I’ve got my fill. I’ve played submarines and I have started to form some thoughts on them. World of Warships has some potential with submarines. There’s a lot of good here. There’s also a lot that needs refinement. So let’s dig in.


  1. If you ping both the bow and stern of a ship, you will do more damage to a target, I’ve seen 2 torpedoes do 75% hp damage to a BB if you get both bow and stern with sonar pings.

    • @Bigs
      That means a ship can minimize damage from subs just by sailing parallel either with or against the torps.

    • @LeckMichImArsch short answer, if they aren’t homing, correct. If they are homing and both hit bow or stern, still correct.

      Long answer, If they are homing, they’ll both have a high chance to hit if you are sailing towards or with them, but since they would both hit the stern or bow in your example, damage saturation kicks in, so they do less damage.

    • @Bigs
      Right, but my point is, if subs only ping stern or bow, damage from their torps would be much lower than they could do when bow and stern are both pinged. Chances are subs would have a hard time to ping both points on ships sailing parallel to their torps.

    • @LeckMichImArsch Yes, during BETA testing, I found that you can bow onto a submarine, and they can only hit one location with your ping, so it only homes and does poor damage. This tactic only works for cruisers, battleships, and carriers though. Destroyers still take the same damage regardless if you get two pings or not, so 8-9k. its scary, but it won’t outright kill them.

    • 48k damage on a queen elizabeth with 55k HP Pool.
      2 Hits 2 Brings ignor the torpedo belt and torp You a citadel or 2.
      Boom You are Close Out in a BB.

  2. I am not sure if it simply wasn’t in your gameplay or you didn’t know. If you ping both fore and aft, you ignore the torp belt and can citadel ships.

    • … and then the torp damage is really extreme … perhaps too extreme?

    • @Phaztom i guess i missed the release of battleships that have no concealment penalty going to their max gun range when firing their guns, and have homing AP shells that ignore armor and angling and just go into the citadel
      i know Subs are fragile af but without this pinging crap they wouldn’t give away their position, even tho the pings are very easy to miss if you don’t pay attention

    • If you can’t pay attention enough to notice a big circle on your map and a notification letting you know that you’ve been pinged then you probably deserve to eat the torps.

  3. great review of somebody not knowing that double ping allows to “citadel” with torps and who is saying that torps probably should be made more powerful … simply use that functionality and you will be 3 times more powerful ….

    • Commander Prinz Eugen

      @Billy The Dog But that would make them kind of underpowered, cause they would only be able to deal like 12k damage every 2 minutes if they hit all their torps. WG would have to decrease the reload, which would make submarines effectively better tropedo spammers than destroyers. Most ships can dodge the torpedoes and the BBs can soak up a good 4 “buffed” torps.

    • I thi k they shot keep the citadel thing but nerf it a bit and buff the reload just a touch.
      They also need to hive more counter play against DDs
      We really need 2ndaries or some gunning platform

    • Easier said than done

    • @Scott Hill the pings have limited duration I didn’t know that

    • @Commander Prinz Eugen Remember these are only tier 6 ships they are testing. You’d still be getting 40-50k damage in a tier 6 which is fine. Maybe WG needs to change it so that damage is not the be all and end all of this game…?

  4. But if you use the ping on both the bow and stern the torps completely lock on, home in, and do citadel’s that take around anywhere from half to most of their health, at least on bbs at t6. Supplement for say a t8 sub vs t6 bb and you have nuclear submarines.

    • From what i understand damage will barely increase as you go up in tiers. You just get more torpedo tubes. So that 18k damage citadel’s you keep to tier 10 (if that statement I read about is true). So a single firing,if you hit 1 torp is 18k.36k if you hit both torpedo’s. So about as much as a japanese destroyer who has hit 4 torpedo’s in a single run. Mabey abit less than that.

  5. School bus camo on a Submarine anyone ?

  6. I like your channel. But could you up the volume abit more? Thanks.

  7. Good feedback on submarines NoZoupForYou I can’t wait to do some testing

  8. You may not like they Depth Charge Mortars (DCM) but that is the way it is in ASW even In WWII (they go back to the Great War (WWI)), yes they rolled depth charges off the stern but the also fire the DCMs off of both sides out to 2,000 yards to form a pattern. Plus they had the smaller Hedgehog Mortars that fire smaller Depth Charges in front of the ships path. (I may have spent my 32 yeas Army but grew up in a Navy town (LB, CA)and spent 3 years of high school in the NJROTC. One of our neighbors was the ASW Chief on a DD he arranged several tours of his ship and expiations of how ASW worked. The NJROTC also got tours of CVAs, BBs (New Jersey) and CAs both heavy and light plus they had a WWII sub on display)

  9. You not double pinging shots for better damage is urking me a bit ?

  10. Lol zoup u can double ping a ship to citadel with torps

  11. Sorry bud, but you lost my interest when you judge a vessel when you’re not even using it correctly.
    This is an incomplete review.

  12. Not overpowered, 15k per torp at T6 says otherwise.

  13. I would flip the citadel ping to the first ping, and the second to be tracking.

  14. You can say this is one deep impression

    And I got the red October reference

  15. friont and rear ping makes the torps go deep and hit the citadel and ignores torp protection. So its two pings required for devastating torp damage

  16. many Depth charges were rolled to the back of the ship, on a rail, then launched, so the depth charge, is really pretty close to right.

  17. Well considering I’m a pve only player I’m looking forward to them. I just hope I can take them in the missions.

  18. 7:55 ya gotta read the instructions bro LMFAO

    Ping the bow and stern for a critical hit(citadel)

    Looking forward to your opps vid haha, love your content bud keep up the great work

  19. I really think that even with low caliber, they need working deck guns.

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