World of Warships- Submarines In Random Battles First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we talk about my experience with subs being tested in Randoms, enjoy and let me know what you guys think!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. TheBaralinChannel

    Really glad you’ve made this video and are giving this perspective. I played subs exclusively for a few days and my general consensus is that I’d do better in almost any surface ship. Subs really ain’t OP provided you’re not completely brainless. But yeah, takes some guts to make a video explaining their shortcomings in this age of bandwagon whining, where if your opinion ain’t ”subs op”, you get crucified.

    Subs OP btw, totally broken yada yada etc

  2. People like to cry and not look at facts. SLM just keeps being a very much calm and non biased reviewer for this game.

  3. Subs aren’t as bad as I expected but I still really don’t enjoy playing against them

  4. I do so love it when a submarine pops up nearby when I’m in an USN or German cruiser. Doubly so if I’m using Italian SAP. A slow moving target with tissue paper for armor. I appreciate WG giving all of us asw weapons for when the little pricks panic dive, but a full battery salvo usually does the trick. I’m sure that’ll get fixed in a little while though.

    • Yes, it will be ‘fixed’ as I believe they’re to be balanced by popularity. This means skillful plyers will be OP as the majority of people commanding subs will be pretty poor players.

  5. Last night, I was on a mostly T10 battle with a T8 cruiser, where there were also 3 SUBS (2 T10/ 1T8) and 3 DD per Team!!! I lasted what a fart in the wind. Single shot torps + homing is definitely Imposible. These may be the “first” days, weeks or whatever, but we know MM is a b*tch. So, they are bringing more frustration to the game and it is not going to get better, unless P2W/buy premium from the launch and for coming time now.

  6. First game with a sub, tier x to start, managed to kill a Petro so I guess it has it perks

  7. Still think they need an ammo choice mechanic – divorce the ridiculous “aiming bonuses” from the double ping. Subs didn’t always carry just one type of torpedo

  8. Having played all the different iterations of submarines since the 2018 Halloween event, I have to say, your analysis of them is the most calm, level-headed, and objective one I’ve heard so far.

  9. I agree, subs are meh, they seemed pretty good, edging towards broken in ranked, I think it’s literally just more players throwing hate in your direction the moment you appear on the mini in random make them feel way less busted and more normal.

  10. “The range at which homing is switched off is 2.1 km for battleships, 1.2 km for aircraft carriers, 720 m for cruisers (360 in case of double sonar ping effect), and 240 m for destroyers and submarines (120 in case of double sonar ping effect).” Wargaming mentioning the Homing Cut off ranges in dev blog from a day or 2 ago.

  11. I was pleased to be in this battle with you. I was the Venezia on your right.

  12. Degaussing sounds like an excellent consumable. And let’s all remember subs are still in testing, the annoying details can still easily be changed.

  13. I agree with everything you say except one, I believe that 1 per side is good as there will be more surface ships to shoot at per game. I am also in this opinion about cv’s

  14. As a heavy cruiser main, I can definitely say subs are a real PITA. Also I’d be SO HAPPY if they split cruisers into at least 3 categories light, heavy and large/battle cruisers

  15. Good info, most are judging subs by their co-op play. But things are way different when it will be human players they are trying to sink. So people dont have to worry about them anymore than other boats, infact prolly less.

  16. Don’t stray from support early on. Be super aware of enemy DDS and cv planes. Go to max depth if u get detected and within range of multiple enemies and head for support. If detected by a single DD, manoeuvre, surface quickly close to DD pointing at DD and torp. Do it properly and the DD can’t avoid it

  17. Subs in random has been the final nail in the coffin for me. Took one match constantly getting spammed with ping trying to bait my damage control to allow his Irian mate to burn me down. For me, nothing about this class works. If they can somehow fix it (which I doubt) I’ll come back. Till then, so long lads, it’s been a blast.

  18. I’m fine with subs being a hard counter to super cruisers. Damn Alaska is OP.

  19. I’ve been alternating between playing a sub and playing IJN torp boats, and decided that hunting subs is fun and easy

  20. Homing torpedo should not have a cut off range of 2.1 km, they also need to have the ability to chase down ships when pinged which would make it fair

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