World of Warships Submarines Review

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This is a review of the Submarines as seen in the recent playtest and coming to the Halloween game mode. I found them to handle fairly decent and they are an intriguing addition this Halloween. They still will be a challenge if implemented in the full game.


  1. cant wait for them to bring subs into the game!
    they can hunt c.v’s…lol

    • Hopefully that means it will be 13 per side or somthing, or a whole new game mode

    • What’ll it matter if they can hunt CVs? By the time subs get added WG will have castrated CVs with the rework.

    • the BBs that are camping at the back of the map will get more hurting if they introduce subs, that is probably the most vocal group. they complain about dds can’t wait till they can’t even target the ship that is shooting torps at them lol. but I think dds and cruisers should be able to have the depth charge and sonar so we can be safe lol

    • CVs saw the end of all the big ships. No ship can fight airplanes, they are too fast and with no real counter ships are sitting ducks.
      myself and many others would like to see CVs removed altogether!

    • i play all 3 and the reason they camp is because with HE spam and TORP spam they cant effectively compete.
      i reckon we should have a limited amt of torps and HE.
      how can a tiny DD carry 30 torps onboard? very op!.. 🙂

  2. sub carrier I-400

    • there isn’t much you could do with only three planes

    • They were operationally meant to work as a pack to launch a light air squadron, with the Panama Canal as a primary target. It’s strange how so many heavy Japanese investments such as the Yamato class and the I-400 class revolved around that canal.

  3. Nice vid NoZoup, I’m still leaning towards not including submarines at least in Random Battles. All I can see is some player in a tier 9/10 submarine (lots of air so the player won’t be coming up anytime soon) just stealth-torping everything in sight and not being able to see it (much less damage it) unless I’m playing a destroyer. If they add subs hopefully all classes will be able to damage them.

  4. IMPORTANT: You can, and should rebind the keys for adjusting depth. the Q and E is VERY confusing! (specially for those who using it in the main modes! (for me T as dive, Y to surface fits to the common T-heal/smoke/’help to survive’ method)

  5. Problem is is one sided test, because we are not testing how to destroy the subs, just how to use the concept.

    • Well its still at it first stages of how its working would not be shocked to see another operation/game mode event in the future where we play certain rental ships that are equipped to kill subs. Still looking forward to how they will work

    • Testacabeza that is quite straight forward.
      Detect it(some form of passive sonar?) go to where it is and drop depth charges or hedgehog(usually DDs would have to trade one front gun for that fancy mortar) if you miss repeat.
      Problem is in detection vs sub torp range and manual or auto depth for depth charges.
      What this brings is possible rebalance of how some things work. Like all DDs getting passive underwater sonar and only some get active with better detection.
      There is a lot of room to a lot of things. But not much for how to kill them.

    • Man, I am not trading anything. As a dd driver I am already spotting, capping, fighting other dds, running away from planes, slowing down flanks, etc. Adding another dimension to the DD game will make playing BBs a very attractive option.

    • This is true. However, I anticipate an anti-submarine operation while driving surface ships either as an April Fool event or next Halloween (on the basis of what Zoup said about timing and the carrier rework, probably next Halloween). That will be the true test of whether they can be put into PvP play or require their own mode.

    • +jsm666 true and would be best for everyone. Plus test to see how non Halloween subs work and how players respond to them(slower than US standard BB on surface)

  6. The fact that submarines fires in straight lines does not and did not mean that the torpedoes themselves were unsteerable.

    Steerable torpedoes were already around as far back as the 1860s. Heck, even active-guided torpedoes were around in the 1870s. Torpedoes in WW2 could either be wire guided from the submarine or steered by their own onboard gyroscope.

    And we *_definitely_* have steerable submarine-launched torpedoes today. Heck, they won’t just steer, they will actively home in on an acoustic source like a heat-seeking missile on their own.

    They could’ve easily made it so that the torpedoes can be fired at an angle to a target where the torpedo corrects its path after launch.

    Of course, this brings a plethora of balance issues according to some people and changes nothing at all according to others. Since the torpedoes will still travel to a preset position, I argue it changes nothing. Though it does require you to be more diligent when there are torpedo ships around because they can fire their torpedoes at wider angles.

    Anyway. I haven’t played the SSs yet, but I already know that the least they can do is give those torps at least 70-80 knots of speed, *_at least_* . Because in reality submarine torpedoes are always faster than surface-launched torpedoes. Surface launched torps had to sacrifice speed for range because they would, at most times, have had to fire their torpedoes under fire. That’s why they had ranges of up to 40km+, but at 30-40 knots. Though you could make them go faster (40-50 knots) by halving the range.

    The submarines, on the other hand, sneaked into a much closer range to fire their torpedoes, so they didn’t have to make that sacrifice. So in game terms, I expect them to have a range of 4km or thereabouts with a speed of 80-90 knots.

    So, it is a lot harder to launch a torpedo on a target, but easier to hit when you do. Seems fair to me.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Well the Germans had homing acoustic torpedoes in ww2. Like the G7e/T4.
      Torpedoes in this game are a mess, Deep Water torpedoes with broken stealth and IJN oxygen torpedoes having the worst detection (when in fact they were the stealthiest air compressed torps in ww2 – only beaten by German and Russian electric torps).

  7. Let’s see, WG said that subs would never be in the game. Lie #1. If you are a DD in the game playing in the game then all the other camping BB’s and CA’s will expect you to scout, cap, help out across the map, scout more, fight subs and then get blamed for everything that goes wrong. WOWS has become WOT now, a radar infested camping trip with players that have no clue how to play.

    • The game is all messed up especially with carriers still being broken and radar. They do not care about fixing the game as long as money is coming in.

  8. I think subs will be fun in game, but they may have to tweak the amount of Hydro charges on the ships with them and increase the number of ships with it. Or introduce a new consumable to find subs with. They would force more team play out of surface ships (at least the ones who notice a sub and know what to do with one) and would give a pretty nice counter to all the catapulting-over-island

  9. If we get submarines we also need transports for convoys etc. After all, ships like the Graf Spee and the Bismarck where intended to shut down the supply lines, not to engage in glorious BB2BB action (Hood just was unlucky to be the exception to the plan).
    That way we also get a new statistic… tonnage sunk 🙂

    • This will be an operation if not 2. One for subs to attack a convoy and one to defend a convoy from subs. I would bet money on that.

  10. “Why can’t I rotate my torpedo tubes?” My head hurts…BAD

    • Thing is, Noster gets a couple of things wrong here. First, one being that torps were only forward firing; Torpedos have rudders just like anything else in the water, before firing you can adjust the heading to an intercept point as you see in the cone during the video. So much, in fact, you could fire one directly to your left and turn away. Games like Silent Hunter and Cold Waters really get this close; it’s not sim levels but they’re good representations. The other thing is about modern submarines; most torpedos are wire guided these days and can be adjusted on the fly (We won’t have those in WoWS and I doubt we’ll even see Acoustic Torpedos cause those would be broken unless they add the historical countermeasure.)

      Another thing I’m wondering is if they’re going to add Snorkels which the Germans put on their later submarines, the VII U-boats and above. Basically, this device allowed the submarine to stay under longer and take in air from the surface; it’ll probably be a T8+ upgrade for the later subs. That and I wonder how far they’ll go with subs considering the fact that the Electrik Boot; (which was what the USS Nautilus was based on) was the final U-Boat and operated much like her Cold War counterparts only without the Nuclear Reactor (See above Nautilus.) Type VII’s and such could stay underwater for a decent period, not indefinitely mind you, but Submarines were a problem for a reason until the Allies rushed to develop countermeasures.

      Of course this all hinges on the fact if they add Submarines to the main game, and until then; all we can do is speculate.

  11. I played around with the subs yesterday and had a lot of fun with it. I’m looking forward to it with the official event so I can run it with clanmates.

  12. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Since we have fixed underwater torpedo tubes in game now with the subs…
    Perhaps wg can finally add forward firing underwater torpedo tubes to ships like Mikasa and Nelson.


  14. Have lots of fun at PTS playing SS, can’t wait to see the even live. For those who concern about how SS fit(or balance) in pvp game, try out SS yourself when the even go live. If you get yourself in trouble vs bots, you’ll find out that many concern comes from thinking without doing.

  15. Can not wait for full sub lines in the main game.


  17. I have been trying this on the PTS and it gets boring really fast, admittedly part of the problem is on he PTS people play quite different to normal so expect to get team killed a lot.

    Still over all I really don’t like sub game play it’s not like playing a Japanese DDs where you are a hunter, in this mode you really have to stay together hang back and spam torps at max range to have a hope of doing anything, would be an ok game mode to do scenarios hunting bot convoys. But having tried it for several dozen times I really don’t enjoy it it’s so boring

  18. Another great video. For me I’m just not interested in playing submarines so I really hope they’re not put into the game, other than in events or perhaps scenarios.

  19. Nice review. I agree with your enthusiasm for this particular mode and your cautious optimism for the future. Subject to the demands of the CV rework, we will require a no-stats-kept April Fool’s or Halloween event in which we are the surface ship dealing with subs, because IMO only then will WG truly have enough data to properly balance subs for regular PvP play. Supertesters and WG-CC’s lack numbers and are unrepresentative of the level/lack of expertise of the WOWS population as a whole, and PTS is a select group of interested people that likewise might not be representative of the general playing public.

    I think if we make their speeds completely representative, we will potentially need to increase their oxygen reserves and/or decrease the necessary reload time. Halloween is its own special thing, where unrealistic performance boosts are needed to even stay alive, but I think they balanced it right WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE SCENARIO.

  20. still don’t think that they should be in the game. so they seem to have subs down good….yet ignore otehr issues and came up with a pathetic CV rework.

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