World of Warships- Submarines Updates & Changes

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Hey guys! Today we go over the changes coming to Submarines, the version that will be coming out in the next patch, some interesting changes here to make subs and ASW gameplay a bit more comfortable, enjoy!


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  1. Tactile the Dilophosaurus

    Was wondering when you were gonna get to this, even if it just came out yesterday lmao. Good shit nonetheless.

  2. Hope you feel better man. Played a little myself on test server. I’m pretty content with the current state of subs. I’ve actually been looking forward to them, but have been upset with how thy were. With fine tuning the current model I can see this being very enjoyable

  3. Just read it myself, so small changes to subs, a change with how the ping bloom works, and some ASW buffs. over all meh, good stuff.

  4. Srsly man take care of yourself. get well soon

  5. Actually expected Napoli as a topic, but this was interesting as well

  6. Sriram Bharadhwaj

    the best thing to do is to grab a yoshino and start blasting these subs with he
    I think yoshino will fare very well against these subs

  7. Crunchemunchem Jr

    that was a kinda sad attempt at a joke no offence

  8. Crunchemunchem Jr

    @John Milton I mean overall it was a rhetorical question if you boil it down enough but noice

  9. Going to be a shitfest anyways, this gameplay is representative of the average potato – cant even land a double ping at less than 5 km. Then WG will buff their base damage, then nerf, then the cycle continues, better watch this shit from the sidelines rather that subject yourself to self inflicted torture.

  10. ASW buffs are to ensure that subs can’t be used for carrier hunting. This is World of Aircraft Carriers.

  11. Olaf Messchendorp

    As usual..?

  12. It’s a grudge 😀

  13. Seems like a good time to take a break. Subs are not a needed element and they add nothing to the gameplay exept less surface ships to shoot at

  14. Apparently the new tier 10 heavy Italian Cruiser it’s for sale on the premium shop the Napoli they’re not supposed to sell tier tens out right

  15. German suffers

  16. The thought of homing torpedoes being added to the game already bothers me deeply. Add this to a new class with new mechanics (diving and torping while submerged) that no other class has access to and imo we already have a recipe for them feeling as unfair/unbalanced as CVs. I honestly wish they would work more like submersible torpedo boats and less like cold war era submarines.

  17. Francois Levasseur

    I love how early u-boats barely did 7-8 knots underwater at flank speed while here they are going over 15.

    • And for higher tiers, they go at or nearly the same speed surfaced as modern SSNs do at flank speed submerged.

  18. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    Do you think the I-400-class submarine will ever be added into the game as a T10 IJN Sub? And do yall think it will be OP

  19. what a good change would be: the faster you go above water the faster your battery recharges (up to something like half a second every second or something) since your Engines are running faster theyre spinning the generators faster…

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      They had a mechanic similar to that way back on the first or second iteration of testing

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten That makes sense…it’s a really simple way of getting someone to move around instead of just camping on a point waiting for the next BB to come by. Though I have been against the Citadel damage from the beginning…

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten
      (It is quite important that you read the whole comment)

      The issue that I think you need to realise is: Wargaming has NEVER cared about historical accuracy so any of the proposals you make will NEVER be implemented or listened to UNLESS they can make WG money. I think that this is also something that the community at large also needs to realise: simply complaining in endless YouTube videos (something that you luckily don’t do) that the game is unbalanced will never make WG listen, because again that won’t make them money. What this community needs to do is combine balancing ideas with explicitly saying how this can make WG money, not “this would make it more accurate because xyz”. This is because WG is a company, not an accountable democratic structure. What does an accountable democratic structure do? First and foremost, serve ALL its people, no matter if they are a majority or minority. What does an unaccountable, undemocratic company like WG do? They MAKE MONEY and DO ALL THEY CAN to make money and serve their shareholders. As they are utterly unaccountable to us the community, they won’t listen to ideas they don’t like (and frankly why should they, its a waste of their time devoted to fulfil their self-given mission). Therefore, we as a community have to talk to WG not as we would to a democratic, accountable and trustworthy government with the mandate of its people, but rather as we would to a ruthless dictator (so by saying: “we would like this because…” and then making a good point out of: “this will make you profit through….”) as this would probably make WG much more willing to compromise.

      Conclusion: WG make money = WG more willing to compromise/listen
      Why? Because WG doesn’t care about logic (as discussed in the original comment) or historical accuracy (they’re just convenient add-ons), they only care about money

    • (ok that was a bit of a wall of text sorry, still important to read imo though)

  20. It seems increasingly like submarines are simply incompatible with the mechanics of the basic game. But it also appears they’ll be wedged in, like CVs. I hope this doesn’t introduce a fundamental marketing problem, like that presented by CVs.

  21. Actually, i got a question

    What if the pilot drop a depth charges on top of a ship, what will happen?

  22. the reckless warlock

    I’m seeing the cv rework in subs all over again; wg makes spends millions making a boring game loop. People stop playing after a while because it’s boring. Wg buffs subs to overpowering levels to keep people playing. people hate it and wg. wg attempts to balance, but because they spend too much money on stupid devs that don’t know what they are doing, not much changes. people continue to hate wg

  23. RIP battleships, I will never take mine out of dock again it appears.

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