World of Warships Submarines – Why We might Get them and Why We Might Not

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So you likely heard the news, though it’s possible you haven’t. Submarines are coming to World of Warships in the 2018 Halloween event. I’m going to break down why we may see them in the game as a new class at some future time, and why we also probably won’t see them


  1. We need subs like a hole in place it shouldn’t be. We don’t need them

  2. nein nein nein nein nein !

  3. It’s possible the maps were originally created with an underwater dimension. If they thought about it from the start, I would say it’s highly likely they atleast modelled the space into the map, even if they didn’t put anything in it.

  4. Clearly you are, in your opinion, against subs. You may not say it directly, but it’s there. I read they have 300 developers (in total). So I stand on the opposite side of your fence. You cannot put together such gameplay like this in just a few months. Clearly, this is a long-term project. Substantial time & money have been put into this effort – a foolish investment if they have no plans to implement. Hence I will state clearly, they will enter the game.

    I also predict they will enter the game in the same manner as carriers… perhaps two maximum per team. No doubt there will be restrictions involving divs as well. They’ll be easy targets for almost every ship in the game. Counter measures will be extensive but balanced.

    It’s great they have been looking at this from the beginning. Realize they have known, long-term content planned, they also know when the well runs dry. They need new content – or the game dries up.

    Remember boys and girls – never say never.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      *Counter measures will be extensive but balanced. *
      Last time WG released “balanced” stuffs, it was Graf Zeppelin.

      Sorry but WG and *balanced* do not coexist anymore.

    • It’ll never happen in a ranked competitive arena in WoWs period. There is no way to balance subs realistically. This will forever be limited to a temporary event just like Karl in WOT…

    • Everything they’ve ever tested in the halloween event has made it into the game. Subs are happening, its just how is the unknown. What I want is a stand alone sub game.

    • Clearly you have a biased opinion.

    • many of your points for are quite valid, but there is another point .
      and i quote” historic counter to battleships” end quote.
      friends , the devs have been trying to get BB players off the back of the map since this game dropped.
      and lo, every thing that has been tried , has failed, sometimes spectacularly, but mostly miserably.
      but this , this will not only get the BB’s to move up , it will also increase the number of DD’s in the match and CV’s.
      the new CV game play preview has shown a strike package armed with Rockets,
      hmm , i wonder , what ever platform is so horribly vulnerable to Rockets?? hint hint.
      and do remember , the new british DD line , has Hydro, a Hydro with a long uptime , and a short downtime.
      so , yes , submarine and anti-submarine game play is coming .

  5. 3:45 “hard to make their gameplay exciting” – maybe, but i see a chance to make it very tense. Because this is basically ninja-style.

  6. That’s a definite NO.If people want to play subs they can play Cold Waters.As it stands now destroyers are major multitasking as it is.

    • Ohhh boo hooo poor little DD’S

    • This is likely a result that all of World of Warships competitors are adding or have added Submarines. WoWs has to outcompete it’s competition, and not adding subs is how to not compete. Also, Light Cruisers handled ASW tasks as well. Don’t think that it was all on DDs to deal with that.

  7. Should be a fun event but as for them coming to the game i would say no with the small maps they had to make for this event and the fact that the top speed on the ones shown in video was 17 knots my New Mexico is faster so i can outrun dd torps why cant i outrun these.

  8. I say lets get the CV rework squared away first, then we can look at submarines.

  9. “five millimetre shells” – I think you meant “five inch”.

    Great vid. I am very optimistic for operations and maybe co-op; PVP not so much, as it may overload destroyers.

    • Aircraft don’t have 5inch shells as standard gun ammo

    • with all the added work submarines entail : no need for them. Also, as some other CCs have mentioned… would make BB players even more passive and the game more stagnant. nevermind – t do they give hydro to each DD then ? .. if yes how to recompensante German and British DDs who have hydro and pay in other regards for having it ?

    • No nation fielded 5mm aircraft guns. 6.5mm Italian, Swiss and Japanese were the smallest and considered obsolete by the outbreak of WW2.

  10. I don’t want this in the game.

    1: Historical subs never played a major role in a naval battle between surface ships. Commerce raiding, yes, but never a battle.

    2: The carrier rework was partially bc of that it was too different from the rest of the ships. And now they do this? I don’t get it.

    3: Subs will be OP as long as they are unspotted. When they get spotted, they’re sitting ducks.

    4: This will increase the workload of the DDs. How will they do ASW while one BB and two cruisers are shooting at them? How will BBs respond when they suspect there’s a sub out there? Probably by camping even harder.

    5: We removed stealthfiring and smokefiring so that no one could hide while “hurting” others. The rule was “You shoot, you’ll get spotted.” This is a class of ship that can get within 5 km and shoot of torps without getting spotted.

    I’ve played since OBT and I like the fact that this game is about open battle. A bit like medieval tournament, two teams line up and then go at eachother. No hiding, no runing but a fight to the death.

    I’m afraid that implementing submarines into the game will change it so much that it won’t be that game anymore. I’ve played submarinegames before and If I wanted to play a submarinegame, I’d play a submarinegame.

    What we see here is WG trying to press submarines into a role that they never had or were meant to have and it risks to break the game.

    No sir, I don’t like this at all. 🙁

  11. Fine for fun in PVE But no way for PVP !!

  12. Submarines will be a great addition, people are just resistant to changes…

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah until you get sunk by one that knows how to maximize their advantages, particularly when to dive if they can only stay submerged for limited duration.

    • how is that any different than a dd stealthfiring torps or a CV launching a well timed cross spread, or a BB holding fire until you’re forced to show broadside? Playing to a ships advantages should be rewarded with damage and kills.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      N00T  DD’s stealth firing is balanced by the radar that can see through islands. CVs cross spread can be dealt with Def AA alone. However most submarines will only shoot when they are submerged, even more so due to the moderate torp range & single launch. And even if it’s possible to shoot the submarines that are on the surface with the existing weapons, good luck shooting a ship “smaller” than destroyers at certain range.

    • Radar shouldnt be able to see through islands, that should change. Cv’s cross spread can be dealt with by the right AA cruisers Def aa for the most part. Subs shooting sumerged have a big change in their torp spread, they’re more accurate when they’re surfaced. I have no problem shooting the shnellboots at 6-8 kms during the dynamo operation, and theyre moving at like 35kts and are smaller than most subs.

  13. It’s World of Warships. Submarines are Warships. I think this is great and the argument that DDs have enough workload is ridiculous. Keep in mind Cruisers were Submarine hunters as much as DDs were. Carriers had aircraft dedicated to Air Anti Submarine Warfare (I served as a SENSO in the Navy). Diesel subs in the 40s had very limited Battery technology and Submarines in that period spent much of their time on the surface only submerging before an attack or staying hidden during daylight. Submerged they only managed maybe 6 to 8 knots. On the surface 16-18 knots. I think having Subs in WOWS is a great thing as it’s a completely different play style requiring real skill to master. You have limited speed to get from one side of the map to the other so choosing where to go is crucial. DDs and Cruisers just about all have Acoustics at the higher tiers. I just think if done right this would be a lot of fun. As someone who actually hunted Submarines in the Navy during the late 80s and early 90s having Subs in WOWS has always been something I wished for. If they can do it right then I’m behind it 100%

    • Honestly, you guys act like Subs would be a wall hack or something. I’m over here like, “Those poor Sub guys don’t stand a chance and only those truly committed to the skills needed stand a chance” Every single ship in this game can outrun even the fastest Subs, even on the surface. Time submerged is very very limited so situational awareness and strategy play a huge roll in where to place your sub, when to submerge, who to shoot at with your 2 torp tubes. Knowing what I know about real world Submarines I just don’t see all the hate right now. If they do it right and it’s fair I think it would be fun and this game has plenty of room for new things.

    • Ty, someone that understand what a submarine real is. i am with you, i am tired of people saying they will be op or stealth machines, like you say if done right they will be very fun. And is not like we dont have our op ships, aircraft carries are probably the most op ship in the hands of a good player, but no people fear the little sub with 2 torpedos than the aicraft carrier with torpedo squadrons.

  14. You could have an Submarine only Operation mode… Player controlled submarines working in a Wolf pack to sink tankers while being hunted by other bots.

  15. If they add subs and have to modify maps underwater, I hope they can include the wrecks of dead ships in with it. Perhaps they could stick around on the surface if they were sunk at a shallow depth? It just adds more obstacles for subs, which isn’t a bad thing IMO.

    Also, I’m looking forward to the premium sub, U-571.

  16. There were many subs that could fire torpedoes backwards. For example the Type VII

  17. Nice Sean Connery bit in the beginning. On the other hand, I’m getting tired of all the rocks in the ocean ships are hiding behind and firing over 🙂 Note: 75% of German submariners never made it back.

  18. It honestly surprises me how infantile the playerbase is in WoWs.. I’ve talked about how submarines could be implemented for years and have always been met with the most petulant name calling, narrowminded childish denials, and flat out anger towards even suggesting the concept. I almost wonder if the developers feel similarly towards their playerbase and are implementing this just to stick in your faces. Can you imagine how demoralizing it would be for a developer trying to better their passion only to be met by a 14yo calling them a f*g for offering new and engaging gameplay. How DARE wargaming try to add new features

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