World of Warships – Submarines!!!!

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  1. 18 seconds to view a video must be a record

  2. The amount of HP you took from that BB… LOL

  3. TheWild Simon141

    4th, Mazyad your right I do feel like a kid

  4. The sub can demolish! Not sure if im a fan of the homing torpedoes but after seeing how difficult it can be to ping maybe it isnt to OP.

  5. mahadisal ahadani

    I hope now they will animate ship at the bottom of the ocean.

  6. Reminds me of the game battle stations

  7. As a destroyer captain, I’ve been awaiting this. It might be time to return and finally put those unused depth charges to work.

  8. Alright this is awesome 👍

  9. I logged in once they started with them. Didnt feel like jumping through hoops to use em. Dont like them right now

  10. This makes me want to play cold waters.

  11. I-400 in a nutshell: SALVATION


    Transition to teammates sub and perfectly timed star treck commercial that makes it look like you’re inside the hull of the sub.

  13. Torps stop tracking when they are within 1km of target, so if you are fighting a sub a quick dive or surface can save your life.

  14. Generalfeldmarschall Cryatoc

    When do subs come out? Might redownload this game

  15. I was really into this game back when it was released in 2015 or whenever it was.

    Phly and Baron were putting out videos on it so I started watching them and that’s actually how I found Devil, through Phly.

    Haven’t really played it in years but I still think it’s cool. I should fire it up and check out the subs.

  16. That voice actor sounds a bit like Bloodhound from Apex Legends

  17. Torpedoes ruining this game hard. Especially when youre a battleship and all your own destroyers and light ships just rush to their deaths so youre sitting ducks to the torpedoes

  18. Joshua Andrew vives

    How do you get submarines in all ready on world of warships this morning

  19. I’ve literally been waiting for subs in order to grind my US DDs. Finally they will be able to show their true potential.

  20. Why all the swearing. ?

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