World of Warships – Success

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I get asked what is a good win rate or how much damage is good damage. I want to explore what I see as success when playing . Different classes have different objectives that I use as my measurement to reach a successful game. I also care about the fun involved while playing, teammates success and whether I could improve their success. Hope this was interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier V Replay


  1. Notser, you ever going to do submitted replay commentary anymore?

  2. I good day in world of warships is a day were i don not want to throw my pc
    out of the window because I got stupid players on my team that lose the

  3. I like dd hunting in my bb it pisses some of the dd players off

  4. i so want to work hard and be a successful World of Warship Youtuber :)

  5. Hi Notser, wie geht es dir ?

  6. So the moral of the story: Be like Bucky and try your best :)

  7. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    try to do your best … just like fubuki

  8. Will my cannon hit rate are 23% cause im hitting dds with bbs cannon
    (except scharnhost).
    having a cannon hit rate same as kamikaze hit rate are frustrating.but when
    i take every shot
    i tell myself at least I tried.

  9. i like your talking ;)

  10. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Succes is setting goals and making good on them. Just my point of view :)

  11. good day Sir !! just curious will you make video for other game ? it doesnt
    have to be competitive mmo

  12. what do you press to follow fired torps and switch between them ?

  13. One of my favorite things about your play style is how vicious you are
    toward DD’s! It’s so obvious that they’re high priority and when a player’s
    fangs don’t come out when they see one it always amazes me. Thanks for the

  14. I hate the system of WG banning you from chat. Today, i was playing, and
    during the entire game, i said wow my dispersion this game, jesus, and a
    message pops up saying you have been banned until tomorrow of the same
    time, so one day. Im like wtf, i literally did nothing why did i get
    banned. Its so terrible because it silences you and it ruins your
    communication. I hate it so much.

  15. Sometimes when ppl stalk me and look at my stats and use that as a
    judgement of how good a player i am, or when i die and i tell someone
    something useful, they say says the dead guy and its not valid at all.

  16. whats after the german dds? british bbs?

  17. I just want to stress something from this replay that Notser didn’t, but
    that I think is an insanely important tip for destroyer captains: Note that
    during this whole match, where Notser was basically fulfilling the role of
    a gunboat while sailing a low tier IJN DD, he only popped smoke twice: the
    very beginning, when he was taking fire from multiple ships, and the very
    end, where he could hunker down and finish off the final enemy battleship.
    That is *HUGE*, and probably one of the biggest problems that many
    destroyer captains have (but don’t realize they have)–don’t use that smoke
    until you truly need to. You have to get comfortable sailing a destroyer
    while being detected, knowing when & how to get away with it, and using all
    of the weapons at your disposal. In keeping with the topic of this video,
    when you’ve gotten good at that you will see a significant improvement in
    both your win rate and your average damage done, which will no doubt help
    you feel a good deal more successful in the game.

    Outstanding replay that I wish you’d saved for an episode where you could
    take more about it! :)

  18. Do you have fun and get enjoyment from playing the game? No? Then why are
    you even bothering to play it in the first place? That should be the first
    measure of success, and it’s why video games were first created – for fun
    and entertainment. It’s just human nature – you’re going to do better in
    the long run, in a game that gives you fun and entertainment, than one that
    frustrates you and seems an interminable grind to an arbitrary goal – it’s
    not the destination, it’s the journey. For a video game, every other
    measure of success is secondary.

  19. Damnlit Notser, have you read “The Last Stand of the Tin Can Soldiers” yet?
    Anyone seeing this comment…read this book and read it hard.

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