World of Warships- “Such A Balanced Class”

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Hey guys! Today we have some highlights from the last couple of streams, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C4

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  1. Sometimes I wonder, are there students of yours that know you have this hobby and watch your videos/streams?

  2. CV showing you to your seat few steps down

  3. Ahh yes, German Torpedo Werfer. Whenever you in desperate situation, they just blew themself

  4. I wish my teamates wants to yolo, hell even providing supporting fire is enough, but this game is infested by people who loves to get cozy in the corner.

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Imagine having fun lol

  6. I wonder would it work playing Emelio as a super-light cruiser?

    • No because it’s a DD lmao. But I mean literally, it doesn’t have the DPM (slow reload high damage SAP), nor the range, nor the armour to ricochet literally any kind of shell except for DD AP. And it lacks a little in terms of HP. Unfortunately WoWs does not offer the kind of variety of play many would like to try.

  7. I havent seen the video yet and I belive it is about cv and the sea salt will flow like we dryed the mediteranean sea

  8. Bismsrck: sees Odin torpedoes
    Meh, whatever
    Bismarck: Sees Levington torpedoes

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @꧄Bismarck꧄ was it not a swordfish? I need to look this up later

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings yes Royal Ark sunk Bismarck with swordfish, he means Royal Ark was later sunk by German submarine U-81

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @:) thankyou. That makes sense now.

    • @:) Wasn’t it moreso that they could have saved Ark Royal but the captain ordered the ship to be abandoned right after being hit instead of doing any damage control measures? Like the hit itself wasn’t bad, but because they didn’t take any measures to control the flooding until a couple of hours after, which at that point it was irrecoverable?

    • @Cameron Porter well, yes. The Royal Ark was sunk a day after it was struck. But I think most people would say it was the U-81 sunk the Royal Ark

  9. IN intro, fighters be like:

  10. 2:30 because you don’t push out the middle, you lure the enemy into the channel lol

  11. Hey..had the pleasure of playing with you last night in Rank, I was the Kaga. We won of course.

  12. Ah yes wg definition of balans: just lol yolo give anything im sure they’ll like it

  13. Yknow i just realized a good place where secondaries can fire on both sides of your ship is middle of two brothers

  14. Wargaming and balans, what a perfect couple 😂

  15. 5:12 the Minotaur is trying to shoot down the last surviving sailors swimming away from the ship

  16. Can we get an F for Odins reverse speed? I guess having tier 5 HP at tier 8 needs some balancing …

  17. How have people still not figured out that the warp speed smokescreen demands immediate action?

  18. Mino was like ” no prisoners!”

  19. Love the Alabama hat! Are you near Mobile? We need to grab a beer sometime

  20. Lol I was the Alsace in the Siegfried game, had no idea you were in there until I was watching this and saw my name. You guys still pulled out the win fine because of that Iowa blue lining, gotta love bots

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