World of Warships – Such a good ship

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I know I showcased this ship plenty times and I can tell you a fact that I will showcase it plenty more because it’s THAT GOOD.
Massa is love 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Just got to love the Massachusetts! I love to get it out to smack planes and germans who think they are secondary ships!

    • Literally all the German battleships tier 8 and above become surperior secondary monsters if you use the right skills

    • 23GreyFox tirpitz armor is weak against actual big gun calibers and not angling right

    • @robert meehan even though the Massa is ❤

      I have to say the Bismarck is about the same power. Even the secondaries can pen a Georgia deck armor with ease and without IFHE (I have 10pt captains on both Bis and Massa)

    • @noob4life1981 I agree, as I am working on making my Bismarck captain a 19 point one. with that I should hold my own if WG ever does the 1v1 ranked battles again. I loved them tbh. 🙂

    • @robert meehan 1v1 was awesome! Got rank 1 with 85% winrate:)

  2. Flambass tell your gunmen to stop drinking before a battle!!!!

  3. That Anshan thought “T8 CV, i´m outta here”

  4. I feel like that Anshan at the start had good intentions but just didn’t understand the instructions…

  5. “What is up with that torpedo Spread”? Its got a Monkey Shaped Hole in it.

  6. I wonna see a episode with monkey doing team carry 🙁

  7. I love the massa, but the dispersion at times is soooo damn frustrating. I prefer Georgia because of speed and accuracy, but massa still feels like the better brawler and tank.

    • aljrvh when georgia trolls she trolls harder… those 6 guns can be extremely frustrating

    • Dunno man, the guns can really troll, but I blapped a Balti by shooting it 19km far for 31k damage… (1cit+1 pen) shot before he was in range and still it is possible if your gunners aren’t completely drunk ??

    • @noob4life1981 true, but between the two it seems like Georgia is sober 90% of the time while massa is 50/50. If you get trolled by dispersion it’s a long reload and I rather be a sniper than a shotgun so to speak. Unless it’s of course guns with fast reload, like my DM. Fire and forget lol.

    • Spectacular_Insanity

      Massachusetts is very fun, but a tad gimmicky. It’s really meant as a brawler (i.e. at distances of 11.3km or less to be within secondary range). If you’re going to be hanging out at longer ranges (11.3+km), you really should be playing the North Carolina or the Alabama, as they have better dispersion and sigma values.

  8. can you post captain skills and modules from time to time in your vids?

  9. I’ve only been playing for about a month and a half and I got the Massa basically for free with coupons. Definitely my favorite ship, most others run from her. She gave me a personal best so far at 232k with14pt captn. .

  10. I recently had a really great game in the Massa B, i got 9 medals in total (7 varieties)

  11. 19k battles 45%wr … oof. skill based mm would solve that.

  12. Yesterday in my Tirpitz, i got 2! 15k salvos from a enemy Fuso in the front.

  13. The Tank Commander

    Wait a minute? Didn’t we just see this on stream? I’m pretty sure I watched that stream! I swear to god I watched that stream!

  14. CVs. All the rework did was make them a different flavour of shit.

  15. Loving your two DD’s hiding behind you

  16. High praise from the Molotov captain, named himself Flambingo

  17. U know why i like ur stream? Bcs u sho cute flamby

  18. This is my favorite ship in the game.

  19. So sick of seeing massa Flambino… even amazing games :/

  20. The Massa is such a solid T9 ship, let’s just ignore the fact that it somehow got put into T8 by mistake.

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