World of Warships- Such A Stupid And Dumb Ship

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Hey guys! Today we have a Replay from player Mack featuring my favorite Dumb Ship, the Incomparable! Enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. A GK with secondaries off… very rare

    • That is just down right Bizarre, Their isn’t even a CV in this game. (turning off your AA also turns off your Secondary batteries)

    • Also at the end that GK had two kills but the least damage of all the ships on the team. That is a very very bad Bot. It seems designed to focus on the weakest visable target only to get kills.

    • GK or not, there are very few reasons to have your AA off in a battleship and that was not one of those times ^^

  2. This is the dumbest ship in the whole game. It breaks like 5 rules

  3. It’s a Steel ship. Goes for 31,000.

  4. Haven’t finished the video yet, so maybe he realizes later, but the torps are 10km. The asw aircraft are 11 km.

  5. Lucas The Lucario

    i really want to see your thoughts on the Sims some time.

  6. And yet its twice as big at least. And has the firepower to send a Des Moines to the Shadow Realm.

  7. I don’t know why people think the 10km range detect is good, that’s pretty bad for a DD.

    In all seriousness though, I absolutely love this ship. I would say it’s my favourite BB, but I really don’t think it counts as one. There’s really nothing that can be compared to this ship.

  8. Fr, literal lobotomised people at t10 and some of them have the audacity to bitch and moan at their team when they get sunk in 3 or 4 mins

  9. All Uk BB concealment is dumb

  10. How Conqueror or thunderer have better concealment than kongo, when they are much much much bigger

  11. When someone plays that badly i look up their profile. Sometimes they’re noobs who have speed-run up the tiers, but it’s amazing how many truly poor players there are. Saw a CV-main yesterday (in my team, of course) with over 20k matches, but a win rate of just 36%: there comes a point when you have to ask if someone is actively trying to throw matches.

  12. Colonel David Davenport

    Great video review – I love my Incomparable

  13. Jakub Józefowicz

    I love this ship, but it needs very good skill

  14. WG: “We fix one bug per 10 new super ships. We also ban one bot account per 100 new super ships.”

  15. As the song goes~ nothing compares to you!

  16. recently i played in brawl against 2 of them a division with my Montana….2 salvos 2 dev strikes..

  17. he might be a payd actor

  18. This give me some younger Jingles vibes and I absolutely love it

  19. Jugoslav Stojanovik

    This ship looks for we like a British T 10 ” Iwami” BB. Thanks for the Video, Sea Lord . I have the Iwami and I like her, so this ship will be my next British BB..

  20. I mean, Incomp was sitting on 20k health, about 20k healable, and four charges of repair party. Refused to use them when fighting Yamato and Somers, then when Shimikaze showed up, then when Kurfurst arrived. Forgetting you have repair parties and to check your health is something I’d figure a player with only a few games under their belt would do. I certainly don’t think someone with a steel ship should have that issue.

  21. Kinda enjoying the once a week live reaction, especially crazy games like this. The GK must a been a friend of his who didn’t want to ruin his game. It’s the only explanation I can imagine when you have a broadside BB that REFUSES to shoot you at all.

  22. GK was just knowingly and wilfully trying to die. He’s not a bot, he’s just part of a playerbase that increasingly suicides because reasons.
    I’ve seen BB’s sail off away, refuse to support DD”s and then suicide because noone is spotting for them in whatever corner they sailed off to.

  23. That GK had 2 kills. Think about what that says about Mack’s team.

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