World of Warships- Summer Days Event Scam?

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Hey guys, today we go over the Summer Days event, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. The distant voyages boxes are just not worth it anymore, 750 dubs for a “chance” of a visual only camo no economic bonuses, for 800 dubs you could 4 visual camos for t10 ships

    • For sure, even with the RN BC access now the permanent bonus and camp are separated for the T8. So you can get the camp but not the eco bonus. This is in stark contrast to when we got the perma camo before and obviously the built in eco. Shameful.

    • If its for free like the one in division stars, then yeah sure there’s some cool camos, but there’s no point of spending money on perma camos unless you really hate the look of a naked ship and don’t want to pay credits for expendable camos

    • Having that permanent eco bonus for the high tier tech tree ships was really what was sought after with those distant voyages containers. This is definitely quite a nerf.

    • Camos are so trivial now for me. I literally sold all of them, except the all white ones, because every ship looks good on white.

    • We’ll. Not really… gonna be more like 5000 dubs, to make it apples and 🍎 🍎 🍎.
      Pretty sure. You aren’t getting many of the skins though.
      So it doesn’t matter. Don’t buy, is still the conclusion.

  2. I’d say that the best deals you can get out of this event are those really small packages that are like 7 days premium, 50k FXP, and so on. (the 7 days premium for 600+ doubloons is probably the best deal of the bunch) I really wouldn’t touch the ones worth the tokens, though.

    Like, unless you were gonna buy the Doubloon packages that have the Summer tokens bundled in to begin with (I think for no additional cost? Or is it marginally higher cost? I can’t tell.) avoid them. If you have a particular ship you wanna buy and just want that ship specifically just buy that ship alone for real money instead and don’t gamble with WeeGee’s funny money.

  3. Due to the amount of outright greed that WG displays, between this event and the Gambling for the chance to Gamble Ruckus BS, I hardly play anymore. I might play one or two matches per day then go play something else. The moment I looked in the armory at this event I knew it was a crap-shoot. Once again, my wallet is closed to WG until they pull their heads out of their own asses. I’d say I’m disappointed with WG but that implies that I had expectations to begin with.

  4. As always, what did you expect? I miss the days when summerdays meant some wild sales.. I remember having bought my Dunkerque half price (and still wonder why I passed on OG Belfast around 17€ during these sales 😀 )

  5. I used to love getting the Distant Voyager containers from events for free, since you can get some nice camos (even got a Space Hellport camo for Hakuryu) now that there’s no economic boost, these don’t have the same appeal

  6. Preparing for the dockyard event got me about 7k summer tokens, which I spent. I got 112 days premium time, a bunch of XP for research, elite commander XP, several blue economic bonuses, and Tier IX premium pan-asian BB Wujing. Sadly no ships from Black Friday (I was hoping Alaska B), anyway. Do I regret my decision? I probably would have if I didn’t get blue economic bonuses, Wujing and so many days free premium which saves me money. If you want any of the premiums in T IX containers, you can go and get it right now from the premium shop without the need of buying the sequential bundles. I’m pretty sure everything they have in this container you can purchase directly with money or coal, including Pomern.

  7. stalkingtiger777

    I reloaded some doubloons for the upcoming dockyard. Yeah, if you want a premium ship, just buy a premium ship. Just consider the tokens a bit of bonus credits with purchase of doubloons. If you do it that way, it’s actually not bad. Just avoid the gamble crates. Not worth spending a thousand bucks just for a free ship you can buy for so much less outright.

    • Yes I’m saving my dubd for the pay to rico jump start.
      This one round of crates doesn’t hold much appealing with what we know is coming…

  8. Patches ago these voyages containers were much better, since you could get perma camo’s with very nice bonusses. Even some rare camo’s. Now, without the economic boost attached to them, they’re nothing more than a visual that you can apply to the ship. It has no effect, it does nothing, it’s basically like the flags on your ship: it’s there to look pretty.
    The other containers are much more interesting since they drop better rewards, although there’s a big chance for disappointment. Considering you have to spend a metric load of dubloons on it, I think it’s better to spend those dumbloons on the ship you want outright. That way you get that ship and spend less.
    Unless you like to be suprised/are after rare ships that aren’t in the armory anymore.

  9. I recall a few years back, there was a “Summer Sale” where you paid a certain amount and you could see the main ship you were getting. You got a bundle of three ships…one you could see and two of the same tier that you couldn’t see.

    I chose a U.S.S. Alabama and also got the Prinz Eugen and the Lenin.

    Essentially I paid full price for Alabama and got Eugen and Lenin on the cheap.

  10. Thanks for this! This is exactly right. If you are otherwise getting doubloons, go ahead and get them, and take the Summer Tokens, but don’t get the Summer Tokens on purpose. If you need credits and don’t want to grind them (e.g., you want to buy the T11 ship but don’t want to spend the next couple weeks grinding credits), buy doubloons, then convert them into credits and get additional summer tokens. So ordinarily, you could convert 1,000 doubloons into 1,500,000 credits directly, but if you buy 1,000 doubloons now, you get 100 Summer Tokens. If you then convert the 1,000 doubloons into the 1,500,000 credits using the “Summer Bonus” on the Summer Tokens page, you get another 100 Summer Tokens.

  11. The worst part is that among the guaranteed ships, none are the special ships (Enterprise, Thunderer, Georgia, etc.) They are all ships that you can buy from the store for a cheaper upfront cost.

  12. I agree MB, not a scam but it is just yet another insight into this company and its business model. If people (most likely EU and US players) did not spend $$ on whatever ubiquitous event this “casino” of a company is running they would STOP this practice. I’m thinking of starting a WGing gamers boycott. The member list, along with changes we want would be sent to War Gaming so they could see the $$ impact. I’m being silly but my point is our community has the power within our wallets to convince this company it’s in their best financial interest to stop these and other practices we all complain about. Speak with your hard earned $$ guys!

  13. It’s not an outright scam because they do tell you the odds of winning a particular thing so you know your chances going in. It is however mindblowingly greedy at this point that’s just about what I expect though.

  14. I got my 300 tokens from the combat mission, got my 1 distant voyages container, got some blue XP bonuses. That’s all I’m spending on this event.

  15. First off I appreciate you’re reviews and the break down of info without it being overly technical as some other CCs do. While they’re break downs are helpful after a few minutes it makes my eyes glaze over. Lol… As far as this event yeah not a “scam” but also maybe less than ethical in that they’re putting the items they know people want at the end of the pay rainbow. It’s their new go to model for strategically fleecing more money out of the community. The fact they’re putting tech tree ships in as possible loot drops is disgusting imo.

  16. Thank you for your reviews of the events. I thought it looked shady but you verified that.

  17. Thanks for breaking down the event details Sea Lord. Definitely not bothering with it, mostly because of the useless perma-camos.

  18. After less than five minutes of in-game research, I came to the same conclusion about the summer event: Skip it!

    If I happen to acquire any of these tokens, I will ignore them and let them convert to credits.

  19. The amount of disrespect and humiliation from wargaming towards their own player base

  20. The cost adds up way too quickly. I went up through the black friday crates, and got Tirpitz B and Jean Bart B, so ended up paying off a bit, but man, anyone that goes up to the guaranteed crates is crazy

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