World of Warships- Summer Festival: What An INSANE Event

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Summer Festival event currently up in the Armory, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro (Support CV Recap)
3:01 Concealed Manuevers/Support CVs


  1. Lets see what WG now has in mind with us poor players

  2. Hard Pass on this event.

  3. As soon as I saw that whole event I immediately told myself I’m going to pass on it. Not spending a dime on this game until they fix the problems they constantly ignore. And this level of predatory monetization is just disgusting.

  4. loving the asymmetric battle mode

  5. I would rather buy myself a nice vacation and touch grass with $700 than gamble random tier IX ships

    • 300 should be enough, you get 15k from the special bundle, 5k from premium battlepass max level and a fair bit from battlepass extra levels. I’m not sure of the exact math, you might be a little short but you should get close.

      And if you’re going to whale on santa containers, that’s still 5 common ships removed from the list so you get more chance to get ships you actually want.

      If you don’t intent to whale, as usual don’t do it.

    • 700$ is 2 tames my monthly rent. This is insane!

    • Stevie mightdoit


    • @Mister Eiswolf $700 is your rent over two months? wow… its like $700 a week for rent in my city

    • @Skippyo I
      mean lets be honest if i want pommern for example why not just buy it for what 70$ isntead of whaling some 700$ and then getting a marco polo or a dalian?

  6. Personally I think this is for planning out your purchases in advance. In summer, you buy your doubloons and get all the tokens along with them. The tokens themselves are not the big prize. Maybe you get something nice for using them. But the goal is really to get the doubloons ready for Christmas, where you will spend them. Making you stay with the game and all that.
    That would be the most effective use of the event.

  7. Wow WG is working hard to make events that i don’t care about and won’t spend money on. Im mot even trying to push the early access events.
    If they keep this up they will push me into playing any other game besides their products.
    Im done to just getting the premium time every other year at 1/2 price now. ( Every other because i can earn enough to get me through the 2nd year )

  8. I want that “Summer Sale” event from a few years back, where you paid full price for one known premium ship in a tier, and you got two other “mystery ships” from the same tier for next to dirt. I bought a couple bundles that year… Purchased Alabama and the mystery ships were Lenin, and Prinz Eugen. Pretty sure they did tiers 5, 6, 7, 8… because I remember buying at least one other “mystery bundle”.

  9. 100 million lottery tonight and 30 million on Saturday here. Happy to whale the Summer Token event as I doubt I will win either lottery tickets. Got the T9 Pan Asian DD Dalian which I don’t mind; the others I can ignore. Interesting point about the Firepower containers and I may check out when grinding daily my Tier IX tech tree line. The extra dubs I got is for my Father’s Days, birthday and Santa loot box reward so I will spend wisely hereafter…yeah right!

  10. Math… I hate it, but strangely am also extremely grateful for it at the same time. Thank you SLM! ✌🏻🤘🏻

  11. Keep in mind there is a event coming up stating 7th of July.
    This event will most likely reward summer tokens.

  12. Asymmetric is a huge win. The events not so much

  13. Nick Pappagiorgio

    Kudos to WG for having an interesting event like this. For a while they settled into the rut of “releasing new ship line in early access with tokens” events.

  14. I also noticed they removed the ‘Premium Shop’ link from the game. You have to access that through the web now. They want to steer people away from spending cash directly on items versus using their many layers of in-game currencies. This is a big component of the F2P model.

    • Yeah, they’re using every free to play money-milk trick in the book and cranking them up to 11. This game is monetization policies have become downright toxic.

  15. Was planning to take a few months off wows, this is a perfect opportunity! Thank you for update us!

  16. DoubleWide Motorsports

    I bought three of the Black Friday containers and the first two containers had the Massachusetts B and the Yoshino B. I never buy containers or anything besides premium time so I was happy with that.

  17. Craziest part of that event is for me, that you can’t even use the 5000 summer tokens you can get from the premium battlepass for that premium ship containers as the containers pack is only available in the first stage until the 6th of july and you can’t finish the battlepass in 2 weeks 😀

  18. As I have a Belgium account, those events are really funny for me as loot boxes are forbidden here, which is really good as a personal point of view.

  19. Stuff and whatnot

    I really appreciate events like this and the CLR sale because, while I spend money on the game, I won’t spend on this. Let the people with more case than I have support the game and I’ll just cruise along for a bit.

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