World of Warships- Summer Sale Disaster, Massive Submarines & German BC Buffs & Soviet CV Nerfs

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Hey guys so today we recap the news from over the weekend, and boy its a lot, enjoy!


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0:00 Channel Intro
0:15 News Intro
1:00 Summer Sale Fiasco
8:42 Submarine Buffs
14:58 Soviet CV Nerfs, German BC Buffs, and Commander Skill Changes
25:28 Final Thoughts & Closing


  1. I bought a few of those containers misunderstanding what they would drop. In the end I got pretty lucky and got a camo for the gearing but I won’t by anymore of those containers

  2. How many of these container sale events have to end up crap before people stop buying them?…

  3. The sub damage is probably buffed to ensure subs can kill CV`s in some reasonable time (as CV`s is basically immune to flooding and it was laughable how long it would take to kill them with subs), while the real problem is still the OP damage control of CV`s. Now the other classes will get dumpstered by this…

    • @macdam11 Ya mean like the RTS CVs used too? Funny how we want that game play back more and more.

      Like personally, Change all CV attacks to be like the Russian ones (feels more fair, more planes you kill less damage you take. I HATE that the first attack wave is literally invincible unless you deliberately fly into flak clouds.)yes the Auto DC thing should just be a pop up like “your carrier is under attack, want to damage con?” or just HAVE the DC on the planes and just have the CV IS UNDER ATTACK MESSAGE. Remember when having your CV on fire was actually something to worry about since it also stopped your flight operations?

      BUT MOST IMPORANTLY, FIGHTERS need to be USEFULL AGAIN, this whole plop down the static fighter patrols is just NOT WORKING! Not only can the enemy carrier just avoid (and in some cases ignore them iv seen planes out run the fighters and the fighters just GIVE UP the chase) the fighters, but most of the time your team mates aren’t going to sit their and enjoy their protection. And the ship fighters need a bigger operating radius cus 3kms is just useless.

      Side note, we have unlimited Attack planes but limited fighters…..WG how did you not notice this?

    • they mentioned 2 subs per team per battle. so its not going to be just everyone using one.

    • @Grace Pierce I second this. Although in RANKED it really should be 1 if its 7v7. That just me though, 4 in total in 12 vs 12 is fine.

    • @Jay Werner Amen brother!

    • @macdam11 Thanks, you too. Calm seas and open skies Captain.

  4. thing that make me confused

    isnt torps dmg already unrepairable by repair party/ repair party only heal less than normal pen dmg ?? because it is just like citadel dmg ?? or the sub’s torp is exception ??
    if it still unrepairable, well i can see the torps as elbing citadel DMG

    • Yeah torpedo are citadels, that’s why I think torpedo damage should be counted as normal damage so using your torpedo belt doesn’t actually punish you.

    • DD torps count as citadel damage. Afaik CVs and subs torps don’t citadel and thus are fully healable. Subs torps WILL citadel however when you land a double ping

    • @Stefano Crosazzo no plane torps also count as citadel damage as long as they hit the belt

  5. Ah yes of course, 90 knot torps. Rip battleships even more.

    • Rip those slow US BB.
      That makes Vermont line even more uninteresting. Idk man, WG is super weird these days.

    • And let’s not forget that the 82 knot tops can meet the New York, New Mexico and Colorado which move like slugs.

    • Just as a point of comparison, the current record holder for the fastest conventional torpedo in existence is the British Spearfish, which tops out at 70+ knots.

  6. It still says, “You can exchange Summer Tokens in the Armory for Distant Voyages containers, each of which drops one of more than 200 permanent camouflages” when you read the description of the Doubloon bundles.

  7. Jingles just put out his latest MWJ episode, where he spend 10 minutes discussing the whole summer crate fiasco. Even he is saying it stretches credulity that this was just an honest mistake and a simple translation error – on EU, they have to translate everything into 15 different languages – he said that was one hell of a coincidence, to make the same error at the same time in 15 different languages. And he was right pissed off at the “condescending and arrogant” language used by WG in the replies to people asking for refunds. You know your company’s reputation has hit rock bottom, when Jingles literally cusses you out on Youtube.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Agreed, just in general, I’ve seen WG “miscommunicate” far too many times to just shrug it off as a simple mistake. No this was a scam to get money from people who don’t read the fine print, they are benching on people not getting refunds through customer support. It’s important to remember that most players aren’t reading forum posts or are particularly active outside the game itself, so the vast majority, unless they watch channels like flamu on the regular, are ignorant of this issue, it’s not like WG made a community apology on the launcher page or anything that everyone will get notified of.

    • My reply was very friendly: Sorry, it was a translation error, here is your refund.

    • WG out here responding to everyone like the officials and reactor operator from HBO’s Chernobyl.

    • @Alex J. J. John Like father, like son…

    • @Alex J. J. John lmao I laughed alil too hard at that comment xD

  8. Bruh, everything WG announced these day is a disaster in some way or the other.

    WoWS had a lot of potential IMO, but if it’s still handled by WG yeah you know what will happened

  9. 90 knot torpedos. When I was in the USN, we would have been doing cartwheels if they’d found a way to make Mark 48’s do 90 knots. Basically, they’ve given all the submarines Halland torps, with homing guidance.
    Yeah, I don’t see any problems coming with THAT change…… /s.

  10. So there we go – overbuffing subs, which suggests that WG is about to release them soon – because they count on everyone wanting to try the new overpowered meta. Overbuffed, so they have a buffer to nerf it later on.

    Also – this communication ‘mistake’ – note that it keeps happening almost every time event where players are expected to spend money is involved. It may be a communication issue, but I have little doubt is that somebody there has malicious intent. It is way too consistent for its own good. Somebody there just keeps on hoping that customers wont notice inconsistencies in fine print.

    • Didnt they list straight that they will nerf these by saying we remain open to nerfing them later

    • from what ive seen over the years.. they release buffed things for you to buy premiums of.. which makes for good sales.. then nerf them into oblivion afterwards.

    • @Grace Pierce This, exactly what I was referring to.
      If they are to release new lines and entire new class, new premiums are either ready or will soon follow.
      The lines released must be somewhat consistent with that premium offer, to give people the test of a premium ship they might want to buy. And after that, nerfing will come to avoid annoying the rest TOO much.

  11. Only reason I bought any of the summer Sale stuff is because they locked dubs behind them and I wanted Congress.

    Also Mountbatten you are my voice of reason in the wows community. I feel like everyone else is so quick to go “WG REEEEEEEEE” and you are the great balancer for me.

  12. 3:49 can confirm that was exactly what happened. The description promised a camo for each box UNTIL you had all the camos.

  13. Given the people that were defending WG with “or”, I am sure WG thinks their target audience are that stupid.

    • People keep funneling money into these little events that are basically the equivalent of dollar store chachkis. They’re banking that most of the people who bought in when it was coincidentally not accurate about the truth of the event won’t pursue their money back. It’s like rebates; you can have a decent chunk of change back, but the companies bank on you being too lazy to fill it out and mail it in

    • did you know that “or” actually means ‘this “or” this’ and not “if you have all of these above you will get this instead”. I understood it straight away.
      the order the put that info in could have been clearer though.

      at the very least they should offer refunds to those who mis-understood. normally they do where possible. they just reset a users account to the day before the purchase.

  14. Got the Congress based on your impressions since I don’t have Alaska. Lost all of my karma over two days being reported by salty Asashio players. No ragrets.

  15. If something like that happens at every summer – christmas – easter sale, it cannot be coincidence.

  16. Master Skilhollow

    I have to respectfully disagree with one point: I believe Wargaming’s leadership *does* hope to mislead and *does* think their players are stupid. Now, whether this was the primary motivation in this specific case is debatable, but as Jingles pointed out, it’s a very convenient coincidence if they didn’t do it deliberately, and WG have treated their own players with utter contempt on plenty of occasions prior to this. The simple fact they *still* haven’t acted to correct these “communication issues” after so many years seems like a smoking gun to me.

  17. On a humorous note … when teaming up with Sea Lord be sure to drop all your bumpers and torpedo nets. Looks like bumper cars on steroids out there.

  18. The Amazing Mystico

    WG should tell players exactly what the percentage chance of getting a permanent camo. Not stating the percentage chance is another way to” hide the ball.”

  19. I spent doubloons on a crate described by the “original” language. Of course I didn’t get the camo but 10 Summer expendable camos. I asked for a refund, and promptly got it. I appreciate them quickly refunding my doubloons, but damn their QC is totally crap. The fact that communication blunders keep happening should be a real concern for WG. If I were the WG legal department I would be telling the senior management types to get their shit wired. One positive is that WG keeps providing case study material for business school students.

  20. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Alright so the “15 different languages” thing. I was not aware of that at the time of recording. It does most certainly look much worse knowing that know. So now it boils down to either one of two things.

    1. Extreme gross negligence- it’s possible that one original Russian description existed and they used the same translation software and the same miss-translation occurred and then no one bothered to check it.

    2. WG really thought that no one would notice they weren’t getting premium camos out of the containers when the description said so.

    It’s honestly hard to believe either scenario imo. Both are ridiculous for a company the size of WG. Either way, WG should take head and clean up their constant “communication” issues.

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