World of Warships- Sun Yat-Sen First Impressions: What The Hell Is This??

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Hello guys, today we go over the new Tier IX Pan-Asian Battleship Sun Yat-Sen. Quite an interesting battleship overall, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
3:20 Economy & Camo
4:03 Armor
5:33 Ship Stats
10:04 Consumables
10:39 Commander & Module Build
14:48 Gameplay Review


  1. Just what I was looking for in a review. What’s with the camo these days? I think ill stick with the Soyuz and pass on this.

  2. Imagine having 457s with less alpha than 406s… no. This is next year’s Christmas box filler shop and nothing else.

  3. I played against this ship several times in my latest grind up BB line and Cv lines. Thing is mediocre at best to face. Most of the time the tester was running away. So if you want to play a decoy boat and run for your team spend the $$$$.

  4. When you mentioned a battle with three superships and a sub per team, it reminded me of the pain of a battle recently in my Tier V Japanese cruiser Agano, when each team had three subs and two CV’s. I didn’t last long…

  5. If this was a subtle attempt to sneak in another battleship line with gimmick of low guns, high caliber……maybe but hard pass and I wanted this ship to be good

  6. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    T9 with 19km range and no spotter plane is always going to be absolutely miserable when you inevitably get to face the long range meta of T10/T11 these days.

    • Yeah when you have nimble and agile cruisers vomiting shells at you from literally out of your main gun range, it gets very frustrating.

  7. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Her guns are too frigging big. Notice how the vast majority of Sealord’s hits are nothing but Overpens, even when hitting chonky enemy BBs.

  8. Only played one battle in her (secondary/AA build), she was aight. At least Yat Sen has a ship for her.

  9. For the Pan-Asian ships, in a way, she is a perfect trainer for commanders going to TT ships, thanks to the Commander skill rework (with all it’s problems), the split of each ship type getting it’s own skill tree with commanders means it doesn’t matter how you build this BBs commander, you can run him up to 21 pts without interfering with DD and CL builds, over on the Dutch line, Groningen and Tromp get the same benefit, and the same goes for the Unitis in the Pan-Euro line.
    Compared to, say Friesland with the rest of the Pan-Euro line, a line of more torp based DDs with a Premium DD that is entirely gun based
    Also, in short hand, I’d be calling a 22.9 sec reload, a 23 sec reload

  10. Sounds like a new Azur Lane PR BB for the Dragon Empery at some point in the future.

  11. Is this ship exclusively available for doubloons only? I thought its going to appear in the armory for coal after a few months like what happened with Malta and Tromp?

  12. This ship is interesting to play, but i’ve been struggling to do well in this ship… I’m making rookie mistakes, but MM isn’t helping either.

  13. Have had several games with 10 superships total. Most of the SS on the other team had captains with a clue, and our side not so much. I think the devs should take a year and FIX THE MATCHMAKER before they do anything else. It has gotten ridiculous.

  14. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    SLM: “What they did here is admittedly pretty interesting.”
    Mal: “Define interesting”
    Wash: “Oh God, oh God, we’re all going to die!”

  15. Wargamming always makes every new ship they come out with a little better than it will be after everyone buys it so beware that by next update it will play even worse. Another example is Schorder vs Agir. The Agir is a superior ship yet it is not as tanky and does not do as much damage as the current schroder even though the stats say otherwise. I have started ignoring the ship stats since they have become meaningless. How well a ship does has nothing to do with its stats it is whatever ship wargaming is pushing and only does really well while it is being promoted then it gets secretly nerfed so that it is just average ship like all the others.

  16. Watching the gameplay it looks like the only thing this has going for it is the Soyuz hull. Why are the guns so weak? Honestly a general trade off of fewer guns has generally been higher alpha per gun. Cuz usually a ship that has fewer guns has generally had a high caliber for the tier, which is the case for this. I mean a single pen from Georgia can do over 5k. A single pen from Shiki can do almost 7k. What I’m seeing here is a single pen plus 2 or 3 other shells overpenning giving you that value. Looks like it traded guns for a strong hull. I guess since its Tier IX premium the economy should be pretty good on it to at least.

  17. In some way I am kinda glad that WeeGee stopped releasing utterly busted and broken premium ships every single patch.
    That being said though It’s also disappointing to spend all that money only to receive some subpar goods.

  18. Considering it’s a tier IX, is there any chance this could be a coal ship at some point? I noticed they often like to put tier IXs into other resources besides doubloons.

  19. I have been having an ABSOLUTE blast with this thing! The guns are reasonably accurate, quick reload, the armor is absolutely nutty! Especially at close range this thing can be an absolute monster! I’m loving it so much! The guns don’t do huge amounts of damage, but they work so well! And the firing angles are beautiful! It’s so good I’m super enjoying it so much

  20. The 457mm (18 inch) guns are the same model 1946 on the Kremlin and Ushakov but the Kremlin’s and the supership’s 457mm damage is 14500 so they nerfed the damage to the Yat Sen’s 457s. I noticed you did not do a comparison and contrast between the Kremlin and the Yat Sen. An entry in the WOWS DevBlog dated 11/30/22 shows that the HP (88,900 to 80,900) and max shell damage (14,500 to 13,000) of the Sun Yat Sen were reduced.

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