World of warships – Sunday Funday (12 OP CANCER ships vs 12 tier 4 BBs)

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We decided to take a whole bunch of Belfasts, Flints and Atlantas vs full team of tier 4 BBs.
Why I decided to do this is cause ppl often refer to those ships as CANCER or OP especially vs BBs and they are also premium ships so they ofc P2W xD
So I said let’s put them up vs full team of BBs and see what happens.
In this version we were not allowed to use smoke, but only kite away.
We did like 3 rounds before this one with smoke heavy and it was hilarious, make sure you check that out on full stream.


  1. I am your dad flambass

  2. a pensacola could have been the better choice for you

    • kidding or not? Legit question btw, I just got the pensacola and I think it sucks compared to my Cleveland. Don’t have any module upgrades though, just can’t seem to find a game where I can do much with the pensacola and thus gaining exp really slowly.

    • not kidding the pensacola would have had an easier time kiting because of the superior range 15.67 km vs 13.3 with aft for the atlanta/flint or 15.42 for belfast.15.67 km would have been more then the range of the BB`s without spotting aircraft on ijn ships.
      But if you really want to stick to tier 7 cruisers you should have taken schors, yorck or algerie with 16.77/17.32/16.31km range
      in regular games you can either try kiting with your pensacola or sit behind an island based on which map you are on. but keep in mind that you can`t kite as good as the previously mentioned ships and sitting behind an island can be dangerous if you are suddenly spotted(for example by plane) you will need a little time to start moving and can`t dodge shells that well it can also happen that you have nothing to shoot for the whole game.

  3. “focus that Bismarck guy…” THX Flambas, that was me 😉 19p kpt. from Conq. especialy for this event reskilled 🙂
    Orion is OP too, so it was really unfair against you. With its conseelment, as i was away from your torp. threads, i was fine. If i didnt push first, like the game before. Btw.: I didnt wanna cap, to win this by points. I just wanted you guys to came back do decap, and to have some target 😀 Cause almost half the game, you were out of my range xD

    • Sorry about this, but the way you wrote “concealment” gave me cancer. By which I mean it made me laugh xD

    • ok, i mistakenly wrote it incorrect. Cause English is not my mother-language. I wanna see you in the battle against me, if you will be so skillfull too 😉

    • Lol I know and it’s fine, I actually really enjoyed reading it 🙂
      And yeah, you’d crush me in a battle, I haven’t played since forever 😉

  4. btw.: message for Evoside – i am always the browling one BB – my GK 😉 In this battle, i just was the slower one and had to go closer to you guys, trying to stay angled and disapear some times to repair and heal-up, etc…
    In my GK on other side, i am always leading the charge and i often pay for that, cause my “support” just disapears far away behind me. In that moment you died, i was less than half HP and survived only thx the other guys were shooting nonstop and didnt disapeared thx their consealment, as my Orion could. Peace ! 😉

  5. you fired 324 shells, there is a counter 😀

  6. “Battleships are fine”.

  7. spawn looking like cali on 20th of april

  8. Can’t wait for all the cancer cruiser captains crying how Battleships are “op”. If the map had islands and the cruisers could use their white fear farts it would be 12:0 for cancer.

    • +frank sanders

      I feel you. Just the same fucking shit I read years ago in the World of Warcraft Forums from rogues…
      “WääääH we’re not OP its because of our skill, nerf others WääääH!!!!1111 11”

    • AnEvilJoke
      Thanks brother. You are exactly correct.

    • Don’t own those cruisers, but still think they are OP compared to their respective silverships.. I have Zao and I think its OP because of stupid players.. but me burning down BB in 5 minutes, versus me deleting T10 cruiser with one salvo with Montana is the difference here what I’m trying to say.. BBs are still the biggest threat after carriers. Flambass video just shows that in pure 12 vs 12 the lower tier BBs win against these OP ships, shouldn’t that indicate that regular BBs are more OP than premium cruisers (that are even higher tier). Oh and dont forget, those cruisers were piloted by super unicum players.. Aaand just to make clear, I’m not saying those cruisers are not OP, but BBs are just simply even stronger.

    • jjarvinen
      His video shows nothing! Why do you think he picked the map “”Ocean””?? Why do you think his team all blew their first smoke before the battle? Why do you think this was all BBs vs all CAs?
      This was a set-up!!
      And as for this: “” but still think they are OP compared to their respective silverships””
      Oh really?? Going out on a limb here huh??
      Belfast for example, doesn’t need comparing to Fiji…….forget that! Compare it to Edinburgh which is a tier higher. In what way is Edinburgh as good as Belfast?? Maybe…just maybe you could argue that Neptune at T9 is better……maybe…….

    • +jjarvinen

      Congratulations, you found out why Battleships were build in the first place

  9. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    Keep up the good work flambass. You are now my favourite wows youtuber. Really fun commentary in your vids. Does not hurt that the gameplay is great also:)

  10. Need to do a no HUD Sunday Fun Day!

  11. How did none of those players not have a Nikolai?

    • I was 1 of the “Orion drvier” 🙂 Orion is the only T4 in my port left. Just for these situations, that some “OP fun” is needed. Cause the Orion is really a OP ship – 80k awg at T4 by me – what to say…
      I mostly play T10s, so i was never considering to buy a low tier premium ship. The only ship i mistakenly bought was Scharnhorst. Good & fun ship to play, until you reach T10 BB monsters. She rusts in port now, cause i am absolutely not interested in playing these lower tiers.
      The only premium ships that i am looking forward are Musashi and Roma. So, lets wait for them 😉

    • In one of the battles we had 1 and it actually had camo which looks bad ass, you can check in on twitch

  12. i think a Sunday-Funday Playlist would be nice 🙂

  13. Next time I want to see a coordinated formation. Sweeping the area from one side of the map to the other.

  14. Proud to be one of the Camping Bitches in the cap….only way to get them to come to us 🙂

  15. Was this supposed to prove something?

  16. why did Henpai_Senpai leave omni?

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