World of warships – Sunday Funday (2 brothers mid rush BBs only)

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  1. literally as you said “look at that beautiful….” i thought that one ship looks disgusting. then you said exactly what I was thinking. lol

  2. A poposal- bb only, only 2 salvos allowed

  3. 4:40 Quote straight from porn.

  4. well? that was entertaining.

  5. How are these battle matched? I donnt get it, sorry. Random or what?
    Also, you are having an impact on the game, the amount of SPESHUL drivers going through the gap in this map has increased manyfold!

    • It is something I organize every sunday where I play with my viewers under the rules we come up with during the week. We basicly test everything crazy/interesting we can come up with in trainingroom

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