World of Warships! Sunday Stream – Intensify Forward Firepower!!

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Sunday stream playing some good old World of Warships. For the might of the fleet.. What the hell is that Shack? A Star Destroyer? What Tier unlock is that under?! O.o

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  1. Shack do you know if Warhammer total war runs off the warscape engine?

  2. Can you do more world of warships, I love this game and I love you as a
    youtuber❤️, I hope you do more videos or streams on this

  3. How do you get so many players in 1 game

  4. For the music in the intro you should do the music for the intro of the
    movie Star Trek into darkness

  5. Moderators?? I DA BAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. now shack your a real CAPTAIN

  7. Privileged Shitlord

    Good vid, Shack. Sincerely, the guy who used to be Needs_More_Valefor lol

  8. Star wars version of this game would be awesome.

  9. Aleksander Gromsrud

    Battlefleet Gothic is on its way, so there’s that…. :)

  10. As a player of WOWS Shack if you fire your weapons while in smoke it makes
    you harder to detect

  11. Hey Shack I found World War II Online, it’s still up and running and I
    don’t think it looks to bad graphically. :)

  12. Shack do you even citadel?

  13. Good to see you like the Independence, I have, in a couple of recent
    matches, stalked Clevelands in it.

  14. Rules of war: 1 victory or death, 2 give no shits, 3 take no prisoners

  15. Axanar Star Trek

  16. Alot of changes to Empyrion- Galactic Survival can u do a new review?

  17. Wow, the comment I made in the stream about “intensify forward firepower
    but with powder” became a title for this. Well part of it anyway. ^_^

  18. Shack you ever played warframe?

  19. is tabby is girl friend or some thing?

  20. hey shack look at Heroes & Generals its at big war game and it on steam :)

  21. Anyone else excited for Battle Fleet Gothic?

  22. Shack I new to your channel but I watch your play through of the republic
    at war as the clones and I was wondering if your ever going to do another
    play through as the CIS, Empire or maybe the Rebels just wondering so far
    I’m really loving your channel

  23. captinshack can u please tell about my channel

  24. Yay another video, always love them

  25. Shack pls do more fractured space PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  26. dig the new intro shack! did you make it or did someone make it for you?

  27. My enjoyment of Force Awakens was ruined before I ever even got to see the
    movie. I was browsing through people livestreaming Fallout 4 and some
    asshat has his Fallout 4 livestream’s title be a major spoiler for an event
    near the end of the damn movie. And it was such a major spoiler that I damn
    near decided not to see the movie at all.

  28. Clickbait removed

  29. play some more battlefront 😀 pls

  30. Yeah… Black Desert… Sorry Shack, but after the ArcheAge disaster, I’m
    not inclined to get *near* any Korean MMORPGs you get excited about…

  31. Holy click bait picture… Pretty disappointed in you shack.

  32. david taber (dat594)

    that oh
    hi at 1:32:50

  33. Nicholas Brenneman’s Jack Sparrow impersonation. (STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY


  35. Don’t get to see my dad much, but he got me into Star Wars when I was
    young. We just watched the new one yesterday…. IT WAS AWESOME.

  36. W.W.3 online !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. Gangdangle Official Channel

    I have the yamoto.

  38. Yo Shack! you should check out From the Depths! it’s pretty good, but
    beware the STEEP learning curve

  39. Yo Shack! you should check out From the Depths! it’s pretty good, but
    beware the STEEP learning curve

  40. “There is no star destroyer in world of warships”

    You haven’t seen the Cleveland yet.

  41. King Tutajgamin (Mark Tutaj)

    I think the one that you’re thinking of is Star Trek: Axanar.

  42. stopped at “torpedo ballastss or sumthing”…unsubscribed!

  43. commander booze lee


  44. more clickbait pls

  45. hey could you do more of the star wars warlords mod for the homeworld 2 i
    really love when you play it

  46. That Thumbnail lol If you can’t see it. its the ship selection page / Dock
    from World of Warships with a Star Destroyer as the selected ship. 😛 What
    Tier would that be? 200? Can we get that War Game Made?

    EDIT: I’ve changed the Thumbnail as more people then I would have thought
    found the thumbnail offensive. Quite a few people for some reason expected
    an ISD to be in World of Warships O.o

  47. Damn clickbait

  48. i rather have something like battestar Galatica online but for star wars go
    from tie fighter all the way up to the super star destroyers

  49. shack seems to want what war thunder is trying to become

  50. Captain shack I love the new opener and I hope you had a great Christmas
    but if you could give us a christmas gift could it be more fallout please?

  51. what does he stream on?

  52. Wtf is going on?

  53. Clickbait is real

  54. Hey Shack,are you going to do a series like Republic at War again?

  55. short video

  56. can u do top ten kills plz

  57. When will we see more fallout?

  58. Same here first stream

  59. Shout me out some time and fight honorably for the imperium of man

  60. My first stream :D

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