World of Warships – Super F***ing Awesome Slingshot Drop

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What is stacked AA???


  1. I’m so happy that I’m taking a break from this game. What a shit show

    • Me too. My old favorite game City of Heroes is back from the dead (sort of) and I was feeling a little burned out on WoWs even without CV stress. I keep my game updated and I log in for daily goodies but I haven’t actually played for several months.

    • So island hump hold left we just meme bruh ifhe spam didnt make you do it?

    • +Darth MacLeod hey im doing the same but I think if you don’t log in at all you get more stuff when you get back, when I took a six month break I got a super container, 10m credits and two weeks of premium

  2. “Intensive skill required, we find this to be acceptable.”

  3. This is pretty damn disgusting, This is why i’m a casual player

  4. 「balanced」cv ready for rank battle! rental for non-t10 ship owners essentially only had a t8 without long enough simulation flight time to actually be combat sufficient to be live target for enemy team! brilliant logic

  5. TruckingShooter

    wargaming is like “oh hi we fixed cvs” Ichase: *laughs and pets his penguin* “hold my beer and watch this”.

  6. matheus fiorelli

    “CVs are ready for ranked season” best joke i ever heard

  7. ShadowOfMachines

    So that is how the CVs keep their planes away from me….well crap….

  8. this better be good. that last video even convinced me to stop thinking about playing till a change is made.

  9. Just encourages me to go practice then drop into Ranked with a new vengeance from above… thanks for the pro-tip iChase. By the way… it seems drop times for the Audacious are now up to nearly seven seconds counted.

  10. Just to put things into perspective…with planes on the Haku for example, you’re fast enough that u can start at OUTSIDE your plane detection range, initiate the slingshot…ZOOOOOOOOOM through AA taking no damage, and basically appear on top of the ship you want to bomb, execute bomb. If enemy AA is VERY strong, F spam out immediately for minimal plane losses. In the old slingshot, you at least still had to start in AA range. With the new bomb drop speed changes, you can essentially bypass AA entirely…just… 😐

    • +elchito3 That’s only because the queue is full of the new BB’s, it’ll be Russian BB’s galore for a week or two.

    • Yuro shouldn’t be blamed for this to be fair. If not him, other CV unicums would have thought of doing that and the average player wouldn’t even know this existed. We would be getting wrecked without even knowing how.

      It was actually good that he made a video on it so EVERYBODY could know this exists and ask WG to do something about it. If they even cared to do something about it, that is. Right now it seems they just want to milk CV players at the expense of other player’s fun.

      IMO the problem is more with WG for allowing this to exist to begin with, than with people sharing this practice.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Thanks a lot for pointing out the stinky bits in this game^^ oh great….”new mechanics, same abusability”- Well WG perhaps for once you might want to LISTEN to your CCs.

    • ​+Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET Dont blame Yuro WG needs to fix this mess of a rework so they need to be shown how broken they are.

    • Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

      +HawkM1 i’m just sayung that Yuro released a vid with a step by step play and it’s effects of the said slingshot….

  11. the RTS “lock-in” attack runs where far more balanced than this. And you could shoot down incomingplanes and mitigate damage received.
    I miss RTS, even as a BB player.

    • It wasn’t more balanced at all. It’s simply because of the high skill cap, there were few actually GOOD CV players. Now there’s a ton of CVs and the skill cap is low.

    • CVs were more severe, but so were your abilities to mitigate them.

    • Tanuvein it depends on the ship. My z-52 absolutely shreds planes when full AA spec, much more so than before the rework. However, the CV always wins in the end

    • JoeyDee, the problem is not every ship have good AA, should we spec all of our ship for full AA? I guess not cause player should have options to set their ship either for full AA, destroyer hunt, full tank, full secondary, gunboat, torpedo boat, etc. My point is, why there is only one option to setup our ships and captain skills? Cause it is funny when you bought a new ship then the only thing you do is… I need to set this for AA (I miss my destroyer hunt settings on RN cruisers).

    • Well. For me at least the reason WG remove the RTS style, beside the whole console catering, is because of one very, very important skill. And anyone who ever watch any live RTS match between profestional player will notice this right away. And rather than telling it, I will let this clip speak to you:

      In short, when you were playing RTS CV: Whoever control the information, will control the whole match.

  12. This, and the constant 2 CVs a side is why I only play scenarios atm.

  13. I prefer to just call it what it is, broken.

  14. lol just in time for the latest season of ranked. FUWG

  15. WG : doing something
    IChase : How can I exploit the hell out of that 😀

  16. just happy that i won´t participate in the new ranked season.
    this stuff looks painfully….thanks for pointing it out….lets see if WG does something about this “clever” use of game mechanics 😀

  17. Wargaming: “CV ready for racked”
    Surface ships: “lol yaeh right”

  18. Throw in rental players and thats 12th season

  19. But WG said only highly skilled players can pull these things off. Player base “hold my beer”.

  20. No longer play warships because of the broken nature of CV’s. Play ESO instead, farewell wargaming.

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