World of Warships – SUPER HUMAN EFFORT

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You know when you have one of those teams that are not willing to fight for caps, for flanks, not willing to push, not willing to do anything? You do? But ofc you do, everyone does xD but what does it take to win with such a team?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Attempt #1. All right Flambass! I have a challenge for you! Take out the Montana and obliterate a Yamato! Show the enemy what 12x 16-inch guns can do! Do you accept? If so, be sure to say the challenge at the beginning of the video. Good luck our Croatian friend! Merry Christmas!

    • To obliterate a Yamato is probably the easiest of all the challenges possible, it’s the most floating citadel BB. Deleting a Republique/Kurfurst/Conqueror is much more of a challenge imo, since doing 1 cita on these ships require a miracle :’)

    • hey Flambass, Play the Y-A-M-A-T-O !! theme when u do.

  2. selfish as always?was almost perfect spot for smoke??

  3. I love your advice. I’m a thoroughly mediocre player (48% win rate and 0.92 k/d) and I think it comes in very large part from my lack of situational awareness resulting in my getting deleted far too often far too soon, and therefore not fully helping my team. At least I avoid being a passive BB, but in all classes I can far too often engage in accidental yolos…I get tunnel vision on my immediate target and surroundings and fail to notice dangerous developments elsewhere. Anyway, long way of saying that I appreciate that lecture at the start. I’m trying to focus far more often on my minimap these days!!!!

    Plus – great game!!!!

    • As I was reading your comment… it felt like I wrote it…. my stats are almost the same and often times find myself being way to aggressive and deleted very quick. Flambass gets me hyped to play… only to rage quit when everything goes to hell lol.

    • Same for me. My stats are similar and I know my biggest issue is not watching the mini map enough. Tunnel vision kills.

    • One of the problems I run into is I try a certain strategy, and it doesn’t play out so you end up out somewhere away from the action, and then some smart ass says you’re camping in the back. Of course you have many of those same complainers dying so fast that the game is over before you can realky get involved.

      For example, if the game loads with a lot of DD’s and you’re in a BB, you might load HE and try to lure the DD’s in and get them to chase, then leaving the BB’s for later. Sometimes it works, but then sometimes your teammates are over aggressive and get obliterated before you can get the strategy to work. Then you’re stuck with a short team, and having to make your way back into whatever fight might ge left.

    • the info he provides is great, my win rate is around 53% it was higher but i get potatoes in my matches thanks to wargamings brilliant matchmaker haha. my destrcution ratio is 4.51 with 10 ships as my highest kills in a game. my issue most games is when you try and angle to keep your damage received down low, your always broadsiding to someone. haha

    • Just keep learning, never stop analyzing your own gameplay. Why did you get murdered (aside from CV, can’t defend from them) but also why did you do well in matches. Even if you think you’re good, you can always learn more.

  4. If that CV actually knew how to use his stuff right, you would have won much earlier

    • +Ipatchy Makouli The whole game is about positioning, yet everybody else also sucks at it. Not needing that high APM doesn’t mean you need no game sense or skill to play well a cv. Everybody has a bad day or a bad game, does miscklicks gets strafed for that etc. etc. It’s just more obvious if it happens to the cv. How often do I see a BB braodsiding for no reason losing 1/3 or 1/2 health pool for nothing, but I never see people shouting. And really, even if you do a good job, they don’t even care to admit that or compliment, btw do you also kinda hit and run in a cv. How often do CV player shake their head, your guess? There’s so much potato gaming that it gets real clear if I see it from above… sure do people only test CV at tier X, sure… such a BS.

    • +Rotschwinge I’m just complaining about how CV players feel superior for litteraly no reason but playing an OP class, you have good and bad CV players, like other ship class.

      Just admit that loosing DDs and CVs is much more impactful in the game than loosing BBs or CAs/CLs; that is why their mistakes are taken in account more often. And yeah sometimes BBs get flamed for no reason even while doing good, and sometimes CVs or DDs doing shit and being utterly useless don’t get criticized.

      If CVs get more insulted than the others ship classes it’s “only” because of their impact, nothing else. Dying or not being able to play or loosing because someone could OBVIOUSLY carry by doing better is the source of that hatred.

      “Who care if a BB broadside and take half of it’s HP pool? it’s almost common, it’s not like that kind of ship can carry, compared to a carrier vessel”. Which is false indeed, but statistically correct.

    • +ofi123 If those carriers have pulled any of their weight, all the DDs that doesn’t have def AA would have died at the start. That’s how battles between good CV players start.

    • +CCloak Lung Before you use the ideal play as argument did you look through how the CV started the game? All it takes is a few minutes to check the opening moves and the 2nd wave.
      The first TB wave was sent to C while sending a DB to spot the other DD in B. However the lightning had smoked up to hide and letting the planes wait out for the short duration RN smoke may not work given there’s a Moskva and Atago in range to provide AA when the lightning caps and flee. Of course in this case the CV can turn those TBs to B instead, but that’s running the risk of the DD in B just smoking up as well plus the additional risk of the nearby fighters.
      By the time the 2nd wave is ready the DD in B is sunk and the lightning was last seen falling back behind their lines, so the option is either to strike something easy or to send planes out to hopefully find a DD behind enemy lines.

    • “tbf a CV with over 2k base exp is a pretty good CV player” no it doesn’t, every potato can have a good game, especially in the BY FAR most powerful class in the game. All a shitty CV player needs to get a great game is meet one that is worse, what other ships are in the game is pretty much irrelevant, and there’s plenty of shit CV to meet.

  5. 1 man carry, 11 potatoes observe !

  6. Nah. I think Jingles always has time for you.
    Besides, this game was trully spectacular and you’re right – without that first cap you fought for so hard, this game would be over in 10 minutes. It was amusing to see your team completely abandoning A cap, although for the first five or so minutes it was COMPLETELY without enemies.
    And then that awesome “Battle of B cap”. I am salivating over your map awareness and the ability to distribute your attention ( and torps) among multiple enemies.

    Truly well done. Wow.

  7. Jingles’ channel is just gonna turn into the Flambass showcase channel lol.

    • 😀 I dont mind, jingles doesnt only do wows anyways

    • Well good game is good game, I personally never mind him showcasing someone multiple times because it’s entertainment I want. But I think he’ll hold my replays on hold for a while xD

    • Krzysztof Samulewicz

      On the contrary, I am afraid. Jingles is going to show the replay without the original comentary, which is a bummer. He is also going to talk and talk and talk about himself and laugh at his own stale jokes. I don’t know how but he aged badly since last year while not being actually old. I know what I’m saying, I’m a year older. 🙂

  8. >talks about how to play the several classes
    >for bbs
    >don’t be useless and stay at the back camping
    >bbs in game camping

  9. You should seek medical help, your back must be killing you.

  10. find it ironic that everyone shit on the cv player but he wins the game for them

    • Everybody shits on the enemy cv player because he almost lost the game for them. All he had to do was keep one squad close by. He had 2 fighter squadrons with one fighter each doing nothing. Also, if he had not won that at the end then he might as well unninstall the game, since he had everything needed to win and still almost failed as well (and in a sense did, since he failed to kill the zao) So yeah, people shit on him because he was bad.

    • yeah because doing 1000 damage is such a heroic act.
      he was utter shit. no spotting, terrible drops with his torps. frankly I’m disgusted at the level of incompetence he showed.

      True, his kill was very important, but that was only because he didn’t do his job. He made it way harder than it needed to be

    • +Rui Pinho he could had done better in this game and plays poorly, but at least he was able to kill something, for me is good enough already, since i don’t expect good cv players these days

  11. that was an awesome adrenaline rush! Thx! Still don’t understand why this channel isn’t more popular. But hey, I’m not complaining. It’s like belgian craft beer 😛

  12. Enjoy relaxing and easy going gameplay they said… play dd’s they said!! god damn bastards!!

  13. Play asashio and try to do as much as you can and DO NOT use your guns

  14. Your comments on CVs is interesting. I blew the dust off my Saipan yesterday, and was really disappointed. I will eventually run out of planes, their AA will never run out of ammunition. There are ships in the game, which are supposed to be my primary target, that I’m incapable of hitting because I lose every plane before I can even drop. DD’s are nigh impossible to hit with TBs, but DBs can maybe score one or two. CAs and CLs are hard to get near half the time because of the increased AA abilities and still being somewhat maneuverable. But when BBs have AA so good that they melt every squadron, then what’s the fucking point?

    When that happens, the CV is a detriment to the team because it could have otherwise been another of ANY other ship and likely gotten more done.

    • +Rotschwinge Saipan has three planes per squadron of TBs. The trade-off is that it’s supposed to be a Tier 7 ship with Tier 9 planes. Tier 9 planes shouldn’t be getting chewed up by Tier 7 Battleship AA before the can even get a torpedo in the water. The AA doesn’t GET lowered, that’s the think. This wasn’t someone triggering defensive AA, this was standard AA.

      And if I just fly my planes around, and never attack, I’m asking for them to get wrecked by enemy fighters and having my team report me for bad gameplay.

    • Did you forgot that HE shells destroy AA mounts considerably lowering ships AA capabilities?

    • I’m not a CV expert or hell a CV player, but a Saipan is supposed to be an air control CV. Your fighters are superior to other CVs’ (or at least was) so your main role is to get air control first and then mop up the enemy team’s remainings at the late game.

      Also if you have more than 1 torp bomber squads, you can cross drop even DDs just fine.

    • +sergman1 No, I know that, but I have no way of knowing who has lost AA mounts.

    • +Frozenstein Strafing tends to remove a lot of that strength. Also, cross-drops work well when using IJN or normal USN CVs. But only 3 torps makes for a very fine line to catch a DD in.

  15. lol, people saying the cv won the game. the cv left clicked a 1k hp atago and completely shit the bed on torping the zao. it would be more accurate to say the cv tried extremely hard to lose the game but failed.

  16. Can you explain how you have a 5.6km concealment? I have concealment expert, camo, and module and my concealment on the Gearing is 5.9. Thanks.

  17. ooooh that Atago hissy fit at the end with a heart rate climbing over 110, exactly what I needed to cheer me up after a Monday in the office. Much appreciated mate 🙂

  18. Krzysztof Samulewicz

    I absolutely love your replays. While I don’t play any WG games any more out of sheer frustration 🙁 … and any other out of lack of time, I really enjoy watching you play. For me personally most fun comes from your commentary. It’s quite impressive how you can be an efficient player and a good entertainer at the same time.

  19. Really enjoy your videos, quick question, are you using the fletcher torps for your gearing?

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