World of Warships – SUPER RARE Russian SHIP! – THE DIANA

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World of Warships – SUPER RARE Russian SHIP! – THE DIANA

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  1. I just love my Diana-Murmansk-soon to be Aurora combo

    11.8km stock range is simply amazing against all those “Im St.Louis, came
    at me bro”. Rudder is just right to dodge BBs at 10km range, rld is damn
    nice to blow DDs of the surface. She is accurate, decent AP pens, 8% fire
    with HE. Expert marskman is a must have, but once kitted with damn skilled

    She is the Beast of the low tier seas

  2. dont dimish value ur not specail cos u went to a event cos u get a free
    ride from ur partner/sponser u think u should be only one to have rare
    ships there is people who do more and get nothing

  3. lol kv2 on ship

  4. Sovjet in Russian mean = Council.

  5. Colin Garnett (ChaosphereIX)

    hit the “like” button just for the intro…epic stuff never change it Phly

  6. So, you are saying that you hope that they keep having this exclusive ships
    only for people with a press account that get invited to gaming events all
    expenses paid, or for people with a lot of free time and money to travel
    all over the place. Which excludes 99% of the people, which are the ones
    that are actually dropping money on the game.
    I love your videos Phly but those kind off comments really annoy me. The
    whole premium model is a scam as it is already, i mean, paying 30-40 Euro
    for 1 ship is outrageous but that is whole other discussion.

  7. RUSSIA HYPE! phly I love you, go to gulag XD

  8. Where does the intro come from?

  9. i love that intro.


  11. Oh Phly, that sigil is not soviet, its tzarist Russian ;)

  12. Its not Lester the molester from GTA V its Chester the molester from WOWS

  13. Who won the Tripitz??!!?

  14. Anyone else never get tired of seeing that ship come out of the ocean?

  15. The intro gets me every time, great job Phly :]

  16. awesome intro

  17. Игорь Богин

    Diana = [Deeahna],
    Murmansk = [Moormunsk],
    Aurora = [Avrora]

  18. Hi, the double-headed eagle that you see on Diana is a Russian imperial
    eagle used as a coat of arms in the Russian Empire. When bolsheviks took
    over they changed the coat of arms to hammer and sickle and started using a
    red-star to mark their ships, tanks, etc.

  19. made another video whit the tirpitz please

  20. What is honor to heroes?

  21. It’s the hulk ship lol

  22. Phony I Was just in a game with you when u used the corsair and m4 Sherman
    to prove it we had Russians on our side and we played at Eastern Europe and
    there were three caps

  23. The roundel is Imperial Russian – not Soviet

  24. C’mon Phly F2H and T32 make it happen.

  25. Phly on your first wows what was that song called on the intro? I want it
    -.- :D

  26. mikasa ?

  27. I want it! :(

  28. Mikasa su casa phly

  29. You need to play the South Carolina, Phly!!

  30. Do well in an idiotic MUTSUKI
    Detectability 6km
    Torps 6km
    Guns 6,8km


  31. I couldn’t even watch more than 3 and half minutes of this video, because
    it makes me SICK how a company can think that making a DIGITAL ITEM rare
    will some how increase its “value”.

    And one the BIGGEST issues I have with that, and what pisses me, and a LOT
    of other people off, is the fact you have to shell out LARGE amounts of
    money to go to these “events” to even get a chance at the the DIGITAL ITEM,
    with no guarantee that you’ll get it. And as someone who has tons of bills
    to pay, shelling out that kind of money and time is NOT something I can,
    nor WANT to do.

    And then, you have people who LORD than damn items over people, like
    they’re some kind of special princess that have a ton of money and time to
    go to these events, while us normal players get jack shit.

    At least give the people who cant make it to those events a chance to get
    it via a in game contest or event. Not everyone will do the event, at LEAST
    they had the chance to….

    And dont even get me started on the utter stupidity of making a digital
    item rare, an item or product that doesn’t cost ANYTHING to have up on a
    store page or in the game…..

    This just goes to show how WG apparently LOVES to piss people off….

  32. Umm Phly, the Diana doesn’t have 5″ guns for its secondary armament, 75mm
    is around 2.9ish inches, not 5″.

  33. the roundel is not soviet it is Russian Empire

  34. tbh I thought it was a st Louis

  35. looks like the Russians had a halo UNSC surface vessel in their fleet.

  36. Orty does nothing but spam saint louis in the middle of the night. i faced
    him many times last night haha

  37. Fuck Diana.
    I want the Sovetsky Soyuz

  38. please take out the Colorado!

  39. The Aurora is a Diana class cruiser, as with the Diana.

  40. been a week since I requested the Amagi and had top likes and still no

  41. Phly, you really need to pay attention to where you are on the map.
    Those collisions you have with the map border are far too common.

  42. cuz water in russia is green and looks like turd

  43. that ship looks really OP. I hope they never get released in numbers.

  44. Tbh, I’m not a huge fan of exclusive in-game items for attending live
    events. Although, really my issue isn’t with exclusive items from events,
    it’s with exclusive, very powerful items from events. The main example of
    that for me is the Blizzcon WoW battle pets for the last couple years. Each
    of them had unique abilities that you couldn’t get on any other pet, and
    most of them were quite overpowered. Those Blizzcon pets would dominate pet
    battles for months afterward until they either got nerfed, or new pets that
    could handle them were added.

    I much prefer exclusive items that are earned through feats of skill or
    dedication in-game to items that you get just for shelling out the money to
    attend an event. In WoW, for example, I love my transmog armor set from the
    Pandaria challenge mode dungeons. Not just because it’s exclusive (you
    could only get it while Pandaria was current), not just because it looks
    freaking awesome (it does), but because I had to actually do something
    difficult to earn it.

  45. Love ur vids phly

  46. So this is only possible to get for those who attended the event?

  47. Aurora (tier III) is a vessel of Diana class. Diana here is just older
    configuration with less firepower.

  48. I’m pretty sure u just have to purchase one of the wows ship model kits

  49. Fletcher
    It was and always will be scary just like the us naval tech tree
    Was is and always will be f’ed up

  50. Finally without 60p. I can watch now in HD.


  52. 4:45 – That’s because the St. Louis’s guns are OP as hell, and have been
    for a good while now. They need a nerf, either in the damage department, or
    a much longer reload, because there’s practically no downsides to that ship
    at that tier.

  53. they have 2 nations out and they’re already holding back on ships :P

  54. The “roundels”, are the Imperial seals of Russia and Japan, the two headed
    eagle adopted from the byzantine Empire and chrysanthemum is the symbol of
    the Japanese Imperial family :D

  55. Sell invite code EU server. Diana + 1000 gold + 7 days premium + port slot.

  56. It is Russian, so why do you pronouce the name English? xD
    [dee-aa-naa], not [die-anna]

  57. It’s the sister ship of the Aurora, hence why it reminds you of it. ;)

  58. South Carolina Phly!

  59. Hullo, I am super rare russian warship, my hull made of Stalin tracksuit.

    Good gameplay Phly, nice to see these specials in action and get us all
    jelly for rare things we cant have :3

  60. St, Louis, the T18 of WoWS!

  61. super rare… shure…. i got one of these. its not that rare. maybe on the
    na server. like the marblehead from pax on the na server.

  62. Aurora´s little brother. Its fun enough to sail though. Go Gamescom!

  63. I’m so excited about the Soviets getting in to the game.

  64. Uhhhh phly. 75mm is around 2.9inch. 5inch=127mm

  65. I really hope War Thunder’s warships come out before the end of the next

  66. Great video

  67. It is no soviet ship it is an impirial Russian ship you can see the Tsar
    eagel in front

  68. Play the teir 10 japanese zao crusier plz :D

  69. Ugh its that ship game again….Not being serious of course,great video
    phly :)

  70. This makes the Albany look pretty sad…

  71. isn’t the Diana an Imperial Russian Navy ship?

  72. tricity entertainment

    Phly how do u have every plane in warthunder even when thy just come out

  73. did a secondary battery upon up at 9 km at 9:23

  74. [deleted angry rant about elitism and event ships]

    Ship looks pretty good for a tier II.

  75. she needs a fresh coat of paint

  76. How do you see others names in world of warships and how do you look around
    in war thunder without turning the plane? Please Respond )-;

  77. Colorado!!!

    I wanna see a full Colorado guide/playthrough, it gets a lot of bad press!
    I adore my New Mexico.

  78. I can’t ever win in this game and world of tanks….

  79. Phly if you use skills you can reload in 6 s or so

  80. The Diana is available with the Asus ROG Maximus VIII board :D

  81. Great video man. By far the coolest intro on YouTube.

  82. Love this ❤️❤️ and you Phly

  83. Whats the CODE!? Good vid btw.

  84. Few days ago you did Des Moines video, now you gotta do one for the Zao

  85. Phly those secondaries are 75mm (3″) not 5″

  86. Is that the Bismarck in your intro? Looks like a nice ship!

  87. I’ve never seen a better kept myspace profile those historical aticles are

  88. WG really loves to put ships in game without us knowing do they?

  89. Awesome gameplay phly !! I’m from Spain and I made videos in my language
    but we could some day play War Thunder or World of Warships ? Could be
    fantastic !! I like so much your videos man :D

  90. phly you are so cool and i love what you are doing with the chanel. good
    luck and have fun. ;-)

  91. For a second I thought that was a recolored St. Louis.

  92. under 301

  93. Plz also do that mikasa :D

  94. Phly just wrote you a Private mesage pls read it 😀 plz

  95. Just arrived home and this was just posted :D

  96. Awesome vid phly!

  97. Oohhh, I’ll take it! 😀

    Not enough Soviets in World of Warships, need more.

  98. under 301 views XD

  99. been waiting for this. thanks for the excellent entertainment phly

  100. That ship is awesome! :D

  101. Sergio Figueiras Pose


  102. first comment!!!

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