World of Warships – Super Stronk – Tashkent

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The trashkent may not be everybody’s favourite ship but it has definitely found a place in my harbour becoming a consistent strong performer.

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  1. What tier 8’s would you recommend for this season of Ranked.All of mine are premiums with the exception of the Edinborough

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      A Russian youtuber named NomenEstOmen said the Lo Yang and Benson are kings of DD, Atago a strong cruiser choice (Hipper and Mogami second place) and Amagi/NC are both good picks if you aren’t taking Tirpitz/Bismarck. Amagi has the firepower, NC has the AA, the accuracy and good nose tanking potential.

    • Why Hipper?
      I kind of feel it’s mediocre
      Would much rather use my chapa

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      Just rechecked the video, turns out I made a mistake. Translating from Russian the guy said that Hipper/Eugen might become much better once the buff WG promised kicked in. As they are they aren’t the best choice. On the Chappy Nomen said it’s adequate since the radar really helps when one coordinates with his team.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      I will be making a video but I will probably focus on the tier 10 part as my opinions on the parts of ranked that are tier 8 haven’t really changed. The meta will be the same

  2. You had a great game, too bad I watched most of it as it happened.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      That conquerer kill was made possible by you. I would have stayed hidden if I didn’t know where his guns were.

  3. That conqueror must have been played by a pro. Which dd im gonna shot, let me think, oh yea i take the yue yang who just droped his torps and is no threat for me instead of the russian dd right in front of me

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      I think he honestly thought I was still on torp reload as he got hit by the first set and saw the NC eat the second.

  4. Thanks for the video, I do not play DD’s but if I do it will be the Russians. The run and gun playstyle fits me better than sneaking around trying too torp people.

  5. Wishing my Chung Mu had that extra set of torps to hold back for those close encounters 🙁 Heckuva game though.

  6. I like it better than the Khab, myself

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