World of Warships – Superchad

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In which RedSuperchat doesn’t exactly carry his team but he still comes out the match with severe back problems.

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  1. Man, back when I still played, I got caught by that “destroyer starts firing to make you change course and run into his torps” trick in my König once. Touché to you, unnamed DD captain.

  2. that midway’s name was top tier

  3. You only get Solo Warrior if there are 4 enemies left.

  4. funny how jingles always describes me in my cleveland when he tries to make CVs sound like something unusual. its just another ship that sits behind an island and farms enemies without any way for them to retaliate. luckily my cleveland doesnt have limited shells though! 😉

    • You can sit in a map corner and strike any other ship on the map when ever you want without being detected? nope you have to be in gun range and have concealment and the right type of concealment that allows you to shoot over it and someone else to spot for you.

    • ​@Ushio01 well yeah, i also have all the abilities i need to do these things. maneuverability, concealment, dpm, hydro, radar, etc. when was the last time you saw a CV hugging a frontline island that ended well?
      additional note: the distance to target impacts a CV 1to1 aka double the distance, half the dpm. so yes, they can park at the map border and strike targets at the other end of the map, but only like a handfull of times before the matchtimer runs out. might as well be afk.

  5. For anyone wondering just how long it takes the Montana’s shells to get to where they are going. You see that STOPWATCH just to the bottom left of the aiming reticle? That tells you how many seconds its going to take for your shells to reach the distance you fired at. At 16kms the Montana’s shells take 10 seconds to get to that distance. Speaking from XP from both US Cruisers and Battleships, if your shells take longer then 10 or 12 seconds to reach the target “Your doing it wrong” (or maybe i just suck at aiming.). Cus even a battleship will manage to TURN in that amount of time, let alone a Cruiser and thus dodge most of your shells.

    How many torps can the U 4501 launch you ask Jingles? Quite a few actually, 6 from the Rear (2 separate launchers) and i think 4 or 6 from the Front. Also remember it does like 32-38 knots (something like that) underwater as well. Only like 26 or so on the Surface though.

    • Ah yes super subs that make 2020 nuclear subs look slow as hell.

      And what’s the counter? direct drop depth charges which were shit and being replaced by ahead throwing mortars from 1942!

    • All true. Still there’s that one in a hundred occasions when those shells land home and it’s citadel city on some unsuspecting Cruiser.

    • You have to anticipate the targets’ course change when firing long distances. It takes practice.

    • While it’s possible to avoid all or at least most of the damage at that range that requires that they pay attention to you and aren’t locked into a manoeuvre. So you basically have to play mind games. It’s pretty much the same with long range torpedoes. (Unless you have enough for the dreaded “wall of skill”.)

    • What OP is describing is what us superunicum call the ” 6-9-11 rule”: if you are targeting a DD, above 6 secs of flight time you won’t hit it, for cruiser it’s 9 secs, for BBS is 11 secs. If you are super unicum level with aiming you can add 2 seconds to every number ( talking about a target that it’s looking at you and start manouvering when you fire), if you are against a super -unicum you subtract 2 secs ( 4-7-9).

  6. I feel bad for the North Carolina, a T8 in a sea of T10s

  7. I have to deduct points for Jingles not saying the thresher is taking a thrashing.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone earn 3 medals with one salvo, truly a Chad

  9. I’ve never played this game but I love watching these videos

  10. Jingles, I hope you and yours are alright weathering the storm over there.

    Take care of yourself!

  11. Actually Jingles, the solo warrior is granted when you win against 4 enemies not 3.

  12. There’s a lot of great names in this match and Jingles mentioned none of them so I’m going to go ahead and list my highlight list here:
    Friendly Midway “USSBoatsAndHoes”
    Friendly Yamato “CapnPunkBerries”
    Enemy St.Vincent (and this one is my favorite) “The_Milkiest_Of_Men”

  13. 6:36 that german fire support request sounds soo cool imo

  14. Jingles praises carrier shock! Might need a few beers tonight to get over that one…

  15. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles : They lowered the citadel because Montana captain were complaining about being citadel by Yamato’s.
    Montana captain : Proceeds to give broadside to a St. Vincent & Yamato in open water while stationary.
    Me : They should restore the citadel. It’d make for less braindead moments.

  16. Loved the argentinian player at the end in chat:
    “That wanker is hidden” 😂

  17. Actually Jingles, the Montana had its Citadel lowered due to an effort by the NA Community to have the Iowas modeled properply. This would ultimately result in Montana and North Carolina receiving the same change

    This came about as the WoWs devs used a book that showed the armour layout for the various ships they put in game, and while it had the Iowa in book, the books armour layout was wrong as it took into account a 2nd splinter deck (iirc) as being part of the machinery armour layout. As such, the devs interpreted this and modeled it as the citadel being above the water line.

    But a few NA players found original blue prints for the Iowas design that actually showed that the splinter deck and roof of the citadel were separate from one another, with the roof of the citadel being at waterline. After lots of back and forth in which the devs who actually made a video about the issue, ultimately agreed that it would be better to use the blue print and lowered the citadel for Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina and Montana.

    Battleship captains rejoiced while Cruiser captains screamed bloody murder and that Cruiser win rates were about to plummet because a few BBs were a bit more survivable now.

  18. enjoyed it Jingles!!

  19. the hero of today’s battle is a friendly reminder to give jingles a super thanks in the super chat for his super videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Jingles: “They have two of the three cap circles.”
    Me, noting that the cap circles go from A to D: “Yep, that’s classic Jingles game commentary _right_ there.”

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