World of Warships- Supercruisers Ranked Worst To Best

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Hey guys, today I bring you my ranking of the current supercruisers in the game from worst to best, enjoy!

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  1. am so early there is 0 views

  2. I have the Yoshino, Alaska, and Kronshtadt. Haven’t touched the latter in over a year, I guess? Like the Alaska, but her slow shells are a let down for me. Yoshino, however… I love that HE troller to no end! Just lover her! Plus, you can spam torps from 20km and you’re bound to land a few.

    As for Siegfried, man… I’d love to get my hands on her. Don’t really care for the Ägir.

  3. Well, hope that you can get Yoshino soon. Great video as usual!

  4. azuma and yoshino cant bounce 380mm guns note sealoard

    • And i bet that stalingrad can, for some reasons. It also have almost 10.000 hp more than other ships for some reasons

  5. You neglected to mention that Stalingrad’s AP has allllllmost USN cruiser pen angles. I think there’s a 5 degree difference, but that’s like 35 degrees vs 30 degrees.

    • they’re not the same?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @DaManBearPig No, Stalingrad is inbetween USN and normal. Which also means saying Stalingrad is almost USN is like saying a normal cruiser is almost Stalingrad.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis No, that’s incorrect. We’re talking about 65 degree autobounce on regular cruisers vs 30 degrees for USN CA and 35 degrees for Stalingrad. Edit: These numbers may be incorrect, was using them as an analogy.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @R Blinson They are incorrect. Regular AP starts bouncing at 45° and will be a guaranteed ricochet at 60°. For Stalingrad these values are 55-65° and for USN CAs it’s 60-67.5°.Stalingrad is more lenient than the normal cruiser, but USN aO is next level, starting to bounce only where regular AP is guaranteed to bounce.

      Venezia SAP btw is 75-80°

  6. Alaska is like a tier 7 battleship with cruiser guns, speed, concealment and consumables. You can tank, you can kite, you can assist your dds with radar, you can wreck cruisers with your ap, you can consistently deal damage to bbs with your he. Honestly my favourite ship in the game right now

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Winter Soldier χD

    • Бојан Павловић

      @Winter Soldier I hated Alaska at the beginning but now shes my fav ship. Get her you wont regret.

    • I feel like these are solid endorsements! I think I will have to take the plunge!

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

      @Winter Soldier Get her quick, you won’t regret it.

    • Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen so I picked her up was able to get 9 matches so far in random, 7-2 averaging about 70k damage and a kill. I was waaay too aggressive in a few matches and it cost me a win in one, but I’ve learned to be a bit more patient. She’s more maneuverable then I thought she would be and the reload doesn’t bother me at all! So far really enjoying her!

  7. Ägir is stuck in development hell cause WG nerf her when she needs some love.

    • I believe Siegfried and Ägir won’t be competitive to the other super cruisers, sadly. I watched Flamu the past few days while he was playing the Ägir and it was so bad. Build for close range brawls? This is a joke, it gets fucked from every angle. PR for example does a way better job at this.

      Then again, they are German ships, so expect the worst or at least medicore balance.

    • True – Wargaming want to make absolutely sure anything German is fucked senseless before releasing it to the hungry masses.

  8. I’d argue the PR is tankier than the Stalingrad. Ive blapped many stalingrads but very few PRs. Im pretty sure the PR doesnt have a citadel lol. I’ve gotten away in manuvers in my PR that would send me back to port in my Stalingrad. Also, the PR is a far superior brawler. I’ve outbrawled many BBs in it which is hilarious if you think about it.
    Also you’re a little harsh on the Kron, aside from the stalingrad, I’ve never citadel’d so many BBs in a cruiser before @ 17km. That things penetration is just stupid.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      I agree that the PR is tougher than Stalin, but overall Stalin is the better ship. And yes Akron does have good pens but the dispersion on it is just terrible compared to the other supercruisers

    • Ive faced down and killed 2 Yamatos at the same time in PR .. of course they are Yamatos with a massively easy to smack weak spot… but still, I dont inow any other cruiser that is as proficient at brawling BBs, Id describe PR as a Missouri, but T10, taking a cruiser slot & arguably better overall firepower in terms of effectiveness and lack of overpens.
      The more i play it, the more I like , its definitely not a *bigger Alaska*

  9. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    When I close my eyes and hear your voice, I picture Chum Lee from Pawn Stars.

  10. Evangeline Anovilis

    Yoshino does not have radar either. So azuma is not the only one.
    Yoshino does not have 27 mm bow armour. If you expect to magically tank 38 cm shells off your bow, prepare to get citpenned. Yoshino gets 30 mm midsection, instead of 25 mm on Azuma, but that’s the great armour increase. You eat less pens than an Azuma from 38 cm and 40.6 cm shells that hit mid section. You eat as many citadels from anything as you eat in Azuma though, because the citadel protection is 5 mm more and the armour increase does not do anything for the citadel, where both are reliant on their internal armour belt.
    Yoshino is not more accurate. You have the exact same accuracy as Azuma.
    What Yoshino actually gets are 8 torp tubes per side that can be 12 or 20 km torps, taken straight from Shimakaze, range increase to 21.3 km, more mid range AA (featuring some 40 mm mounts, not just 25 mm) and you get a reload time decrease to 18s base, making Yoshino the best HE dpm of any supercruiser, on par with PR, but PR has the accuracy of a Montana, Yoshino has the best accuracy of any supercruiser.

    As a result, what Azuma/Yoshino provide are supercruisers that are the most like cruisers. They have the least fanciful AP (no improved pen angles), though it still hits like a truck and is incredibly accurate, leading to citadels on broadsides at range (just, the ship really has to be broadside and not a BB or DD), the least fancy armour (though 60k hp and pretty decent citadel protection with spaced armour and 5 repair parties does lend it some survivability over the normal cruiser), but with an HE dpm that can compete with heavy cruisers and lets it fight the likes of Henri, Zao and Moskva on pretty even terms (Stalingrad gets absolutely screwed by Henri and the others depending on fire RNG). Also, Yoshino can beat all other supercruisers in a duel, because it just needs to angle properly and win the HE fight. Not to mention, best concealment allows for easier flanks and a Yoshino at 12-13 km from a Stalingrad is easy citadel ribbons.

    Imo, Yoshino deserves better than PR, because it actually has a role and scales better with skill. PR just “shines” by having no citadel, so if you broadside you don’t get wrecked, while the guns are inconsistent accuracy and long reload, making even the radar a bit questionable, when you rely on good RNG to hit a DD. Yoshino can tank decently well when angled and will hit what one aims at typically.

    • How do you always know so much! It’s insane

    • @Evangeline Anovilis  Evangeline Anovilis  personally I think Yoshino and Zao are nearly interchangeable in competitive, I mean Henri had her time but she has now been nerfed into the ground, Hindenburg will likely keep her niche place depending on the team composition, playstyle and competitive mode, in the late game a Hindenburg and Kurfurst rush can change the outcome of a battle in a couple of minutes.

      Also the thing that often brings down the 50mm armored ships is not necessarily the raw damage but the fires, and both Yoshino and Zao excel at that forcing damage control resetting fires, zoning entire sections of the map with torpedoes and the likes, the advantage Zao has over Yoshino like I said is her concealment which allows her to nab caps when destroyers go down while Yoshino can’t do that as easily.

      I don’t thinks Zao will ever lose her place within the competitive scene as almost all lineups have and have had a Zao thrown in there even in the glory days of IFHE Henri’s, much like Shimakaze despite being effectively powercreeped into the ground for randoms is still the Destroyer of choice in competitive.

      Yoshino and Zao essentially fill the same role in a competitive lineup with different advantages both sides, Yoshino can get that 50mm pen but without the second rudder shift module and associated concealment increase to 13.5km she handles like a 3 legged pig and given her less than reliable armour and massive size she’s battleship bait which forces Yoshino to stay at range and constantly maneuver, like Henri did.
      Zao on the other hand with much lower concealment (even when using the double rudder or legendary mod) can get closer and retain excellent maneuverability as well as a much smaller hit profile and get into stealth much easier than Yoshino which depending on the map allows her to get to places Yoshino can never dream of attempting.

      Personally I don’t mind either as they are my two favourite cruisers in the game, and both are absolute monsters when used properly, both in randoms and in competitive and I don’t see either going out of favour anytime soon if only for their breathtaking fire setting and DD blapping abilities.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @marco fava Sorry, but I have to disagree. Zao, atm, is a piece of trash in competitive meta and is not played much. It is thrown in by players who think it is useful, but it is not. And no, the two are not interchangeable.

      Zao was featured during the glory days of IFHE Henri, because it countered Henri. Zao outdpms Henri hard and is no easy target for Henri shells, while it outspots the Henri and can thus engage on its own terms. Zao was a valid pick to counter a Henri flank. But Henri is declining and against the Kremlin/Moskva/Stalingrad meta, the Zao is pretty useless, because Stalingrad can burn, Kremlin has bias damecon and Moskva is tank built for 18s fires. Meanwhile Moskva and Kremlin can gun you down with relative ease, especially the Moskva with its railguns and HE dpm that beats whatever damage a Zao can do to a ship with almost 50% more hp and reinforced plating. Zao just has no place in such a meta. If you wanted a cruiser in the old Zao role, run a Venezia.

      Yoshino meanwhile provides a ship that will basically always kill the Moskva and Stalingrad, being a slower Henri with more tankiness, more range and inbuilt 50 mm pen. After Henri nerfs, it is a much better pick, given it replaces the flexibility Henri speed offers with the flexibility that its insane range offers. Unlike Zao, the Yoshino rivals the Moskva in hp pool and will always deal damage, because it can pen the Moskva plating. It has far more HE dpm than Stalingrad and will win 1v1. against Kremlin, the Yoshino would need IFHE, which got nerfed, but that’s a general issue with Kremlin and Yoshino still offers a resilient platform.

      And as for ship handling, Zao gets hardly anything for getting close. Blab the DD? There is maybe one if its not a Kleber comp and being close to Kremlin basically is a death sentence, because no amount of rudder shift will prevent a Kremlin at mid range from deleting your ship. Funnily enough, Zao is a worse pick for getting close and personal than the Yoshino, because the Yoshino armour relies on its internal citadel plating, so at mid-range when properly angled you eat maybe one citadel at most, often none and unlike Zao, getting full penned is far less devastating with a 60k hp pool. Yoshino also gets more out of getting close, because it can torp rush, Zao is absolute dogshit for offensive torp rushes. Here again, Venezia is stealing its job.

      Hindenburg at all times had the issue of lacking flexibility since it got powercreeped. The Hindenburg just does not offer the speed or range of competitors, meaning it is hard to relocate its firepower and its firepower is most of all limited to HE, because at range the Hindenburg pens nothing. Slightly angled Stalingrad at 12 km? Hindenburg is useless where Henri and Yoshino farm cits.

      With CVs joining, Zao will have even less of a role, being the easiest Haku kill and DDs being basically no longer viable.

    • @Evangeline Anovilis You’re perfectly free to disagree on that, but I argue that while a ships overall strength does matter the way the ships is used also matters.

      Zao has great strengths DD dispersion and good gun velocity which is maintained almost to max range, great maneuverability, somewhat trolling armour, insane fire potential and good if gimped torpedo armament, she so has great weaknesses, low healthpool, dreadful torpedo angles and mediocre AA.

      The only one of the weaknesses you as a player cannot mitigate is the AA, but CV’s are broken as shit nowadays, however in clan battles it’s a moot point since if your clan elects not to use a CV you won’t meet a CV (yet anyway until WG has another brainfart and changes that) while in ranked like most other ships you just have to lube up and take it like most other ships must since let’s be honest no matter how good your AA is if a CV decides to come for you there is little you can do but farm a few plane kills before you go down.

      As for the rest if you try to torp rush in a Zao you’re setting yourself up for failure unless you pick a target with slow turning turrets or that is distracted, when dealing with Moskva’s, Kremlin’s or Stalingrad’s and you try to DPM fight the cruisers again you are not playing to the ships strengths, Zao (and most of the IJN ships past T5 and with the exception of the gunboat line) are alpha strike ships, which means with Zao you fire and reposition after you go unspotted and then fire again, if you for a sustained engagement at close to mid range where you negate all the strengths of your ship you’re again setting yourself up for failure.
      Zao Torpedoes are not meant to be an offensive tool at all, like Yoshino and Atago’s torpedoes aren’t either, just because they can launch them forward, like all the IJN cruisers past Aoba those torpedoes are meant to prevent a hard push into you or whatever cap you’re defending, you’re not meant to be spotted as you launch them, sometimes that’s not possible and the only thing you can do is pucker up and pray that the enemy’s guns aren’t loaded or that RNGesus is not on their side as you turn away, but then again if it comes to that something has gone horribly wrong, and Yoshino in this instance is just a scrwed as Zao while having a slower rudder shift and a bigger profile to hit and as you said at these ranges no cruiser would survive a salvo from any battleship without taking massive damage (unless you got bullshit armour schemes like Smolensk and Puerto Rico) however Zao will have a much easier time disengaging as her concealment is lower.

      You incidentally mentioned Venezia which as is my third favourite cruiser (with Zao and Yoshino in no particular order) at T10 and a strong performer in both random and competitive, however a Venezia cannot supplant a Zao, there are two main reasons for that first is that she struggles greatly against angled targets and second she has no effective tools to deter a push since she lacks any dot damage capability which is usually what prevents battleships from pushing and her torpedoes while fast reloading have a pitiful alpha strike and flooding chance, are few in number and are so slow that any minor change in course or speed will cause them to miss. The 54mm pen on the SAP is nice but again angling towards her will greatly mitigate that, On top of that, depending on build Venezia either barely out ranges her spotting distance with her torpedoes or she does not at all.
      Her AA is abysmal, even worse than Zao’s compounded by the fact that she cannot mount df AA (whatever good that does nowdays)
      Her smoke is a nice get out of jail free card but it does not make her invulnerable because if you’re not careful with the smoke firing penalty you will get spotted either way, and Venezia’s armour scheme is very similar to Zao’s, while she does yes have spaced armour around her citadel it’s more useful against low caliber guns than anything else, if anything I would say Venezia is more of a Yoshino supplanter where maintaing range can somewhat normalise the SAP angles hitting the decks of 50mm protected ships and net more pens.

      Personally I’ve been having success with all three ships against a large variety of targets including the Moskva’s, Kremlin’s and Stalingrad’s in the competitive scene, and while they do not fill the same role all three are viable when played to their strengths and like I said I still see and meet many Zao’s in competitive and they do have an impact on the game even in the face of the DPM meta we’re in right now.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @marco fava No amount of skill will make Zao HE pen 50 or 60 mm deck.

      No, you will not be able to avoid CVs if you elect to puck CV instead of BB next season. WG already clarified that. You pick BB, you basically gimp yourself.

      Third, DoT damage doesn’t discourage pushes, because BBs in plural don’t exist in CB and and the only BB that does exist most of the time cares neither about Zao nor Venezia. Against cruisers, trying DoT damage is a joke, but while Zao can try to spam Moskvas for the pitiful DoT damage, the Venezia can nuke it for 15k a salvo. Guess what makes Moskva leave earlier.

      And I also meet Minotaurs in competitive every so often. But guess what, they are not competitive. Just because some teams do not realise that a ship fell out of meta does not mean it’s competitive in CB. And Zao is a great example of a ship that has stopped being very relevant for higher leagues of competitive, where the ability to deal with 50 mm plating ships in some form is a must or the next Russian bias wall kicks you out.

      And I shall not comment further on mounting defAA in competitive other than, it’s worthless and will stay worthless and Venezia thus suffers little from not being able to slot a waste of a consumable.

      But feel free to bring a Zao to competitive, just not on my lineup.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    I state that Azuma is the only ship without radar, Yoshino does not have radar either, also neither ship can bounce 15 inch shells with the bow armor, my mistakes.

    • where is the moskva?

    • Rodrigo Dias Moskva isn’t a super cruiser

    • Agree with your analisys. I would like to add that having the Yoshino since last year, she is a great ship BUT it’s almost mandatory to play her at range, and I mean at MAX range as the armor really is not that much better than Azuma. The torps give you a bit of more flexibilty as they prevent people from rushing you, especially in the end of the match or in situation where u find your self closer to enemy then you wish. AA is one of the best of the game believe me,Comparable to Smolensk. Therefore u can go alone on flanks.

    • @William Marcos You take that back heretic.

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I would classify them in the following categories: Damage dealers (Yoshino and Azuma) Team boats (Alaska) Little Tanks (Stalingrad in the right position and Puerto Rico) and then Kroshtand, which could be made into a broadside punisher I don’t count the German ones, as they are not available at the moment and they seem to have trouble getting their role I like the idea of brawlers with good secondary guns, but they don’t deserve the last nerf I believe 17km on 305/12inch guns without catapult?? That’s bullshit imo

  13. :p only “super” cruiser the germans will ever get is Graf Spee XD

  14. I honestly dont agree Kronstadt is the worst, the only bad thing about it is its dispersion, other than that it has the best t9 cruiser guns in the game. If the Alaska is the best cruiser killer then the Kronstadt is the best BB killer. An angled Kronstadt can bounce anything. The worst has to be the azuma

  15. Kronshtadt – 6 citadels from two broadsides, on a Yamato. I rest my case.

  16. I would rate Yoshino above PR but that’s my preference 🙂

  17. I will never buy a premium from wows again. I bought the Atlanta and the Flint, fun ships for a couple months. Then World of Warships changed the specks and now they are perfectly USELESS!! NEVER GIVE WOWS A PENNY they will rip u off!

  18. If they would just give Kronshtadt the option between radar and hydro. Then give her better sigma, she’d be a good ship. It’s like the only Soviet ship that doesn’t perform like a Soviet ship.

  19. Everyone talks about how expensive Puerto Rico is but I don’t hear much about the Smaland. 2,000,000 free xp costs about 80,000 doubloons to convert. At todays rates, that is around 320 US dollars. Better to wait and grind the Halland which appears to be just as good if not better.

  20. “Kronshtadt was the first super cruiser to come out in the game”
    Am I a joke to you?

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