World of Warships – Superlifter

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You’re down to 15 points, no caps and outnumbered more than two to one. That’s just World of Warships’ way of telling you to eat a concrete sandwich and harden up, mate!

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  1. Not now I’m listening to Soviet Christmas songs!

  2. Yay! 21 seconds! I win!
    PS hi jingles, 3rd shift salt miners are best salt miners!

  3. 121 views in a minute? You have to be fast

  4. Now with Stealth Battleships. 🙂

  5. Fellow circling Ralach in the chappy!

  6. The last time I was this early it was 4am

  7. A_stereoTYPICALamerican

    Hey, I here early

  8. Bit early eh? Im in kansas and haven’t gone to bed yet

  9. Comments finally loaded, Now I can say something

  10. “Being crap is a generically inherited British trait” oh yes…. now i understand where i got my crappiness from…. thanks for the update

  11. Its early, i swore the title said shirt lifter

  12. Not First!!! ??

  13. Yamato Class: Musashi

    That Helena simply just remembered that they’d left their oven on, dashed home quickly to turn it off and then hurried back into battle. It happens to all of us.

  14. Aquisition module amalfi ?

    There are SO MANY aquisition module ships lately that im wondering if the meta has changed ?

  15. That new cloaking camo!

  16. The Philadelphia Experiment seems to be a partial success and they manage add it on the CM and Sinop. It works on allies but not on the enemies. Oof

  17. As a new world of warships player I think I’ve learned more from your channel than playing the actual game lol

  18. 2:03 Looks like Ruski sekrit camo field in action jingles.

  19. Thats some really well played Donskoi

  20. Shout out to Dimitri!

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