World of Warships- Superships Are A Little Crazy

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Hey guys! Today we are taking a look at the new superships that will be showing up in the special season of Ranked Battles and then potentially Random Battles, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Whats noteworthy about Hannover are the changes to her special thing, the accuracy was removed for reload iirc. Fully maxed out, her 128s reload in 1.8 seconds which is crazy (around 800k dpm), she eats everything alive

  2. I love the superships, all so much fun in PT but doubt I’ll be playing them in live server. Took out a Gearong with one burst from Annapolis…. BTW artwork is amazing!!!

  3. This whole game is getting “a LITTLE” crazy. They keep throwing new stuff in like lunatics, but it just doesn’t seem to hold together. Especially the subs are a bad, toxic joke. And now ships with giant machineguns…

    • That’s how most games are now. League of legends has made the industry lazy. Why make new games when you can release new content and sell it like a new game

    • to make money… its all about making Cash. Very soon you will VW Polos with torpedos in game.

  4. So they essentially found a way to double uptier T9, nice.

    • @SaiyajinOG I couldn’t disagree more. As a BB main I had a miserable time playing against subs. If sub is on your tail you can’t do jack shit about it. You are just a meat ball for a sub to have fun on your expense. In my view they are far worse than CVs. I’m actually quite surprised that there are people with opinion like yours. It is so obviously bad that I can not imagine anyone thinking the way you do.

    • @Zograf I don’t think dealing with subs is that hard tbh. I killed a whole lot with my Brandenburg already. Running away from the sub is not a good option, as they can constantly attack you over and over, they’re no different from DDs in that regard. You got to rush the sub and push it, it can’t citadel you bow in either. Treat it like a DD in Smoke. Once you’re close enough it has no other choice but to dive and you can keep throwing depth charges at it untill it dies or surfaces, then the sub’s dead too. they’re not fast enough to escape from any but the slow american BBs. You just need to adapt.

    • @SaiyajinOG you are talking in general. I’m not a scrub in this game and I find them horrendously bad for the game. It’s not like I didn’t kill any sub ever I killed them a ton. But you can’t push in to sub when your flank collapses and you are trying to relocate. You are spotted all the time for the enemy cruisers and BBs and you are constantly pinged and torped by the sub, and you have no idea where it could be. It is such a horrible feeling of hopelessness while you try to fight off all the BBs and CCs firing at you. And what about if they manage to kill all DDS in the beginning? What then? It’s a shitsgow that’s what. And by the way, watch some streamers and CCs dealing with them and then tell me they are fine. If all those super unicum players find them disgusting what should average Joe feel about it. They are broken and they will break the game. Just like EBRs did in wot. I stopped playing wot after 10 years of playing. Can I adapt? Yes. But I don’t want to play that kind of game. World of tanks have become a shitshow grindfest that is no longer fun. I don’t play these games to work hard. I play them to have fun. And subs, just like EBRs, make this game not fun. And if you check the reaction of the community, vast majority of the players hate subs and they don’t want them in the game.

    • @Zograf If your flank collapses you are screwed regardless. Even if it was a DD you would still be spotted and farmed by the enemies on your collapsed flank. No different here.

    • @The Don not exactly. I will probably lose anyway and that’s true. But dd can’t shit out so many torps in such a little time and it wouldn’t be homing torps. With changing of speed and direction I can avoid getting torped. With subs I can not. If dd is ghosting me I can at least put up a decent fight before I go down and that could be fun. But with subs, I can only play HP meatball ant that’s it.

  5. Im starting to feel a little better about Superships, but the rapid fire thing is worrying

  6. Remember that AR and Top Grade Gunner affect the cooldown on the burst, so you essentially have about a 27 sec reload on it.

    • And on the Conde, MBRB affects it as well – so you can fire a 3 salvo burst, have a 15 second reload, then fire another 3 salvo burst – 72 shells in less than 30 seconds. I tried this thing on PTS yesterday, and if you time it so that MBRB is available when you burst fire, it’s beyond broken. I watched one streamer using this method, rack up 300K damage in less than 5 minutes.

  7. The new graphics look absolutely gorgeous..try and see the water detail at 1:00-3:00..absolutely insane,props to the art department for doing their job well

  8. After trying them in their event, I just wanted to play them some more. They may not be good for the game but boy are they fun. As long as they stay out of competitive, I’m more than happy to have them cause they’re singlehandedly the most enjoyable ships in the game to play for me.

  9. So, there’s a lot of Angel Dust floating around in this super ship?
    Sailors load fast for three rounds then break, take another snort, then POW!!!

  10. A mechanic that gets you out of a tight spot sounds like it rewards mistakes.

    I realise you can punish other players with it, too.
    But the Conde you might as well have detonated near the start, I don’t see how him pushing in was necessarily making a mistake, wanting to play the objective.

    Also, the extreme rapid fire mode gives little time to react, IE, Angle?

  11. These ships are exactly why WG is removing that reduced repair cost signal.

  12. On the Conde, skills and modules can reduce that 40 second burst reload – and then MBRB can cut that in half as well – such that you can pump out six full salvos, 72 shells, in less than 30 seconds. At medium to close range, it’s nothing less than devastating. Because of having MBRB as well, IMO Conde is the only one of these ships where using burst mode is worthwhile.
    Right now, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that WG will nerf Conde before the second round of PTS testing, such that MBRB won’t affect the burst fire mode.

  13. “they cant shoot for another 40 seconds” – Hate to be the actually guy but it was tested on Flammu’s stream and the reload booster speeds up that 40sec considerably.

  14. We hated Cvs. We really didnt want subs. Now this. WoWs has jumped the shark. 🙁 It was a good ride. I guess. I haven’t played for a couple weeks, and am not missing it.

  15. 40 sec reload on a dd is literally a coffin nail and that frenchie is nuts if you find something broadside

  16. Ah, 4 minutes in reload is already 30 secs, popping reloadbooster makes it 15. So that is 3 salvos in 3 sec, 15 sec reload, another 3 in 3. That is 6 salvos in 21 seconds?

  17. wow, aside from the crazy new ships the graphics is spectacular

  18. We need the tier 11 and 12 for all these new “super ships” and for the OP tier 10 ships to get bumped up. And limit tier 10, 11, and 12 to their own separate matchmaking away from tier 9, 8, 7, 6…

  19. I get the impression that these ships will be OP in the hands of skilled players and so so in the hands of your regular potato. Like you said, if you pick the wrong moment for that fast reload, you’re gonna be screwed in the 40 seconds you can’t shoot.

  20. Spreadsheet says they are balanced and no issues

    40sec “reload penalty” for being able to sh1t on all ships with a 36 shell 3sec salvo? Yes good mechanic

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