World of Warships- Superships Are Getting BUFFED?!?!?!

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the most recent DevBlog that is creating a bit of a stir around the community, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. changes won’t make a difference to the hannover it will remain a massive unmaneuverable joke and a wonderful target for HE spam, but the others will make very strong ships slightly stronger

  2. The changes don’t seem horrible. The ships, they are a bit horrible in and of themselves

  3. of course because they’re pure cancer, and utterly ruin the game. My guess is wg wanted to use them to strip the players of their silver, and they realized no one is buying them or if they do they’re not playing them enough. and they’re probably not liking the lack of interest in the auctions for new superships.

  4. We need separate gamemodes for T-XI, subs and CVs.

  5. I feel they should make more SS asap and put them in their own tier asap.

  6. I agree, the combat instructions is a sound mechanic. Unfortunately, Wargaming is the company implementing the mechanic, so we know it will be screwed up. Oops, did I say that? I meant, Wargaming will ensure that it is fair and balanced as all things in WoWS are.

  7. None of those adjustments matter as long as we have super CV’s in the game

  8. I think that they should add 150mm secondaries to hannover

  9. Appreciate the quality content still coming despite what is clearly a pretty solid flu, get well soon!

  10. Hanover was a contributing factor to my uninstall. Massively frustrating when you get focused from space 🙁

  11. The increased aim on satsuma bites you in the ass more often then it helps you. At great distances they see the group of shells coming and if they have any maneuverability they can more easily dodge all the shells or you settle of a overpen. There are times its quite funny like 30 km plus spotter plane shots at a bow in t10 or t11 parked cvs bow. You wont kill them but they tend to hate it when you get 1-2 satsuma sized cits through their nose when they thought they were safe. But mostly the buff is best used under 15 km when they don’t have the reaction time to avoid the shells.

  12. Seems like they’re all buffs to their gimmick, but in the case of the Claus and Pat, they have no such gimmick. It seems like the “F” key should be removed from all these ships, if they want them to actually be “good” for the game. All SS should have their own game play with NO T9 in the game.

  13. I have had a pretty run with the Hannover, most players stay outside my secondary range which is unfortunate. I am thinking about the Clausewitz that looks like an interesting upgrade from my Hindenburg.

  14. I get it that WG is trying to add special flavors to their Super Ships to make them unique, and not just a Tier 11 ship up the line, but the disappointment I feel re: Clausewitz not having a *gimmick* compared to others that do is beyond words. Either all should have a gimmick, or none should, in my humble opinion.

  15. I’m actually somewhat disappointed in this concept that Patrie is a well designed supership because it’s not as broken as Satsuma. Patrie is a floating island with guns. It’s lack of armor and sluggish handling force it to play at range. Yes, I know the thing is basically citadel proof. But HE spam really chunks it down quickly due to 32mm armor covering every inch of the hull and it takes a lot of regular pen damage. So the ship plays super passive at range punishes any ship that tries to play to aggressive. Of course that only works for your team if you are dealing big juicy salvos on enemy ships, which the Patrie is not really that good at. French guns mean lots of overpens and ricochets. Patrie has It’s an awful design that exaggerates the BB progession above tier 8 and contributes to stagnant gameplay.

  16. Once again SLM, Job well done. When I play against Superships I try to be more sneaky and aggressive towards them. That puts them on their heels. Patrie is good Supership and quite balanced. Clausewitz is just meh compared to Hindy.

  17. personally I dont feel the surface superships change the stale gameplay all that much. For me it’s mostly the subs and the super cv’s.
    I’m perfectly fine with the current superships. It’s true that their gimmick can be quite powerful, but I find triggering them isn’t always that easy. Especially for the Hannover which requires you to push quite aggressively in order to benefit from it.

  18. Super ships need their own mode randoms should only be tier 1- 10 superships should have to fight super ships exclusively imo. There are enough superships that there should be no problem populating a game

  19. The Super ship was a day late and a dollar short, totally breaking the games rewards structures, T10 research ships, steel ships and coal ships have all become redundant, If you want a bigger game impact and a chance to improve your W/R, just go Superships! They are the apex right now, Anything else is just not worth it, they undid all their hard work and all our hard work.
    I’m surprised that there wasn’t more of a uproar.

  20. This hurts blindfiring on satsuma and ushakov, as landing the salvo near the target doesen’t interact with combat instructions if not locked on, which was redeemable if shooting quickly as it won’t decay enough in old time

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