World of Warships Supremacy League Silver Division Finals – SF v QP

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This is the second game in a best of five series. Team Special Forces Potato Kings Versus Quality Potatoes. SF took round one and QP was looking to make some changes.


  1. What’s with the other guy’s dialogue starting quietly about a second before it repeats loudly?

    • +Narcoleptic Good question. I didn’t hear that in-game. I’m wondering now if it’s some sort of discord feedback deal… but then again, I never have heard anything else like it. Strange indeed.

  2. Also, how about posting the rest of the match?

  3. Where do we find match one and the matches after this?

  4. Possible to reduce the size of the supremacy league warship sign you have in the top right by about 10-15%?

  5. It feels like SF spent too much time trying to hold off QP at C. Since QP had such a large force at C, it might have gone better if they had pulled back to B and consolidated instead of trying to hold off a numerically superior force with piecemeal defenders. They over-committed to the defense, but under-committed their numbers.

  6. Thanks for bringing that game to YouTube. One thing I would point out it’s IMO it would be more interesting if you could put into some ships perspective, so we can see what the player can actually see.

    Once again, keep up the good work!

  7. why ram again to start match?

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