World of Warships – Supreme Commander

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Introducing the long awaited tie-in between World of Warships and Chris Taylors’ classic RTS Supreme Commander. No, not really. Might have been pretty cool, though.

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  1. Noooooo i got so happy I thought jingels was making a video on supreme commander which is such a good game and i do recommend somebody like jingels to give it a try

  2. Supreme commander is such a good game

  3. Incontinentia Buttocks

    It’s funny, this ship on pc has a 7+ second reload but the console version got buffed a couple of patches ago and has a 5 sec reload. Pretty sure you can get it lower too.

  4. 8:20 I’m just surprised it hasn’t been me *yet*. I’m massively inconsistent, so I can absolutley have a (probably boring to watch) 200k+ game with more medals than a North Korean general, and then next game, I’m the reason some other guy gets first blood and devastating strike.

    • exactly the same.
      first time i got kraken in my brand new charles martel, got my back hurt from all the carrying.
      next game i was the reason enemy jean bart got
      devastating strike
      first blood
      and like 17 citadels or so xD

    • I’ve been in a Flamu stream once, on the opposition team, without realizing until later. Watched the stream afterwards, and quite enjoyed him ranting against his team’s BBs “camping”, while in reality I kept them pinned with my (unspotted) destroyer. But yes, we’re all afraid to one day end up on the wrong side of an epic replay. 😉

  5. I’m with Akizuki on that one!

  6. Jingles: “Note that there are 3 destroyers per team…”
    Me: Nope, only 2 on blue side.

  7. Second half of this game was entertaining as it gets. Cheers from a canadian insomniac.

  8. I think Akizuki’s a good judge of character regardless.

  9. Man, I love SupCom… Can you imagine the ship designs in WoWs?

  10. love a win-by-kills game where exactly three ships of the winning team get any kills and two of those get 11 out of the 12. SupCom and the heinrich were carrying this game hard (though the emerald, if nobody else, did pull their weight).

  11. LOL, three destroyers per team! Friendlies have two, enemies have three. Oh Jingles, never change!

    • Please_Change_Username

      At this point I’m positive he’s doing it deliberately. Every ‘mistake’ he makes generates a flurry of comments, likes, an algorithm boost and subsequent exposure.

    • @Please_Change_Username I mean does he really need more exposure? It’s not like he’s at the beginning, everyone that’s into what he covers on his channel knows him… Although, yea, more exposure is always better

  12. Jingles :- there is gonna be a lot of stupidity

    Me: checks if i am in the game.

  13. 0:27 Shiratsuyu is in the gunboat line, ironically. 29 seconds seems to be a record.

  14. Starting off strong with the enemy team sending 2 DD’s to one cap, wonder what’s to come later in the battle?

  15. Could you imagine a Summit class? Itd make the Super Yamato look like a childs toy

  16. I spy with my eye that despite Jingles ragging on about the Shiratsuyu’s AA firepower (or lack thereof), supreme commander got the highest number of aircraft shot down at the end of the game. On his team, at least. (lol at 50 planes shot down by one of the enemy Gneisenau)

  17. I beg to differ Jingles, the Emerald is a big destroyer rather than a light cruiser. I still found the Lenader to be a let down after her. Try not to get spotted, use your smoke and the phenomenal manouverabilty as well as those nasty, nasty torpedoes. Limited range but the single fire, oh you can troll with that so well! “Here’s one ahead of you, here’s one for if you slow down and hey, here’s the rest somewhere in between. Have fun!”
    I may or may not have had a significant amount of fun with that ship. Well, fun for me but that’s what counts, right? 😀

  18. I feel like the Kagero and Yugomo could do with the same improved torpedo reload booster as the gunboat DD line. Japanese torpedo boat could need some more spice! Migth even wanna give the booster too the higher tier cruisers!😊

  19. I have fond memories of the shiratsuyu, such as the time I got 3 double strikes in one battle with her.

  20. I ALWAYS check the player roster at the start of your vids to make sure I’m not in the battle lol You nailed that spot on hahaha

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