World of Warships – Surprise Buttsex FTW

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Do you ever feel like someone is focusing you sooo hard that it feels like you have a bounty on your head?
Do you ever feel like he wants nobody else but you?
Do you ever feel….okey you get the point….. WELL….what if….what if you get to actually sneak up on someone like that ‘;..;’
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Oui, oui ,oui…. Tu aime un buttsex! Oui oui!

  2. *Flambass* Oh Man — when you get angry – the Butt Sex gets so wild – even Jingles would get a Boner.


    Le s*xe anal c’est trop génial ^^
    Translate if you want

  4. It may have started as buttsex but it was literally a blow job 😛

  5. He threw away his ships advantage to sit there and wait for you then complains when you use your ships advantage to own him. This has happened every time you have been on the enemy team, people say “flambass is mine” then die trying because they stop playing to their ships strengths. Seen this a few times.

  6. What kind of logic is that? Yeah flam is really good but only shooting at him just makes it easier for him and his team to win.

  7. Now i feel dirty… but entertained

  8. honhonhon

  9. The jean Bart is far too comfortable to play haha nice game

  10. Got 250K coal and 1,5 million free xp…
    So just just bring it on 😉

  11. This guy in game chat in 3:55 perfectly sums up what’s wrong with the WoWs community 😀

    • Random DD captain. “Waaaah! No support at the cap! Waaaah!”
      The rest of the team “Dude, you smoked up and ate a torp! Seriously!?!”

      Yup, I bet both teams had these kind of short bus special players in it 😀

    • waaaahhh my ship keeps getting nerfed because people somehow get 5 kills without ever being spotted. why cant I do that?! waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I just get owned alone in a cap circle at 18/20 waaaaaaahhhhhhh

  12. Cristian Nicolae Blaga

    Why is the musahi pathetic … targeting unicum player and messing whit his mind and his game … think not

    • And he complains about a 20 sec reload gimmick while playing a fucking 460mm gun free xp ship from tier 9..
      Musashi is the new Derpitz / Iowa.

  13. Hey flambass. I just wanted to say because we can’t see twitch chat in your youtube videos your videos are less enjoyable. (and it feels like something is missing) Can you add twitch chat to the videos?

  14. The in game chat was something else in this game… DD smokes up and stays still -> eats torp -> “no support thx” LUL, “Des Moines push B and kill DD”, nice idea but there is literally Musashi, Grobe and Montana right next to B… And reload booster is unfair but Yamato at tier9 is just fine 😀

  15. I tried your ” Surprise butsex for everyone, Yea baby yea.” on my wife and have been informed i now sleep on the couch. lol totally worth it. 🙂

  16. Musanix - World of Warships

    Jean Bart received nerfs after nerfs…
    The first version was OP, but now I find that she was nerfed too much

    -first she lost her 40 second Gascogne type heal
    -then her sigma was toned down from 2.0 to 1.9

    And now, wargaming has nerfed the real problem -the reload booster- from 30s to 20s

    They should give her back her 2.0 sigma -> Because she’s supposed to be more accurate than Richelieu, but in this state, it’s at best EQUAL to Richie’s accuracy
    and her 40 seconds heal because of her weak external armor 32mm very vulnerable to HE and pretty low HP pool for T9

  17. Watch this on the stream,
    Watch it again is more satisfying lel

  18. We all know about the “cheek” vulnerability at the front of the Yamato-class citadel. Does it also have a “buttcheek” at the rear turret? _Penetree_ indeed.

  19. Your kisses of juicey HP revenage at the end .. LOL , your little things that make my day . (no pun)

  20. Magnus Gudmundsson

    Before you say stuff like this….be sure to remove the strapon from your apartment.
    And be sure your gf doesn’t have extra in her purse.
    We don’t want another pillow fight do we?

    • Magnus Gudmundsson

      on another note, I’d totally focus you down if I had the chance to…you are a dangerous player and it would be smart trying to remove you.

    • it’s true .. it’s not the ship that’s OP it’s the player ( in most cases ) but I do want the JB .. I just hope its for free xp .. fingers crossed 🙂

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