World of Warships – Surprise Mothertrucker

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Oh boy do we deliver some justice in this match, oh yes we do.

I love to play this ship aggressive and exploit enemies unawareness and surprise their broadsides.

Sometimes it doesn’t work but when it does OH MY does it feel good.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Haha about to compliment the best enemy who could break through to 1K but then realized it was a Smol

  2. 14:33
    Smolensk: *Vadim Blyat*

  3. Tawelwch Gaming

    Whenever I try surprising broadsides, rng denies me

    • You are not alone buddy

    • Played a match in my Amalfi and had a Yoshino come out broadside like I knew he would and had AP loaded. Not 1 single Citadel at about 10 km and 3 salvos. Him on the other hand took 1/2 my life with HE despite me being nose in. I am getting so………………. tired of this games bullshit.

    • @Ryan Brochu When you shoot you looked, right? It doesn’t work if you look.

    • @dOob Tom maybe “locked on”

  4. Flamu: try to create a crossfire
    Flambass: hold my beer

  5. “We’ll edit that part out”
    _They did not_

  6. Flambass: cool ships don’t look at explosion
    My random team mate: cool ships don’t look at minimap either!

    • Ник Ефремов

      everybody’s random teammate: cool players don’t even trying to win, they just drink beer and shit to their pants. kek
      IQ = subzero)

  7. Des Moines in the right hands is a monster.

  8. I miss hearing the sound of your partner putting away the cups and plates in the background.

  9. Whahaha, well done mate, epic game!

  10. Damn it was nice to see that Balans getting Des Memed right out of the gate, 3 volleys only, got lucky on the lolverpens. That Conq seriously underestimated DM AP.

  11. I hate him, I hate him out of competitiveness but in the good way and I really wish 99% of the player base bring that feeling in me but sadly it dose not… I always wish he is on my enemy team at least! Matches are full of ”cool ships” that don’t look at anything these days!

  12. You must have horrible back and knee issues from the amount of carry.

  13. Missed the opportunity to say “cool ships dont look at QUACKENS”

  14. Damn hearing about that akizuki player say that he gets outspotted by like 4 or more dds
    As a russian gunboat dd player outspotting any dd or even some cruisers is a miracle

  15. I would have been attacked by the cv right after the first kill.. Saw a des moines lose 36k yesterday in the first minute in our spawn.. Cause of the dam AP rockets wich only had 2 bars left.. Litarly flew trough 4 ships and boom.. he died as soon as the second rockets came wich was before he even came neaf the cap.. wich all resulted in a steamroll loss

  16. Qwacken t-shirt? Too passe. You need Qwacken boxers so you can properly release the Qwacken.

  17. That third one had me dying xD pulling the trigger without looking to XD

  18. Ah, Flambass. Making Smolensk look bad on the spreadsheet again, I see. 🙂

  19. 6:43 You got hit from across the islands to the left, good shot I would say. Look at the damage marker at 6:41.

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