World of Warships – Surprise!

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I need to be really careful with the title today, not just because I don’t want to get demonetised but the full title would also be a bit of a spoiler.

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  1. Jingles is back – run for your lives!

  2. soon as he mentioned catchphrases, the title was all i needed to know where this episode was going. and to think just a couple videos ago, people thought jingles was still a child at the mention of the ship Brest. he obviously felt the need to prove them right 😂

  3. Does anyone else pause the screen just to make sure your not an “NPC” in the video about to be shamed?

  4. 11:15 BB SAP does only 10% I think. SAP cruisers absolutely delete DDs

  5. 2:56 best ship to have to run from game, and be kind of AFK, Schlieffen. Had to leave a match at start today, set way points, and ran off, came back to 23k damage and dead, but yeah, not many other ships can do that.

  6. Lol never change Jingles, and yes it was unfortunate there were no breasts to talk about on that match, keep up the awesome commentary.

  7. Oh yes, long time I had so much fun watching. Thanks also to Iron Hole for this masterclass in spaghetti western style ship porn.

  8. sometimes you just crash or you get a delivery or the cats on fire game takes a backseat thats just the rules

  9. Jingles brightens my day with his laughter it’s infectious and heartwarming.

  10. This could only be funnier if he was in a Greek Cruiser…. 😂

  11. When Jingles said it’s a phrase that he’s known for and hasn’t said in a while, I thought it was going to be “if it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid”.

  12. This is why Jingles is my favorite WOWS Youtuber. He sure knows how to make your day!

  13. Hello, Jingles!

    IronHole here! Some call me MetalHole as well.

    I am glad you got a chuckle out of my game and it feels nice to make you happy, as well as the other people in your audience! Me as well. I’ve been laughing maniacally this whole game xD!

    I’ve been following you for years now, I don’t even know how many(either way, more than 7). But I am glad I finally made you laugh, old chap!

  14. I really love it when Jingles has a bit too much fun for comfort.

  15. Regarding the “afk” Benson, I noticed that he was moving about a minute after battle begins. There’s a thing Warships does for me every so often where it sits there in the loading screen for far longer than it should, and I can’t get in until like a minute or two after it starts. I’m not sure if it’s because of RAM deciding not to work, or crap internet for a moment, but if it happens to one person, it could happen to anyone, so it’s entirely possible that that’s what’s going on there. It’s only so noticeable and anger-inducing because he’s a Destroyer and he needs to get into his position as quickly as he can.

    • I once started in a battle when WOW server crashed and I lost internet connection with the server. After multiple times to reconnect, when I finally reconnected, I was reported as AFK by WOW due to their sub-standard servers.

    • Right, you weren’t AFK. You were at your K. You were NFC: Not Fucking Connected. Whether that’s a you problem or a WOWs problem, I don’t know, but it happens, and it’s usually just a minute or two and players should chill the F out about it.

  16. not only a great replay, but almost to the point of erotic as well

  17. The only other thing that was missing was “Dave,” but IronHole absolutely needed to be in this vid! Well played.

  18. Hilarious watch!
    Have a great weekend everyone

  19. Another thing I want to mention

    I am panning my camera around the Napoli because it is indeed beautiful and it is, genuinely, my favourite ship in the entire game ^^

  20. Great game. When the overlord is amused, we’re all going to have a great day.

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