World of Warships – Svietlana Preview

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Svietlana on Solomon Islands moves towards the northeastern side of the map. We attempted to take out multiple enemy ships, the enemy tries to push the eastern side of the map. Advanced and Basic firing training increase the range and rate of fire for the Svietlana. We work through multiple enemy ships and end up pushing their base. Hope you enjoy this preview and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV Soviet Cruiser Svietlana Replay


  1. Destroyer Inazuma

    I see this ship as a Kuma cosplayer, yet it’s far closer to an oversized
    gunboat DD than it is to the cruiser-destroyer hybrid

  2. Hey Notser, I like the captain skill icons at the start. Nice improvement.

  3. The Svietlana is supposed to have some kind of bigget superstructure just
    before the first funnel (probably when upgrading from Hull A to B) but in
    all gameplays of her, none of them have it. I really hope they add it or
    else it’s gonna look like the previous ones

  4. Good video.
    Orlan is ready with enough XP to research Novik as soon as it comes out. I
    have a couple of RU captains in the reserve which I am slowly grinding (not
    my Kiev captain – my best RU as it stays put in Kiev). Good point on having
    AFT from the start if possible. Working on it.

  5. Hi All,
    I started in open Beta. I grinned down the USN CL line. I used to love my
    USN CL line but now with 3X nerfs on the last 3 releases of software, I
    find them less useful and more of a one trick pony T5 and above. I would
    love to hear from the followers.

  6. do u have a private line i need to tell u a fun thing to try out

  7. Hey !
    I have a question : can you better know 🙂
    What kind of improvement that worsens parameters of the ship , I mean the
    modifications of 2 main battery + 10 % until charging the main battery and
    + 15 % for the rotation speed of the main battery guns . It does not make
    sense because it worsens the parameters

  8. I think this ship has got a very powerful arty, but on the other hand this
    ship is not the fastest, and she has got only 5 km torp range. But i think
    this ship will be mutch better than the Karlsruhe.

  9. Hi Notser, ever consider changing the spelling to the more nautical:

    I am rather fond of torpedoes and was wondering what the firing arcs are
    like on the Svietlana.

    (Svietlana sounds like a sexy foreign woman’s name, IMHO.)

    Considering their placement, it looks like it would be very good.

  10. Notser old boy, feel free to not answer this question; but what’s your win
    rate and average exp? You’re clearly bloody good so I was wondering how
    that translates into stats :P

  11. Looks like even a Russ DD like Izzy would have the guns to punish Sviet’s
    broadside, I remember being able to citadel Omahas back when I had mine.

  12. I understand what you are saying about the fragile nature but I saw only a
    single shell diverge from the aim point.
    I think that is why the new line will dominate all others. On every ship
    the dispersion is so tight the DPM disparity will make the winner.

  13. that thing puts the phoenix and karlsruhe to shame…sheez

  14. Nice carry Noster! I guess the enemy BBs have nooo clue what they are
    doing, they all broke formation etc, none of them focus fire, one slowed
    down at a wrong spot….gosh

  15. Andhika nur Aulia

    So it’s like a more fragile German cruiser that has usable HE? At least at
    this tier the ship is usable unlike Karl (though my Karl win rate is 74%
    for some reason)

    Also Minekaze pronounciation is still wrong :>

  16. In my opinion tier IV is the funniest tier ! No ludicrous gun range, no
    ludicrous torpedo range, the destroyers aren’t impossible to find and the
    aircraft carriers try to fight other ships that aren’t carriers!

  17. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Nice video notser, can you do a review for the Novik? (like a bonus video)
    for the lolz :)

  18. Henrik Lind Hansen

    The Karl… what can i say. played 2 games in it. and free xp’ed to the
    i think it might be a floating turd… :)

  19. Interesting article – Japan’s Super-Torpedo Was the Hypersonic Missile of

  20. Cool fight. Keep them coming.

  21. James Meek (Ingrim)

    So the Soviet cruisers are all good?

  22. Notser did you become a russian?

    The amount of motherrussia ship review is too damn high.jpeg

  23. You know what I like about Notser? Aside from top notch commentary no one
    else comes close to? His work ethic. Every day, like clockwork, there is a
    new video up. You can see the man is very serious about making this whole
    thing work and doesn’t view this channel as a simple hobby to indulge in
    when it suits him.
    Great job, Notser!

  24. You are the best world of warships played I know

  25. Damn these little things are just made outta guns! Good game Notser!

  26. Good game, interesting ship, BUT finally going over to ther ships again!! 😀
    Now the next ships are Murmansk, Gremy and Mikhail. ROFL

  27. when does the soviet cruiser coming out for na server?

  28. looks like a st louis with torps

  29. Yes VMF cruisers will be perfect food for my myogi, if RNG is strong with

  30. 4 aa guns, at this point they should just remove it completly

  31. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    She has same gun on Kiev I think

  32. MeKanism Lastname

    Notser playing the Sovietlana. FOR STALIN

  33. hmm you can fire 9 guns a broadside

  34. I want torps on the Nagato

  35. Notser what are the specs of your pc?

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