World of Warships – Swanky Manatee

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He’s not just any old Manatee, he’s the swankiest, most flamboyant, flashy, gaudy, glitzy and ostentatious of Manatees. He’s an Executive Manatee, if you will, and he’s in Canadas’ fightingest* ship – The Haida!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

*Yes, that is a word, but only if you’re Canadian.


  1. No sleep for the wicked or faithful I suppose. 2:10 a.m. in Ohio.

  2. Good upload time for straya, 4:10pm here

  3. Haida without the maple leaf camo? Sacrilege

    • I disagree. The maple leaf would be sacrilege. This ship served under the Red Ensign flag.

    • @VegetaRyuk 80 percent of my Countrymen wouldn’t know what that means. Let’s keep the leaf just to gain a few extra national pride points, eh?

    • @VegetaRyuk I sincerely nope not. The Red Ensign is/was the flag of the Merchant Navy – it’s the WHITE Ensign for the Royal Navy

    • @J Corbett You’re both right. The Red Ensign was the national flag of Canada at the time, so all Canadian armed forces units fought under it, but yes, the White Ensign was the flag of the RCN until 1965. In related news, I just found out that Haida captains can ditch the horrible Commonwealth flag, and switch to the White Ensign in game, which is glorious. If you own the ship and want to make the change, go to the very bottom of the Flags tab, under the section that says Naval Flag.

    • Terry. James Robert

      I am just happy he pronounced the name right!

  4. Jingles released something at a reasonable time for me? My lord! How can I repay such generosity? Squeeze an extra 20% out of the workers in Shaft 27? Can do, sir!

    • Uhhhh….so now would be a good time to to tell you shaft 27 just collapsed about 2 hours…but I hear shaft 32 is down in there daily quota, so push them instead.

    • AardvarkLord you realise you don’t have to watch a video as soon as it’s uploaded right? Not like you will accidentally run into any spoilers during the day.

    • @Kevin Webster Don’t you know that multiple viewing wears down a video, makes the tape loose and noise get’s worse…

      …oh wait YouTube doesn’t store on VHS?

  5. Squishy_manatee was a WOT player right?

  6. Fricken 2:20 but who needs sleep??!! The gnome lord and savior has uploaded! Sleep can wait

  7. Actually jingles:

    I just wanted to say that

    • Mutant Macrophage

      Akshually Troy, I gave you a thumbs up for having the courage and personal conviction to post the comment that in my heart I’ve always felt like posting myself.

    • Well, I ‘ll give one then: Actually Jingles when the game was launched the New Orleans was a Tier 8 Cruiser but it didn’t came with radar because radar wasn’t introduced yet, Hydro acoustic search wasn’t even in the game yet, that came with the introduction of the German Cruisers….. 😉

    • Mutant Macrophage

      @Johan Seinen Actually Johan, the Cleveland was a tier 6 back then. It was known for being a flamethrower with better AA stats than other ships above it in the tech tree line.

  8. 12:40 wait… The furious has dive bombers? I could’ve sworn they were carpet bombers…

  9. We didn’t have to go to wiki. There’s a Helena . That has defensive AA and being USN cruiser,

  10. 2:53am EST. Seems like a reasonable time to watch this

  11. Hmmm.. does this manatee have some kinda relationship with the previously shown SquishyManatee, Jingles? 😉

  12. Remember that advert ” You cant say Mattesson’s with saying Mmm ”
    Well you cant say Swanky without saying wa…. Ahh is this my coat ?

  13. I met the chieftain onboard the haida in Hamilton once, cool ship

  14. This was an excellent demonstration of how to Haida. The enemy can run but they cannot haida. (Pun intended)

  15. Shout to Swanky Manatee, from Manatee Florida!

  16. Craig and Terri's Adventures

    Actually Jingles, that is a flock of ships not a blob.

  17. Jingles i have noticed that defensive AA has been nerfed extremely hard

  18. Since you have such an ardent objection to the phrase “actually, Jingles”
    I’ve replaced it with something that may placate your palate better:
    *as a matter of fact, Jingles*

  19. It’s that damn ship game again ;). Keep ’em coming, Jingles!

  20. CV stareoff, shocker. GG WG. ?

    Thx for the share Jingles.

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