World of Warships – Sweating Bullets

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There’s an expression we use in British military to describe someone under a lot of pressure – we say they’re “Sweating bullets”. There’s also the one about their sphincter muscle doing the old 50 pence/5 pence trick, but that’s another matter.

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  1. How is ye all on this rather average day made better by jingles

  2. the only reason I’m this early is because i had to get up to do home schooling
    and by do i mean start and then get distracted

  3. ‘This is Jezza’ you reckon he likes speed and power Jingles?

  4. I didn’t know Jeremy Clarkson played WOWS. 😀

  5. Imagine forgetting that Smaland has a radar

  6. Ahoy The Mighty Jingles…I use the phrase sweating bullets all the time…definitely not just a saying in the Royal Navy. 😁
    Any chance for some kitty content on the Old Man Jingles channel? I will work extra shifts in the salt mines if I see some? 😸😸😸

  7. “What the hell was that?” from the Salem was really good highlight from this video (and his clan tag OOF really makes this more funny than it should :D)

  8. Regarding Marceau: I mean, he could be worse. He could be the shima player.

    • @Gundolf300 That shima was just 1 point of the no.2 in the team on XP so he must have done something right. I just cannot figure out what…

    • @boristhebarbarian His points for gun damage on the Marceau would have been worth something as it’s % of the ship that gives value

    • @boristhebarbarian that’s the problem isn’t it? The Shima did nothing right.

    • Shima did nothing right and yet he has more stars than the Marceau. I can think of no greater condemnation of the Ranked system in wows than this.

    • tbf he threw the game anyway, he definitely stopped for caps when he should’ve known Jezza was at 2 HP and was definitely fast enough to catch a located BB. Potato player in my books…

  9. Enemy Salem: “WTF was that????

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw that in chat. That my friend is what we call a paddling and It hit so hard his grandkids screamed!

  10. “How many hitpoints? Yep, both of them” that cracked me up xD

  11. “How many healthpoints? …. Both of them!”
    – Im in tears! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. The swedish ship – just say “small-land” – it sounds almost like it’s supposed to be pronounced

    • And even if the pronunciation would still be slightly off, the meaning would be right.

    • If you think Brits of the vein of Jingles care about foreign pronunciation, you didn’t watch his Dunkerque video a week or two ago.

    • @TeeFFW Since it’s not French I don’t think Jingles would mind pronouncing it correctly. But I do not expect him to put any effort into it.

  13. Jezza: Tonight. I try to survive in a damaged Battleship held together by tape.

  14. Tonight, James drinks some tea, Richard has a crash… Again, and I captain a battleship with SPEEEED and POWAHHHH.

  15. I also had a Shima on my team that got into gunfights with enemy cruisers but mine was worse. He yelled for help in chat, and I steamed towards him at full speed in my Grosser Kurfurst and even managed to get there in time to rescue him. As thanks he sent his torpedoes into me and then yelled in chat that I blocked his torpedoes on purpose. And the he reported me.

  16. “Thunderer and Grosser Kurfurst… both battleships armed .. or potentially armed with 18” guns”…. well 50% right… I think the sliderule in the saltmines must be faulty again… don’t ever change :-)! What’s that?… click… bang….

    • I think that’s a running joke now since this is about the hundredth time he has said the Kurfurst has 18inch guns.

    • @Ushio01 it’s 16 or 16.5 inch that GK has as options right?

    • @SS E_Weston Yes, it has access to 406s or 420s

    • Yeah, Jingles always mixes up the Kurfürst with the old Conqueror, where you could exchange your 12 x 419 mm guns to the 8 x 457 mm layout of the Thunderer. He also had stated in an earlier video that you lose one gun per turret if you “upgrade” the gun calibre on the Kurfürst.

  17. “You be the judge.” No, Jingles, I don’t come here to be the judge, I come here to see youn judge people.

  18. “Jezza” is an odd way to pronounce “Dave.”

  19. I thought Jezza would have been using hammers and going full speed the whole game

  20. all I could hear was Jezza’s : “sometimes my genius is…it’s almost frightening”

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