World of Warships – Sweet Home Alabama

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It’s the most popular tier 8 premium US Navy battleship that isn’t the USS Massachusetts!

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  1. wow caught this within the first minute, your videos always help brighten my day 🙂

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    “Where the skies are blue!”

    “Sweet home alabama”

    “Lord im coming home to you”

    • Henrique Konradt

      I was about to coment that… Lovely song!

    • While we were trying different things
      And we were smoking funny things
      Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
      Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking ’bout tomorrow
      Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
      Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

    • @A J YESSS!

    • @A J kid Rock was the worst thing to come out of that musical era. This song was just the height of his derivative lack of substance. I’ve never met anyone with an iq over 100 that enjoyed kid rock. Change my mind.

  3. Having toured this bad boy down in mobile, i can say the pictures do not do it justice. This thing is a monster. Take you hours to tour it all.

    • Robert Cartwright

      It was a really cool experience walking around her.

    • Been planning to visit the ship this summer if I can, but since I live in north east Alabama, that be a trip to mobile. Still the uss Alabama was my favorite ship, not just the name she has, but her actual history

    • @Mickey Lee it’s worth the trip! You get to see the Alabama, a submarine, and some other cool naval stuff. You can also see the littoral combat ships being built last I went (2 years ago)

    • I got to do that same thing about 2 months ago, was awesome👌

    • @Chris Gruber I’ll try to make the trip, also to see the land vehicles they have there. I’m a history buff, especially ww2, since my grandfather fought in Europe during the war

  4. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    i was in US for a month and managed to get to Alabama and see USS Alabama in battleship park.

    all i can say that she’s a beauty.

  5. I love my Alabama. Especially before the CV rework when I could delete all T8 squadrons before they could drop and 80% of T10 squadrons with its devastating AA. Good earner.

  6. The Mighty Bam, So many great in game memories of this ship, I got my first 19 point captain with her way back when WoW’s Used to be such a Great Game before the Constant St Pes Burg Brain Farts and Money Grubbing Cunning Plans, Great Game, Great Content Jingles 👍👍

  7. Every time I play this BB the following pops in my head…

    Capt. Ramsey: Mr. COB!
    Chief of the Boat: Yes, sir?
    Capt. Ramsey: You’re aware of the name of this ship, aren’t you Mr. COB?
    Chief of the Boat: Very aware, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: It bears a proud name, doesn’t it, Mr. COB?
    Chief of the Boat: Very proud, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: It represents fine people.
    Chief of the Boat: Very fine people, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: Who live in a fine, outstanding state.
    Chief of the Boat: Outstanding, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: In the greatest country in the entire world.
    Chief of the Boat: In the entire world, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: And what is that name, Mr. COB?
    Chief of the Boat: Alabama, sir!
    Capt. Ramsey: And what do we say?
    Capt. Ramsey, Chief of the Boat: Go Bama!
    All: Roll Tide!

    (sorry for the bad quality) 😓

  8. The USS Alabama is a beautiful ship. I’ve toured it twice in Mobile Bay with my kids. They couldn’t get over the size of it. Oh yeah: I’m not Dave!

  9. My wife and I had the honor of visiting this old girl in Mobile Alabama! Nice to see her on here!!

  10. Up until last year when my grandfather passed away, my dad’s side of the family lived in Mobile. Every time we’d go to visit, I’d get a least one look at the ship as we’d drive past on the bridge over Mobile Bay. Even from the bridge though, it doesn’t look NEARLY as big as it does when you actually drive up to the thing in person. If you’ve never seen one of these ships yourself, imagine standing at the base of a really long ten story apartment block. That’ll give you some idea of how fucking enormous they are. Frankly the models in WoWs make them look tiny.

  11. When I was in the Boy Scouts we spent a night on the USS Alabama, touring and having the run of the ship for the day before and after. It was huge and we had a lot of fun. Despite how big it was the bunk rooms were very cramped. They stacked beds (more like hammocks) 3, sometimes 4 bunks high, and not much hallway space in between. It would have been interesting to see just how many people lived and slept in one of those bunk rooms.

    • Jingles went into great length explaining how the South Dakotas were more well armored and compact vs the North Carolinas but he forgot to mention that since they had more crew and less living space they were some of the most cramped bbs in service.

  12. Justin Simpleton

    I had the pleasure of being assigned to this ship for a week whilst my ship, CVT Lexington, was at sea. My shipmate and I were given the master key which allowed us to enter every space from stem to stern and top to bottom while we gathered spare parts such as pumps and valves for the Lady Lex. The auxiliary room with the two triple shell, triple effect evaporators was an amazing sight I can’t forget.

  13. I volunteered on the Alabama a few years ago and got to go places that the tour guests don’t get to go. Awesome ship.

  14. As a young boy living in Alabama i loved the Lucky A. She was the main reason i got into the study of history. I loved being able too slide through the ammo drop hatches on the 16″ turrets.

  15. I am with the Friesland on this one. There was no reason to think there would be more than one DD in the cap.

  16. OK, let’s be clear. The Constellation is the red-headed stepchild of the US tier 8 premium battleships. Alabama is just the shy, quiet one sitting in the corner that everyone forgets about.

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      Constellation? Really? That thing is nuts if you play her properly

    • @Stefano Crosazzo To be fair, the German battle cruiser line has shown the viability of this style of battle cruiser, so I don’t disagree with you. But between Massachusetts, Alabama, and Constellation, Connie is the odd one out. And, we’re only talking premium ships. If you throw in the tech tree BBs, then Kansas is definitely the ugly stepsister.

  17. “We’re here with NTGGolfMan.”
    Ah, one of the FFG leaders, which means NA Server replay.
    I’m only afraid of what happens during this match.

  18. What’s funny about the Alabama vs tripitz, is in ww2, the Alabama was part of a battle group sent to lure out the tripitz, she didn’t take the bait and the engagement never happened. Although world of warships is just a game, I wonder if the encounter happened in real life, would the outcome between the ships be the same

  19. Jingles: “…and there’s the North Carolina…”

    Me: “are you sure about that old man? I’m pretty sure that’s a Lepanto.”

  20. “Visually they look very similar”
    Jingles, really?
    I made that mistake exactly once.
    They look NOTHING alike. North Carolina is significantly larger, has 2 funnels to South Dakota’s 1, and has a sparse 2 part superstructure to the large pyramid shaped superstructure of the South Dakota.

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