World of Warships – T-22 Beast of the East

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on Fault Line moves out to the east in a effort to engage the enemies. I get a chance to ambush two enemy ships and see how the torpedoes work out. We get a increasingly crazy attack on the enemies and I continue to the west. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V T-22 Replay


  1. Luis Fernando Arispe

    you Lucky sob… ha ha. I wish i hace those enemys with my T22. i actually struggle with this ship.

  2. Tug-22 op pls nerf.

  3. notser, at the beginning: why r u driving with 34.5 knots instead of 37.5? 😮

    Wasnt that full speed, what?

  4. At least it’s a fast ship for Tier V! Looks better playing it than looking at it from other ships or in port.

  5. Christopher Frantz

    I really loved the V-25, and I do like the G-101 and V-170, but there is something with the T22, I really do not like it. There are times when I am quite convinced that my liveaboard, which is a converted small tanker build 1929, is more responsive and nimble than the T-22 bathtub. However, there are indeed times when the T22 is quite good, however I never get any consistent results… it behaves more like a ultralight cruiser then a destroyer 🙂

  6. why Dont you Fire Ap AT a broadside

  7. not the worst ship in the game, the Emerald and the Myogi have that position secured

  8. Do one Katori, just earn it yesterday from 0 to 100 because of rank.

  9. Kalvis Kleikalīdis

    Tug-22 is not op. Notser is OP, pls nerf!

  10. Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while….

  11. 11:15 – 12:00 Notser confirmed comrade?

  12. worst DD in the game yet I managed 150k dmg game somehow

  13. head to the west…. lol at the bb going in the alley. and they wonder where is all the hate tords the bbs coming from… i mean really??

  14. ChessieSystem CSX

    The T-22 is kinda one of those ships for skilled players only

  15. Objection! etc

  16. I love the tugboat! It is a keeper. And the 360-degree rotating guns are very handy.

  17. Lol hong kong is one of the only places a china man could watch youtube. They shithole of a brainwashed country is so backwards.

  18. how many people have point out that the turret actually could turn 360?
    i only realized that recently lol

  19. its a joke.

  20. Hey Notser i found your channel recently and have thoroughly enjoyed the content you produce and i would like to suggest something, I have noticed that many of the replays you show are from quite good players like yourself and i would like to suggest that you also show replays from players that need improving so you can point out mistakes that the players make and analyze their game play in order to offer them suggestions on how to improve and how to fix their mistakes. You may already be doing this, i’m not so sure but so far I haven’t seen any videos like that nor have i seen them from any other wows channel and I think its definitely an idea you could excel at.

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