World of Warships: T-61, An AMAZING destroyer! German T6 DD

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The T-61 has almost become a legendary meme in World of Warships because it was teased so long ago, but it is finally here! And my god is it still glorious. The perfect mix of high tier German play in this T6 package. Here’s the review on the ship!


  1. Can’t wait for this one! Well, not enough to buy and spend 100 dollars worth of doubloons to get it early, but I’m still pretty stoked.

    • I had the doubloons just hanging out, so I converted them for free XP ( which I was going to do anyway) and will spend the early release time terrorizing unawares ships.

  2. rip Fubuki. you tried your best!

  3. Sharks…[sigh]…

  4. Stellar timing. What do you think about running vigilance on KM DD?

    • Amaresh Bhaskaran

      Nui Niuhi I mean you have hydro so it’s not necessary. Khaba would benefit more from it

    • If you’re going to sit in smoke contesting caps it is very useful. I use it on my Z-52.

    • I would say its a waste in a DD that almost always have hydro up when he smokes. I would see much more value in having Survivability expert, BFT, Superintendent or any of the other 3 point skills that you need to give up for getting Vigilance.

    • Vigilance also increases the hydro torp spotting range and vigilance is always on so it helps you provide torpedo screening for the ships behind you.

    • Sure. Still would value all the other 3 point skills higher tho. Hydro will do it for for my needs.

  5. Great video, thanks for the review. Seems really fun at tier 6 but whenever I play tier 6, I almost always get paired with tier 8’s, so it’s like 6.1km concealment on a Akizuki with those rapid fire 100mm IFHE guns, 5.4km Asashio, 5.8km Kidd, the sonar LoYang, etc. Makes me wish WG would implement of +1/-1 tier MM instead of +2/-2.

  6. Make recomended dd prem vid

  7. Take my money now WG!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Well, i dont think it’s op to be honest but imo it is a t6 gremyashy. Sorry, im russian and don’t know how to spell Gremyashy in english, so i hope you will understand what i’ve said 😛

  9. Pretty much every CC out there says this is a must buy for a DD main, and it seems pretty insane and almost broken in the hands of a skilled DD captain. Only real threat as I can tell is the Belfast. So i guess i will buy this as soon as it is in the regular store for normal price.

  10. for all the talk about how good the AP is, you never used it on a few broadsides that presented, but yea the DD looks powerful. Love my Z-39 already, want this

  11. I personally have never been top tier in a T6. Always get T8s with a few T7s sprinkled in.

  12. That Gallant charged your smoke because he was like, “Butcher the name of my ship just one more time!!!”. I’m kidding. I probably butcher most ship names as well.

  13. So how does a same tier DD counter this? I’m really thinking of the Farragut, but the IJN DDs too. Seems OP.

  14. Lol you cant play around full radar enemy team on a small map. Theres no such thing as “playing around radar” when its a full all Missouri + US/RU CA team. Its simply a broken meta when DDs are penalized for spotting by I can radar you when I’m spotted mechanics.

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