World of Warships – T-61 First Impression

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Japanese Ashitaka or Italian Duca degli Abruzzi

A Premium is finally making it to , I play a game with the . Commentary is live, hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI German Destroyer T-61 Replay


  1. Duca degli Abruzzi

    • Yes please.

    • Aye. Abruzzi please. 🙂

    • Careoran sono italiano e lo pretendo

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      Me too, I wanna see how abruzzi stacks up with other really good tier 7s

    • From what I’ve seen, following russian and polish streamers Duca degli Abruzzi is a rather sad and underperforming ship: the Duca d’Aosta is already a weak ship compared to everything else at tier VI because of the ultra nerfed ammos which decap or bounce most of the times, while HE simply are not able to set other ships ablaze or deal pen damage. Bring all this in tier VII, with just 2 more underperforming guns and you have a good figure of that ship’s performances. German cruisers have improved HE penetration, British Crusiers have almost 60° of viable AP shooting angles (instead of the normal 45°), French and Japanese both have very good HE incendiary shells, with the Japs bringing in A LOT of guns tier for tier anmd french bringing excellent speed, and USN get amazing AA protection and hard to hit citadel section. Russians, well, they got everything, but Italian cruisers so far have NOTHING, except good shell velocity, which allows you to hit easier, but this is useless when your shells are harmless. 10Km Torps are there but act more as “moving mines” then real aim and hit weapons so you can’t really rely on them to do damage.
      Average damage per game on the Abruzzi, with unicum players and 19 pts captains (I’ve seen about 10 games) is about 35K damages per game, with a very low survival rate: this ship at tier VII takes citadel like hell, no matter which angling you keep and this ship is BIG, with just average manoeuvrability.

  2. for the naming conventions:
    T 123 = torpedo boat = _T_orpedoboot
    Z 123 = destroyer = _Z_erstörer
    so this ship is basically not a “real” destroyer

    • To be fair, the Kriegsmarine used the “T” designation more as a way to circumvent treaty restrictions. In reality, ships like the T-22 were Hochseetorpedoboote, in size and fighting strength comparable to destroyers designed by the UK, for example.

    • What would “G” and “V” have stood for?

    • Nvm I found it

    • G, V etc were only part of the Imperial German Navy’s naming convention before and during WWI. After WWI, nomenclature changed, though. “T” was adopted in the 1920s when Germany started building its naval strength again, to stand for Torpedoboot. But, since Germany had strict limits imposed upon its navy by the treaties following WWI, some of the allowed “categories” of ships became hiding holes for ships that really had fighting capabilities of other classes of ships more powerful – e.g. the Deutschland-class of pocket battleships were designed to fit within the limits of cruisers set at the time, and the Torpedoboot-class covered what were really destroyer-sized ships.

    • For the Imperial German Navy, letter prefixes on the “torpedo boats” came from which shipyard built them. “V” for Vulcan, “G” for Germaniawerft, and “S” for Schichau.

  3. Italian Navy gets my vote

  4. Italian cruiser please

  5. Italian cruiser!

  6. You forgot to mention thats it is a Dutch ship :c

  7. I’d like to see the Japanese ship.

  8. Michał Pilaciński

    Italian pls

  9. Japanese Battleship Ashitaka

  10. Italian! 🙂

  11. Japanese Battleship Ashitaka plz

  12. Japanese Battleship pls

  13. Disliked. You spent more time talking about what your team should be doing than about this new premium ship you were showing us. This vid sounded like more of a rant than a 1st impression. (Edited for spelling)

  14. Notser. Your vocal frustration in this video with your team is very oft putting. You’re better than this video. I watch because youre positive.

    • I agree and I felt my explanation was very fair for how I was feeling. The Benson had my flank and there were two very close friendlies refusing to engage the enemy. I’d rather share the real reaction then some fake one with no comment on the matter. It made me mad to see teammates completely ignoring their team member in trouble while being in position to influence the situation. I personally try my best to help close team members. The destroyer died too fast for me to even be in position to help.

    • I would have said much uglier things to this team and in a very bad mood even sent torps to that usless T8 BBs

    • I’m glad you’re a human and not a completely predictable bot.

    • Angry bee sound. I wish i was perfect, just like you….oh that’s right this is the internet.

    • When you deal with imbeciles like that, anybody else would be mad too in the same situation.

  15. The T-61 class destroyers aren’t really German destroyers. The Germans occupied the Netherlands in 1940. During this period the Dutch were building multiple modern destroyers but they weren’t all completed before their occupation. However, the Dutch shipyards and the equipment meant for these Dutch destroyers were all in a very good condition. Thus the Germans ordered multiple Dutch companies to build new destroyers using the Dutch equipment according to a modified design. The T-61 was one of them.

  16. You didn’t talk about the ship or what makes it special at all. -.-

    • There’s nothing about the ship that makes it special. It’s a tier VI German destroyer with hydroacoustics and quick-reloading torpedoes. The only thing that really makes it special is the fact that it can’t equip the 150’s, which is a mixed change, seeing as how the 150’s aren’t really that good and shouldn’t be used on the German DD’s most of the time anyways, but at the same time, being able to equip cruiser-sized guns on a DD is one of the selling points of the German DD line.
      Long story short, Notser spoke enough about the ship to tell you exactly what it is: Literally a copy of the tier VI German tech tree destroyer, just without the 150’s.
      Frankly, I’m more disappointed that Wargaming is planning on putting this ship into the game because a premium should have something- anything- to make it unique. The T-61’s most unique thing is that it’s a premium, which means you get some extra cash and commander XP when playing and can put any commander from that nation into the ship without needing to retrain. That’s all you get. Whereas ships like Nelson get access to a tier IX repair party that can restore up to 30,000 hitpoints, Atlanta gets rapid-firing fireball catapults and a permanent Defensive Fire AA consumable, and Harekaze gets access to multiple different gunnery loadouts that allow you to change the gameplay of the ship. T-61 gets nothing.

    • Dunno flamu made a video shortly after this uploaded and he pointed out a lot of differences and how it is stronger than the Gaede.
      Much better concealment, MUCH faster reloading torps, better maneuverability, faster gun reload all for the cost at a little less HP and a little less speed.
      None of this was mentioned in Notser’s video. -.-

    • I guess my opinion is that it is a solid German Destroyer that happens to be premium, stats of the ship are kinda covered in the solid German Destroyer comment. I also don’t like talking stats on a first impression, it seems unfair considering how much can change between CCs and release.

    • +Notser Yeah I kind of get not wanting to focus on the stats too much, but I wish you had spoken of the role you think this ship has or something. Something you usually seem to do in your first impression vids.
      Just felt like if you don’t talk about the ship at all, there really isn’t much point in watching the video as there is no take away message.
      Still really like watching your videos. Keep it up. ;o)

  17. Would love to see you do a video of how NOT to play, how important it is to remove guns from the game, going after objectives, what to primary first…. etc…

  18. Duca Degli Abruzzi T7 Italian Cruiser, Molte Grazie. Nobody really want to see a stock Amagi (:

  19. T-61……Meh. Honestly, I did the whole German DD line ( I only kept the Z-52) and I personally find it kind of disappointing. In my experience the Japanese and US top tier DD’s (I prefer the Yugomo and the Shimakaze, Benson and Fletcher) are much more effective. I don’t like the Russian line so much anymore. I have the Khaba and the Gorozovoi and also find them lacking.

  20. It is a lack of situational awareness. That is a skill that has been sorely lacking lately. It is something. That maybe you should make a video on. Knowing what is a priority target and when is a vital skill. Hell even if they put the secondaries on those targets it would have helped. It was good to see you pull out the win. The T-61 looks like a good premium I will have to get to help me go down the German destroyer line.

    • Agreed. This game seemed loaded to the gills with poor decision making – ie, the cruiser that charged at a full health Amagi, and traded his ship to launch only 3 torps at him – he would have been better off if he’d simply just rammed him, at least he would have scored some decent damage and xp for throwing his ship away. Even in co-op, I’m more and more seeing teams that even manage to lose against bots. Appears that over the past 2 months or so, we’ve had an influx of players that have learned next to nothing about the game. Perhaps that’s why WG finally put in the tool tips screens – the playerbase was getting too potato for even their tastes.

    • General Cartman Lee

      That Chapaev driver is not even a bad player. Maybe he had some torpedo mission or he expected the Amagi to be somewhere else and went full panic mode. Or he just overestimated the damage potential of his torpedoes.

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