World of Warships: T-61 The Perfect Destroyer! WIP German DD

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The T-61 is the T6 German Premium Destroyer that is coming to World of and this thing is a DD killing . One of my favorite up coming ships for World of Warships. It is still WIP so stats and values are subject to change.


  1. Having withdrawn The Belfast and Kutazov WG will need replacement revenue by introducing some pay to win ships. This could be one?

  2. I love my German DDs, looking forward to this if they don’t make it unplayable

  3. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    If you have the Aigle could you please make a VID for that sweet ship thank you!!

  4. Looks like a very enjoyable DD to play,

  5. I am having a load of fun with the Fushun. It has the same stealth as this thing.

  6. Pink looks good on you mejash!!

  7. Being better than other DDs does not mean being strong. BBs are clearly the most strong class now. They should balance the game. Buff the DDs. Especially the IJN DDs.

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