World of warships – T-61 WiP

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    • Flambass better than sister ship gaede in every way except health so…

    • Nah, there are many small things where Gaede is better but it is insignificant when you compare it to torp rld and stealth

    • Flambass Yeah, I was saying the significant thing was the health, I don’t like that it’s so much more powerful than gaede. While I know it’s WIP it can still change

    • T-61 also has 20% less gun reload… And who gives a shit about HP when you have 500ms better stealth.
      Sorry, but T-61 is another example of a premium dd that is almost a copy of a standard dd, but always better, like: Minsk, Gremyashi, Anshan, Harekaze, now aswell Kidd… It’s okay when you enjoy these ships, but atleast call WarGaming out for this bs. :/

  1. Saw flamus vid on it it seems abit of a beast .

  2. I’m sure it’ll get nerfed befor release

  3. music during the video? I want to know bc I like it

  4. Gaede+ 4 $$

  5. I give it thumbs down for one reason only. Calling your teammates fuckers when they helped you to kill DD at the beginning of the battle. They followed you to support you on the flank and actually did the right thing. It was unfortunate but happens, you never complain when you kill low hp ship and somebody else may feel it was his kill. Calling your teammates fuckers for supporting you? I love your stream and know you can do better than that.

  6. crying becourse the stole your kill , realy ??!!
    how about some teamspirrit ??!!
    te teamwin is more importand than YOUR KILLS

    ps great play

  7. Her profile reminds me of the Blyskawica in appearance

  8. Nice indeed for t6

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