World of Warships – T22 – I See Nothing!

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Ah World of Warships low tiers where some serious ship happens hahahaha.


  1. Looks like something from Deadliest Catch.

  2. What’s with the replays all of a sudden?

  3. Seal clubbing at its finest!

  4. Top tier MM and braindead enemies. That’s where T5 ships are actually playable.

  5. Great video!
    Now that French BB…

    It seems it will have Shit guns and…The best AA for tier 10BB…yay?…

    • Joeseph Hunnicutt Hopefully not. T10 is already full of great AA ships. Furthermore we don’t need another T10 AA battleship either.

    • Guys WGs “Year”of the CV, dont forget. So they just need to release it this year and they are gold. But better double the AA just to be sure

  6. No brain activity, enemy team needs medical assistance.

  7. “I hope you enjoyed this video.”
    Dude, I was laughing my ass off! XD

  8. That Omaha xdddd

  9. love the title’s reference to Hogan’s Heros 🙂

  10. I see nothing, I hear nothing, and I say NOTHING!!!

  11. Wish there were so braindead enemies at higher tiers

  12. Not to be that guy, but this players has over 6,000 pvp battles, a wtr of over 1200 and his most played ship is a tier X BB. This is seal clubbing at it’s very worst and the type of things that cause new players to the game to give up.

    • You forget the point that WG designed their economy so that you have to play low tier to get money or buy premium time and/or premium ship. Also WG always says they need to keep the low tiers populated…. i say skill based MM, because i get his enemy team at high tier, as team mates and i rather get them not.

    • Is it really seal clubbing if the guy is levelling a new line? How else will he reach the Z-52?

    • He already has 65 battles in the tier VIiI Z-23, 60 battles in the tier IX Z-46 and 68 battles in the tier X Z-52. His average tier is 7.2 over 6,236 games (as of now) and his WTR is over 1200. He isn’t grinding anything.

    • But you saw my teammate (division mate) in the furrytako? Also if it would have happened in t5-t7 would it also be sealclubbing? Anyway I thought it would be an entertaining game 🙁

    • You had fun. Baby seals got clubbed. Someone is all worked up over it. It’s called another day ending in “Y”. Now if you were taunting them in chat I’d call foul, cuz that’s just low down mean spirited.

  13. Players at high tiers are just as derpy and usually on my team with an enemy full of players who play at your level.

  14. And yes that was on EU

  15. I often wonder when watching these vids from @iChaseGaming and other WoW YouTubers, where “dumb” things are happening, if *I’M* one of the players getting a paddling!!

  16. I’ve been playing the “low” tiers in destroyers extensively these past two months, albeit on the EU server, and seen nothing of the kind. Ever. Not even at tier 3. What _does_ happen is things like I keep getting wiped out by accurate BB main battery fire even though dodging constantly at top speed. Basically an amusing replay but I find this constant, blanket arrogance of the commentary completely inappropriate.

    Pay attention to how in the mean time, green team gets completely wiped out as they avoid a channel fight and try to push through the centre despite their destroyer advantage.

  17. i liked how the T22 was reversing as faast as the cruiser was advancing. I have no idea what the omaha was doing xD

  18. Concealment mod/hack enabled. Game on.

  19. After the buffs to the T22 concealment, this ship is actually quite strong I think. It’s like a better mutsuki.

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