World of Warships – Tactical moves in RANKED

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Here is another game in Worcester where it came down to reading your opponents moves and making tactical decisions.
The match was really close and I hope you enjoy watching it ,)


  1. Had better dispersion firing blind into smoke than when shooting the locked on BB…..

    • That seems kind of normal-I love missing 6 out of 8 shells against a broadside BB from 8 k because of the dispersion but when I smoke up some guy gets 7 of 8 shells into my DD in smoke from 10 k. I think the rng isn’t doing this game any favors in some ways.

    • +Rueben James ye rng sometimes is like a gf not always by your side :p

  2. Is worchester one of best cruisers in game?

  3. those two first volleys u got were likeley steream snipes

  4. that`s so comfortable to play RK in EU…

  5. There is nothing in between

  6. Znas SRPSKI?

  7. you should look at your kill feed more 😛
    Gearing torped the Yamato so you could almost be sure he was going to cap A 🙂

  8. That guy in chat actually telling you he stream snipes, and then implying it’s your fault because you don’t put a longer delay on your stream! The cheeky bugger!

    • So many ppl stream-snipe, you wouldn’t believe, and they are not even ashamed of it

    • USMC0311CplJackson

      +Flambass Just goes to show a majority of people in general have very loose standards when it comes to using even an unfair advantage to get ahead. Sad but true.

  9. that thing spits fire – lovely video as always

  10. First time viewer this week . Enjoying your game play and strategy explained that is helpful . Thanks ror streaming this game . God bless your success

  11. Mfw the game isn’t logging ranked wins…that’s three stars that I’ll never see again

  12. In my humble opinion you could have gone for the gearing when he started to cap A. With the your radar you could have kill him much easier than the Zao at the end. At least that is what I would do.

    • A was too far away to get to before the points flipped. By going C they took away the enemy’s points income advantage, forcing the final confrontation

  13. With no T10, I just now finished rank play this season. Rank 15 on NA. This was a well played game for you Flambass.

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