World of Warships- Tactics/Strategy #23- How To Kite (The Basics)

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_TheSneakySnake_ here with a video detailing the importance of and how to kite.

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  1. You also should tell people about the distance that you are maintaining and its relation to the concealment of your ship. ie keeping the possibility of stop firing and going dark when taking too much damage. Ideally, Cruisers must be able to change from kitting to flanking.

    Another probably useful thing, specially for new players, is to be able to understand when they are being kitted. Inexperienced captains tunnel vision and are easily distracted to move out of the main action or in a position that gives broadsides to the rest of the team.

    • So much this^ I am just beginning to be able to kite effectively.

    • BIA World of Warships

      Thanks for that. I didn’t want to overload people too much with the nuances of concealment because it works in tandom well with micromaneuvering but I appreciate the comment

  2. Good replay about the mechanics of kiting, I think you showed it better than Flamu could ever do

  3. Good stuff! Kiting and proper angling (or is it angeling?) are two very important things most average and below average players do wrong. If people learn how to do both correctly their stats immediately start to reflect this.

  4. Communication Is A Tool.

  5. I love kiting, thats why I love russian DDs and the Nürnberg that you killed, he should be a lot better kiter than your ship. When I got to tier 7 with my German and French cruisers, I almost stopped playing them, cause they are heavies, they have not the maneuveribility and speed anymore:-(

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