World of Warships- Tactics/Strategy # 25 (Damage Farming)

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TheSneakySnake here with our next installment in the TS series, where I talk about damage farming and how sometimes it can get in the way of ensuring the correct play is made.

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  1. oh god only 46 before you got a fire ive had whole games were i cant set 1

  2. at 3 mins you should have taken the shot on the fushin personally i always try to shoot dds when im in a cruiser

  3. You were correct in your analysis of the mistakes you made. However, we have all had those heartbreaking games that we JUST lose because ONE enemy player was having a freaking good game. We know that without that ONE player in the matchmaker it would have been a narrow victory. Those are the battles I don’t mind losing, and such a player will always get a “Worthy Adversary” compliment from me if I have any left.

    The flipside of this is the Mahan that brought it home for my team last night by (correctly) running and hiding when the points were well in our favour and the rest of us were dead. Think of how grateful the Fushun’s team-mates were. Pucker factor turned up to eleven; RNGesus was cruel to you with that torp hit or you would have had him.

    • BIA World of Warships

      I think I could have run him down because I did lose a lot of speed. Either way, you’re right; sometimes one player just gets the carry pants and the Fushun did make the right play at the end by running. Thanks!

  4. 19:59 typical damage feedback from wargaming. No matter how good your aim is if wargaming says no there is no way your going to win. Sometimes one would be forgiven for thinking the game is already decided before the map loads.

  5. Oh man you missed a lot of opportunity to tip the match to your favour

  6. First read; ZR seal clubbing?

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