World of Warships – Taiho – Farming Potatoes

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IJN_Kako playing a doing some serious potato farming…but is it enough?


  1. The Taiho is such a great ship. Functionally she’s lethal in the hands of a good player and can make or break a game. And aesthetically, no ship comes close to her beauty.

  2. A+ damage farming

    • BirdForce i agree with you but tactical awareness and spotting for the team F, only framing damage don’t win games, but he could perform better, i hope he learns from his mistakes and the comments from IChase

    • His/Her tactical awareness was still better than 99.99% of BB playerbase but yeah I agreed it wasnt that good for CV player.

    • KapteeniKetza I can’t disagree with my friend

  3. 5:10 “If you have no skill you drive CV” – enemy Derpitz

  4. And yes, the “second battle in chat” is exactly the kind of same-team toxicity which caused me to stop playing CVs altogether. If a ship dies, they blame the CV. Or they armchair micromanage the sky for you. Even the enemy side (when killed) is “FU” and extremely toxic. Then the lack of exp you get as a CV + all the mechanics, it’s a miracle people still endure this kind of abuse. Tip my hat to anyone still playing CVs, thanks for the replay. Stay frosty boys & Fem.

    • test1 test2 A cruiser reported me when I baited his def AA and pulled back planes only to delete him when he sailed in straight line after the skill ran out

    • Alexandre Hans Albert

      Yeah I don’t like playing cv because of toxicity either. Still have good stat maybe should be playing more.

    • I would have said good tactic to you and given you a compliment . But that’s just how I am . Kind of like when I play DD I rarely use smoke for myself I use it for others .

    • @airplanemaster1 From the YT-vids from iChase etc versus my own EU experience, I really have the impression, the US-Server community has a significantly better attitude (much more sportsmanlike) than EU. :-/

    • Yeah it gets really fucking stupid to the point where alone battleships blame the cv for not hovering ur planes around them and it’s just not fun

  5. Cv players like me are always fighting 2 battles in every match, 1 against the enemy team and 1 against noob teammates who have 0 hours of playing cv and rage at you for not covering them because they are 20km away from every other one of their teammates in which case you let those noobs die. Noobs in Wows community ATM just find every possible excuse to blame their deaths on cv players when we can’t cover every pixel on the map at once with limited fighter squadrons. Pls make a vid on this to address this cancer ichase if your reading this.

    • Alex Smith. Lol sarcasm or r u actually legit?

    • no credit given even if you get kraken

    • +MegaRaven100 ” I think even iChase is overdoing the 20/20 vision stuff in his criticism of Kako”

      Well, it’s good kind of criticism. Nobody disputes that Kako did great. Could he do better? Sure, of course he could and that’s what iChase is pointing out.

      It’s not good only for Kako, but for other players as well – this is how we build up skill, by learning from our mistakes. Mistakes are not something to be ashamed of. It’s something to learn from.

    • *gtpk35* I don’t think it was BAD advice, it was just too 20/20 and that is not always helpful. Why? Because it is a stressful job doing CV’s. Everyone wants you everywhere, doing everything but if you try to do that you can get destroyed, You need to wait until AA is reduced, you need to scout, to attack ships and win the air battle but trying to please ALL your demanding team mates will then get you beaten and the game lost for the whole team. Strafing sucks too (overdone!).

    • +MegaRaven100 Oh god yes, I know, CVs are my favourite class but after every game I still need a moment or two before jumping into another one, because it’s so god damn intense:)

      My point was rather that any after battle commentary is by definition 20/20.
      And I think iChase’s commentary was not ‘you noob haw can you misplay like that go play TETRIS!!11!!1!’ but rather look this is what you could’ve done better. And it’s true. And I think it’s beneficial to point that out for everyone even if we all have implicit understanding that under fog of war you probably never achieve perfection.

  6. Thanks for posting my replay!

    You were right, I didn’t notice that Montana eating a torp, plus there were some fighters hovering over her at the moment, so I went for an easier target in order to reduce enemy headcount.

    I always try to up my fighter game, though. Thanks for the tips!

    • Your CV play looks very similar to my own. Very good a striking, especially cross drops on DDs, but fighters are my weak point too. Tembin in game.

  7. Apart from the good replay…look at the chat there are salt demons like crazy

  8. I’d like to make this clear. If carrier gets all these crazy number on damage counter, it means that everyone on his/her team really has no idea on what they are doing.

    • Everyone on his team and everyone on enemy’s team as well. Prime example being that Montana that DCed 1 fire from DBs just to be flooded to death by inevitable TB strike.

  9. So are you sinking your self in this clip Chase? heh

  10. Welcome to EU toxic chat. If you think NA chat is toxic this means you didn’t see the EU, NA is polite (No joke). Sometimes it’s even worse than that.

    • haven’t had to many flamers recently in my CV’s, actually had random players defend me calling the idiots out that go alone. Openly saying i’m not there to babysit them. It’s refreshing. (NA server)

    • No. Nothing will ever compare to SEA toxicity. SEA server best server 😛

    • Clearly you’ve never been to SEA server

      Near zero communication, they save their energy to trashtalk other people

  11. We need high tier games with 2-3 CV on each side! To break up the BB camping!

    • I hear, but i mean 2 midways vs 2 midways

    • Pretty sure everyone dies at that point

    • I guess that would make your whole team stick together as a mini fleet and every single player in the game would go full AA spec on each ship. So I guess that could work since that AA firepower would counter the cvs firepower and those stupid enough to sail by themselves would suffer. But I highly doubt wargaming would do this though cause they are pretty thicc

    • That was the current standard in the closed beta and it worked fine! A lot of teamwork required to win and they worked together! great battle great brawls etc. ask any verteran !

    • @raysschoko that was true IN CBT but you wont get that team work cause the player base so much bigger then it was back then and well with all things the bigger they get the stupid they get so the player base doesnt understand the pain we had to go through in the CBT and so they i think just dont understand the concept of teamwork

  12. The problem with our EU toxcicity is actually quite different than you might think. I would usually assume that high skill players get angry and offending… but in WoWs EU it is usually the really bad players being offending and spamming chat.

    speaks for itself:,salle123/

  13. PVP = post vs post (comment vs comment)

  14. I have to say *iChase* I think you are OVERLY critical in your assessment of *Kako’s* playing and I fear you are arming the obnoxious ‘blame the CV’ meme that is now all to common just as our MSM like to blame ALL the problems of the World on Russia as though we don’t have our own home grown problems (Brexit, Trump, war in the ME, Racism etc) and our politicians scapegoats. Too much 20/20 ‘wisdom’ for my taste, I think he did great. *IMHO his only true mistake was not spotting more*

  15. I have to say: kako left her FT swing around at first and not to spot that direct cause the game lose.AND,I think t7 and t8 CV can’t even playable against those fuck’in AA’s

  16. Highlights a lot wrong with the class, 3 wings of torp planes is way to many. I wonder if they should just remove the class as its a lot of work to rebuild the AA dice roll joke and then all the paper planes…

  17. Not sure if this mod is legal.This gives you immediate advantage. Lock the max zoom out is the part of balancing.

  18. Whats the MOD name? I couldn’t find it help PLS!!!

  19. battle in chat ROFL
    belgor @ North Caroline afk?

  20. Sorry for the newbie question, I have only had the game for less than a week. But once you have unlocked multiple load-outs (air supremacy, strike, you get my point), does it cost anything to switch between them? For example if you wanted to play one game as strike and the next one as AS?

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